Assad Regime to Fall within Weeks, Says Iraqi Minister

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime appears likely to fall within weeks, a senior minister in Iraq, whose country has avoided publicly taking sides in Syria's conflict, told AFP on Thursday.

"There is a real acceleration regarding the international community focusing on Syria... real concern about the using of chemical weapons," Finance Minister Rafa al-Essawi said on the sidelines of a meeting with the International Monetary Fund in Amman.

"So I personally feel that the Syrian file and Syrian changes will take place shortly."

"I think, personally, it is weeks."

Essawi, a Sunni Muslim like the majority of Syria's rebels, said international efforts against Assad's regime appeared to be accelerating and noted that battles in the Damascus area indicated that change may be near.

"Now the battle is surrounding the Damascus airport. So being so close on Syria's position like the airport, it gives you the impression of an acceleration."

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Thumb LebDinosaur 13 December 2012, 17:27

From his mouth to God's ears.

Missing gabby10 13 December 2012, 17:52

That photo looks like ASSad is waving good bye. ASSad is finished and the Hezz have lost a war.

Missing realist 13 December 2012, 19:25

I thought sayed hassan said that the syrian regime will not fall?!? He will probably tell his poor people ' law kuntu a3lam' that the regime would fall i would not have sent ur children on jihadi duties in 7ums. Now the she3a lebanese have to live with the fact that they made millions of enemies few miles away from lebanon.

Default-user-icon Khrabto Beytna (Guest) 13 December 2012, 19:52

I guess, then, that Dr. Arret 7akeh's prediction that the ASSad regime MIGHT fall in 2012 might actually materialize. That would be the only hit among 7,529 misses! What a record SHOULD it really happen. Good luck, hopeless hopefuls. And congratulations to gabby10 on the new increment. Happy 10th, and 3e2bal el miyeh. Actually, the picture really looks like ASSad is waving goodbye! Who would have figured that out? I mistook it for ASSad waving ILY! Genius, as usual, gabbaguybo!

Missing chouf5 13 December 2012, 23:09

Well said realist/LebDinosaur/gabby10.

Thumb eli-g 14 December 2012, 13:27

And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend I'll say it clear
I'll state my case of which I'm certain

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2012, 14:14

What is it with Arabs always making predictions within weeks, within days, within hours???... How many times were the abducted pilgrims going to b set free within days within hours??? We love to act like we have secret info no1 else knows! Idiots.

More than two yrs of anti-Assad saying he's on his way out, n pro-Assad saying that nothing is going on in Syria! Kila kizib, no1 knows shit.

We're still waiting for aouns Tuesday, and nasrallahs friend in Homs is on vacation... The freedom n democracy loving salafists seem to have figured out time travel, longest "few weeks" of my life.

Missing rudy 14 December 2012, 14:34

In an article about fragieh the other day ft, 3melet 7alak batal w enta ma3o la2enno rejjel etc.

Now you show that you yourself and your ideology is nothing more than cowardice. You have a dictator brutally murdering people, women and children, and you say youd rather have the evil you know because you are too afraid of what might come. You dont deserve freedom my friend, you will always need someone to guide you and tell you when to jump. At least youve been doing a good job at that.

And if you think m8 will still be m8 when assad goes, it shows how near sighted you are. Just think if the fsa does take over, how much help do you think they will be giving hezballah? You dont think your general will be running to get into the first alliance that will take him?

Thumb thepatriot 14 December 2012, 16:29

spot on rudy!