Two Iraq Soldiers Dead, Three Kidnapped in Fallujah

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Gunmen killed two Iraqi soldiers and kidnapped three others in a series of shootings on Saturday, amid heightened tensions after troops killed seven anti-government protesters a day earlier.

Iraqi police Colonel Mahmud Khalaf said gunmen separately attacked checkpoints in the east, west and north of the town, leaving two soldiers dead, one wounded, and three kidnapped.

In one incident, gunmen attacked a checkpoint on Fallujah's eastern outskirts, killing one soldier. In the town's north, one soldier was killed and one wounded.

In western Fallujah, militants broke into a small military outpost and kidnapped all three soldiers stationed there, Khalaf said.

He added that police found the vehicle used in the kidnapping, but had no information about the three soldiers.

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Missing 26 January 2013, 15:43

I hope Iraqis can find a solution. I do not have hope that they have leaders that knows how to compromise.