Asir: We Suspended Decision to Form Armed Brigade Pending Consultations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir announced on Saturday his intention to form a “resistance brigade” in the southern city of Sidon.

He said during a press conference: “The decision to form the brigade has been suspended pending consultations with various powers.”

He explained that the decision stemmed from the frequent Israeli assaults against the southern city and the need for self-defense.

Discussions on the mechanism needed to form the brigade will be held with the concerned forces, he revealed.

A clash broke out on Sunday between al-Asir and Hizbullah supporters.

Two of Asir's companions and an Egyptian national died in the clash that was a product of sectarian tensions in Sidon.

Asir added: “No one can break our will and we will not back down from our revolt of dignity no matter how many of us they kill.”

“The Israeli assault on Gaza has prompted us to take the decision to form the brigade and the current so-called resistance has not been defending Lebanon,” he said in reference to Hizbullah.

“Our resistance will be aimed against Israel, not like other resistance groups that have turned their weapons towards the internal scene,” he stated.

He also attributed the failure to devise a defense strategy for Lebanon as a reason to form the “resistance brigade.”

Addressing Sunday's clash, Asir declared: “We demand justice for the dead and for the state to demonstrate that it can achieve justice.”

He also announced that an open-ended sit-in will be held at Sidon's Bilal bin Rabbah mosque until this issue is resolved.

“We have a blood score to settle with Hizbullah that can only be settled with blood,” he warned.

Addressing Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, he said: “I must admit to you that you have succeeded in forcing the state to fulfill your agenda, meaning Iran's.”

“You have committed murders with impunity in Lebanon and Syria for the sake of your agenda,” he noted.

“You have spread corruption starting with the illegal activity at ports and with the medications scandal,” Asir continued.

“I have repeatedly said that we have no problems with the Shiite sect, but we take issue with Hizbullah and its Iranian agenda,” stressed the imam of the Bilal bin Rabbah mosque.

Turning to the March 14 camp, he said: “You have contradicted your principles.”

“We do not count on those who headed to Doha and struck deals at the expense of the blood of slain former Premier Rafik Hariri,” he added.

“You must review your policies with your supporters and remain true to their aspirations,” he stated.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 17 November 2012, 13:19

Please sheikh Assir, I implore you not to take this path. Our resistance against the illegitimate hezbollahi weapons should be fought with arms.

If you form armed brigades, you'll lose all the Lebanese sympathy you got from all of us.

Thumb andre.jabbour 17 November 2012, 13:19

Should NOT be fought with arms. (of course)

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 14:16

I always said, the day Mr BMX arms himself is the day he loses my support. He better not mess up because having more than Hariri for the Sunni community is healthy.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 19:45

you are stupid resistance im sorry, and people like you will lead lebanon to destruction, do not be fooled by your missles, the sunis will also obtain missles, and the sunis are 18 million in Syria and they also have a score to settle with HA, even jordan will fall to the muslim brotherhood, you will be surrounded with potential enemies from all sides. I am being realistic, the current path of HA is suicidal, you can not win and you need to make real peace with the Sunis to spare lebanon death, destruction and suicide attacks. Look at Bashar and learn, did his airforce help him?? he will be finished in 2013, the sunis are simply too many.

Missing samiam 18 November 2012, 00:45

resistance--you are claiming you stood up to israel. fine, you stood up and 1500 Lebanese citizens died compared to about 120 israelis who died. I guess your definition of standing up is 1500 lebanese are worth 120 israelis so your value of a lebanese life is less than an israeli life. don't forget the 5 billion in damages than israel caused too.

Oh yeah, did someone mention that HA started this by going across the border and kidnapping an israeli soldier. So 1500 dead, 5 billion in damages, and let alone how many hectares in the south that can't be used because of the cluster bombs used by israel because HA 'stood up' to israel

you and many others have a warped definition of victory.

Missing samiam 18 November 2012, 10:49

FT--you still don't get it. You are trying to justify a 'victory' using Israeli numbers. A life is a life--no difference. HA started this war and the lebanese suffered and paid for it. How much of the 'reconstruction' money that Iran doled out to HA went to areas that weren't controlled by them?

I am not an Israeli sympathizer--however, I believe that at first there was an occupation of the south by Israel, now there is a different occupier, HA. No difference to me--both are different sides of the same coin. Neither of them fly the Lebanese flag which means both of the them are occupiers.

waiting for the HA rationalist thinkers in 3...2...1....

Missing rudy 17 November 2012, 13:22

Eh bravo, jdeba ba3ed..

Default-user-icon LEBANESE NOT PERSIAN (Guest) 17 November 2012, 13:30

We have a blood score to settle with Hizbullah that can only be settled with blood.
Mr Asir, You are giving HIZBULLAT a taste of there own medicine. As a Lebanese we need more people like Sheikh Asir to start speaking the truth about HIZBULLAT'S agenda for Lebanon, which is we bow down to Tehran demands!!!!
For all u ASSAD/HIZBULLAT/IRAN followers, Sheikh Asir is not an Israeli/American agent.

Thumb lebanon_first 17 November 2012, 13:32

Assir is a pure creation of Bahia el Hariri and the hawks of 14 March. He shouts, he yells, but he is under control for now.
HA is a creation of Iran. They are not under control.

Thumb primesuspect 17 November 2012, 13:47

I -Prime Suspect- believe [in love after love] that Qassir is bluffing, He proved that Mustaqbal was not able to solve any of our issues, he made his point and He'll get into politics and get some votes from the Sunni Community. This Jund al Sham alliance etc... is just hawa. In any case, time will tell!

Missing mohammad_ca 17 November 2012, 16:31

Lies, Israel occupied in '76 and there was a real moqawame even before hizbocrap...hizbocrap was created to create an Islamic state following Iran...check the video

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 19:48

by the way resistance, i used to be pro resistance lal 3adem until the assasination of hariri in 2005, i used to defend the resistance against racist people all the time. I am saying this to let you know that peace can be achieved between the sunis and she3as if it based on justice.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 22:30

you can live in oblivion all you want. Who killed wisam 3eed? who killed walid 3eedo? who killed sheikh abdul wa7id? who killed wesam 7assan??? who killed rafic hariri?!? all from the same camp and your HA M8 newspapers were preluding to all these atrocities before they happened. Didnt michele aoun taba3ak openly threatened 7assan with death after he captured sma7a?!? do you think we are idiots?! what would HA get from killing hariri?!? IRANIAN HEGEMONY OVER LEBANON that's what it would get. What 'friends'?!@? you are killing Syrians and supporting Bashar in killing the sunis, the same sunis who took you in their homes in 2006. Denial of the facts and blind belief in nasrala is gona take you to disaster. Who killed Amal and communist she3a officials in the 80's??!? keep hiding your head in the sand. We will take vengance, trust me.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 22:36

@ resistance, she3as are not my enemy and i have best friends who are she3a and i prayed in she3a mosks and went to 3ashuras, and i say this with utmost sincerity, i was pretty much raised in nabateye. But im sorry, iran has become an enemy and I disagree with you, and iran is taking the she3a arabs hostage and will bring them many disasters. It is SHAMEFUL for people who believe in Imam hussein to support a lunatic thug like bashar assad. Bashar will be finished and you will be left alone to face the wrath of 18 million sunis in Syria. What is the masla7a of the she3a to do this??! there is none! it is iranian interest first and foremost and it is dragging the she3a arabs along. Yes we can make peace but it has to be faced on Justice including the trial of murderers. Otherwise we can have this conversation again 10 years from now after another civil war. There are many she3as who disagree with you btw.

Missing mohammad_ca 17 November 2012, 22:42

did "the west" create that video? idiot.

Default-user-icon Canadian (Guest) 17 November 2012, 13:36

Looks like a Beard Convention..

Thumb primesuspect 17 November 2012, 13:44

You seem to be referring to Hizballa, and I totally agree with you. We're all -eventually- gonna get persecuted by Nosrallah and his Shabi7a.

Missing thatisit 17 November 2012, 13:57

religion the opium of society.. . the year is 2012 but really looking at these guys is like 112

Thumb primesuspect 17 November 2012, 13:57

Yes, I share your vision.

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 14:00

Yup, another Aoun in the making. Encore un qui doit aller se faire soigner dans un centre psychiatrique.

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 14:06

you watched too much 'Burn Notice' ^^.

We don't want more weapons in Lebanon (yet). The situation isn't as hopeless as it seems, putting pressure on Hassan like the Sidonian Sheikh is doing is good. It might not be the panacea but it should help our cause.

Thumb canaanite 17 November 2012, 14:16

Stupid stupid stupid people

Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 17 November 2012, 14:34

Please tell us who finances these sub-humans. We in Canada do not know or understand the mechanism of religion and its motivations. In your pictures I see only beards and hats. Religion dominates their sick heads, no one delegated them to defend Lebanon. This proves with no doubt that democracy and the Arabs do not speak and understand the same 21st centuary language.

Thumb geha 17 November 2012, 15:31

assir is more the creation of hizbushaitan than it would be of hariri :)
and that for several reasons we would talk about soon if you want.
this guy needs to go as well as hizbushaitan.
no armed groups outside the control of the state.
but if this situation is going to continue, everyone should protect himself as long as the state does not protect its citizens. we are in a worse situation than in 1975 where the state did not protect its citizens.
as long as hizbushaitan is controlling the government for the benefit of their master iran, and controlling the army (de facto) all Lebanese are at risk.
hizbushaitan is pushing all of us, not just assir, to arm ourselves to defend against their hegemony.

Thumb geha 17 November 2012, 16:52

let us take things one by one:
- I am a supporter of no one but Lebanon, although I approve comment by a politician when it is to my liking :
- I said: assir is as much the creation of hizbushaitan as it is of Hariri, which means probably both contributed to its creation.
- if you want to expand on that one (who created assir) I will gladly discuss it.
- I have no illusions: hizbushaitan will never disarm on its own, especially their decision is not theirs to make. they are a simple tool in the hands of iran and serve their purposes.
- let us not burn Suleiman with the illusion of disarming hizbushaitan. they will not do it, and we need to admit that fact and not live the illusion that they will some day.

Thumb geha 17 November 2012, 16:52

- based on that, I believe hizbushaitan is cornered these days, and they will go for a major military action to reaffirm their grip on the country ( in their mind)
- it might be an internal or an external adventure, but they need to de block the current situation by force, as they feel now their back is no more safe.

Thumb geha 17 November 2012, 16:56

assir - who is creating them?
- in my view, these guys are certainly financed by someone, not necessarily Hariri :)
why I think Hariri contributed to their creation:
- the failed policies of Hariri in dealing with hizbushaitan and Syria are the main reason.
why I think hizbushaitan contributed to their creation:
- the exclusion of the majority of the sunnis from power create a feeling of hegemony, add to that may 7, and the expansions of hizbushaitan.
when you push people into a corner, they become desperate, and hizbushaitan is doing just that.

Thumb geha 17 November 2012, 17:00

please, do not forget the one sided effect of this cabinet, helping the Syrian regime militarily and diplomatically against its people.
militarily bu the direct involvement of hizbushaitan in the fighting there, and diplomatically by the positions of Mansour.
add to that, an important question:
where is the indictment against samaha?
the fpm justice minister is covering up also for the Syrian regime.

Thumb geha 17 November 2012, 17:04

so for all the above, I really believe that hizbushaitan has not learned its lesson from the past civil war, and they are driving the country to a major one.
in conclusion, I am not optimistic on the short run as we will have to face once more killings and destruction, but in the end (if ever I live long enough) we will recover our country.

Thumb phoenician 17 November 2012, 15:42

Partition is the answer.

Default-user-icon Mike (Guest) 17 November 2012, 18:04

Part1:Sounds like a good idea since all the oil/gas resources is located in the south. Is that what you want? Poor North and Rich south. In order to partition, you need at least 4 contingent entities:
Christian Land: North of Damascus road, including Baabda, Hadath,North of souk el ghareb Maten, keserwan, jbeil, Becherre, zgharta and koura and up east Zahle (What used to be call khat el tamas) with minorities such as shiite, druze and sunnite
Druze Land: South of Damascus road till the shouf and shehime (with minorities christian and sunnite)
Sunni Land: North
Contingent Shiite Land: South of Beirut all the way to the south Bekaa Baalbeck, Hermel shiite (sunnis in saida, druze in rachaya and Christians will be a minorities living under a shiite type of government)
The above won't work unless you displace people by swapping land, this is an unlikely scenario withoutd another civil war between the shiite, druze and sunnite to achieve a contingent.

Default-user-icon Mike (Guest) 17 November 2012, 18:11

As we are aware, the shitte will fight to death to maintain control the Southern part of Beirut with a corridor to the south and to baalback and hermel. This will trigger a bigger war between the Lebanese and the Syrians as well. Ouch!that is nasty
According to,an estimate of the distribution of Lebanon's main religious groups,1991:
Shiaa has 41% of the land (not contigent though)
Sunni 27%(Least contigent). Even Harri's effort neutralizing Kurds and Beddawins did not help increase the sunni population to more than 27%
Druze 7 % (most contigent)
Christians 25% (most contigent)
So partitioning lebanon is not viable for more than 4 entities:
North of lebanon
North of Damascus road (al metn, keserwan, jbeil, bcherre, koura, zahle)
South of Damascus road to shehim
South and Bekaa, Baalbeck and Hermel
Hence, The only solution for Lebanese people to live in peace is to abolish sectarianism at the political level.No other solution is viable

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 15:56

shat ap FT!

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 16:17

the roar = FT = theresitance = rouhk3ab = 20+ nicknames under one person.

yalla, kheir.

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 16:18


Missing freemind 17 November 2012, 16:33

get this clown and his extremist friends out of our sight.
though i dont back Hezb, i trust them more than those extremists.

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 16:50

One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 17 November 2012, 16:34

what is the difference between hassan and assir.
1)one is wahhaby and the other farsi
2)one is .... the other is extra....
3)the question of the day: who is extra????????

Default-user-icon Khadash Bogtanyus (Guest) 17 November 2012, 16:42

March 14, my Lebanese Rambos, my compatriots, you must try to convince al-Asseer Wafosso 7ami that now is the time to have his armed brigades to help with the "nusrat" of "ahl al sunna" in Palestine. At the hands of the Wafosso 7ami victory against Israel is... well... umm... duh... not his concern? Think twice, warriors, get together, get ready to visit al-Asseer Wafosso 7ami, get set and go, go, go, go, go my Arab Springalists against the forces of sha3wazat and the Wilayat al-Faqih nonsense. I salute you, lovers of life and freedom. My God help you in terminating the haters of life. 3alehom

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 17:44

"The Shia of Lebanon were treated like 2nd class citizens, " LOL go and see akkar how people are treated by all the previous gvt... not a single thing was done to develop that region, they were also bullied by the syrians when they were in lebanon! so in your logic people from there should also get a milicia to defend themselves and protect the northern border from syrians...

irrelevant comment from a FPmer who has never travelled inside his country and listens to some populist propaganda...

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 18:01

those two bearded islamist extremist will bring nothing good to lebanon! both claim to be patriots but use religion to achieve their evil goals. one sunni the other shia: both have a middle age vision of life, both work to destroy the country....

Default-user-icon RasBeiruti (Guest) 17 November 2012, 18:03

Kassir meen? Min oen jiet inta kamen? Ma bjikfina weapons? Salafists, Chrisitian puritan racists, Iranian scumbags and Palestinian armed invaders - all alike and all fighting against Lebanon. Roohoo kilkoon, Allah laj riddkoon. Go shave and educate your children instead.

Thumb lebanon_first 17 November 2012, 18:14

I am interested about the opinion of the moslem silent majority. What do you think of Assir? What do you think of HA's arrogance? What do you think of the recent refusal to dialogue of M14 and their becoming extremists?

I think the only reasonable line to follow is the centrist line of Suleiman, Mikati and the gang. I hope we will have a third way in the next elections. lists made out by Ziad Baroud and the like that give us an option to say no to all the extremists.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 19:46

ra7 tetra7am 3ala rafiq 7ariri and M14 if god forbid a suni-sh3a war happens, M14 will be irrelevant because it is not they you will be at war with but rather millions of arabs.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 19:48

how about the attack in achrafeye and san george and and.. were these attacks against military targets?!?? shut up

Default-user-icon georges khoury (Guest) 18 November 2012, 11:19

how about when in a comedy on tv,someone mentiones hassan ,and hiz attacked,is that not an attack on our freedom.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 19:50

you are an idiot lol.. HA is on an assasination campaign against any politician that stands in their way and you have the IQ to suggest on here "when did HA tell people how to live?" hahahah.. yeah of course unless you just want to graze like animals and give up your freedom to khameni

Missing sikoflebanon 17 November 2012, 19:53

cowards from jumblat down to the last one
all living in a bubble while hezbollah became the only real power on the ground. who brought the events of 2008 on the chouf but jumblat?
where is the druze leadership today and in what camp?
same goes to the christians bubbeling in beirut, metn, kesrwan, jbeil... thinking they're not part of the events and suddenly a bomb in ashrafieh in their face!
dialogue comes when there are equal forces. hezbollah insists without compromise coming to the table with a gun; the others should come with a gun too. very simple equation.
so yeah, grow some...

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 20:45

but if you are logic you should accept a sunni extremist to arm itself as there is a chia extremist!
why accept one and not the other.... that is the logic hezbis and its allies have set up! you cannot deny one, what you accept for s plain and simple. so just blame hezbi for having set the example of not turning thier weapons to the state...not assir who is just exploiting the M8 logic....

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 22:06

well just educate yourself FT and you ll see how extremists they are...
oh! but i guess between extremists you are blind to it... well let s pity you and you ignorance...

and could you tell us why "resistance" would only be reserved to chias? why did hezbis put aside all those who resisted in the south before to be the only ones to claim being resistants so that they could control the south and dahiye?
so why can t another group arm itself to resist israel as it is what this assir said? why should resistance be done by only one extremist islamist group?

double standards i guess or just totalitarian logic from your "democrat" friends! lol!!!!

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 22:43

so funny FT to distort what he reads just for the sake of appearing smart....
Hezbi are chias extremists, if you do not want to educate yourself i guess you are still illeterate or too lazy to do so.

second i don t support anyone to arm himself, if you have noticed what i struggle for in my posts: all weapons to the army w bes. but of course as a narrowminded FPMer you just read what you want.
all i m telling you is that if you support a "resistance" then you should allow another group to do so like hezbis do...and not be offended because another islamist extremist wants to imitate your dear hezbis! but FPM and logic are antonyms! that is YOUR logic not mine, if you donot follow it it simply means you are stupid.

(oh! by the way hezbis call themselves islamist resistance and not lebanese resistance just read their flag, they hold a koran on it and not a lebanese flag... this is a clue for you to find out how extremist they are...)

Thumb kanaandian 17 November 2012, 21:47

Monsieur Moukawama? Do you agree?

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 21:54

it is the common point between all the religious extremisms : stupidity and exploiting and interpreting religion to suit their needs...
and don t forget that hezbis are chia extremists, some even think that the sunnis are impure and killing them will bring them to paradise. let s not forget that too.

Thumb lebanon_first 17 November 2012, 21:58

I agree it is a "J-Rab" in some tent in the arabian peninsula plotting all those "arab spring" movements. However, these arabs are playing with fire. Lebanon is protected because it has chiites and christians. But the GCC monarchies are not stable at all. That plotter (probably in qatar) is fostering the very salafism that will eventually fight him in his home land and abolish those tribe leaders made kings of the GCC.

Missing peace 17 November 2012, 22:10

just replace assir by nasrallah and geagea by aoun and you have the exact same thing concerning goes for both!

all of them want to control lebanon for their interests but noone for the good of the country... and how people still follow blindly a leader is a mystery to me

Thumb lebnanfirst 17 November 2012, 22:34

Facts like this can always be changed and quicker than you think. So think again Mr. Arrogance. Sunnis and Christians can train in shooting guns and other weapons just as much as the Shi3a can. Have some respect for people if you want them to accord you any respect.

Your Leander's last speech smells of the tension he is feeling all over. When he felt strong before his speeches were more benevolent and when he was under pressure he resorted to calling other Lebanese traitors etc. Them are also facts. Learn to be more humble.

Missing mark 17 November 2012, 23:57

Another syrian puppet . Who wants to form arm resistance do never publish it.

Missing partition 18 November 2012, 01:15

We should stop kiddimg ourselves guys.. Partition is the solution.
A country cannot be built on so many opposite ideologies!
On one side, you have the guys who believe in wilayat al faqih and the reign of the faqiih. On the other, u get those bearded salafis who would explode themselves to finally exercice their perversed minds on unveiled women in heaven.
And on the other, you got m3ameltein..
I vote for m3ameltein!! I m sure at least on that FT will agree with me. (Not so sure abt the clown though, he might have started believing in el wilaya)

Thumb andre.jabbour 18 November 2012, 07:54

Partition yes, we should use a map from 1943 to set the limits of each mini state. But what will we do with the people who moved since then?

Missing moonsear 18 November 2012, 08:29

so this is your true face andre? you are just a partitionist using March 14 to accomplish your agenda?

Missing peace 18 November 2012, 10:30

"post something worthwhile and you'll earn people's respect. distort truth and take people for idiots and you'll only reap what you sow."

funny how you know everything and decreet what is worthwhile and what is not... this is what makes you ridiculous and stupid! only those who are not smart and who are weak impose their point of view and decides they are the truth!
typical from a totalitarian mind that does not accept other truths than the saint truth of god aoun!
i will not resort to insults as i am not a M8 guy who uses them when felt cornered or when one criticizes his saints!
and insulting you would mean i give you some importance while you are nothing....