Report: Hizbullah, FSA Clash in Bekaa Towns

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Fierce clashes erupted between Hizbullah fighters and the Free Syrian Army rebels in several Bekaa towns, media reports said on Friday.

The clashes took place overnight Thursday in the Bekaa towns of Nabi Sheet and Brital and al-Khodr, according to the reports.

However, sources denied to Voice of Lebanon (100.5) the reports, saying that gunbattles erupted at night in Syrian territories.

Hizbullah fighters are playing a prominent role in supporting regime troops against the rebels seeking to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Last month, Syrian soldiers and Hizbullah members recaptured Qusayr following a more than two-week assault on the strategic town on the border with Lebanon.

In June, clashes erupted between Hizbullah and Syrian rebels on the eastern mountain range on the Lebanese-Syrian border after several rockets fired from the Lebanese-Syrian border area landed in several towns in the Bekaa Valley.

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Thumb geha 05 July 2013, 09:14

expected outcome of hizbushaitan involvement in Syria.
we warned about this.
these clashes will evolve to all regions of Lebanon soon.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:42

you sound excited.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 13:22

nope, it isnt :)

Missing --karim_m2 05 July 2013, 09:54

Hmmmm, what is FSA-Al Qaeda doing in the Bekaa?

Thumb justice 05 July 2013, 10:04


Thumb Elemental 05 July 2013, 10:45

Ah Ft, so now HA also takes orders from Syria besides Iran? Still no orders from Lebanon I see, as usual acting beyond the bounds of law.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 11:43

HA cleaned up quseyr because 20,000 crazed sectarian fighters were massing up there and threatening the bekaa, firing rockets at the hermel, attacking border villages, and kidnaping lebanese. regarding homs aleppo and damascus they're (sadly) not there. yalla, maybe if the qaeda boys keep pushing the right buttons HA might go meet them against for a second round of ramming.

Thumb Elemental 05 July 2013, 11:52

Oh Ft, at the assumptions yet again. Neither are welcome :)

Thumb Elemental 05 July 2013, 11:55

PS FT, you missed the point, point is HA doesn't take orders from Lebanon, they get them from outside sources just like any other foreign militia operating within our borders.

Thumb Elemental 05 July 2013, 12:10

Actually Mowaten, no. It's been shown time and time again their at the whim of Iran.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 05 July 2013, 10:11

Hizbeleh is bringing other people's problems upon us! He will pay and make Lebanon pay dearly for having us mixed with Syria's war!
He totally forgot his size "la grenouille qui se croyait boeuf"

Thumb veritas 05 July 2013, 10:24

wow u get insider info from the Shiite dictators???!!! Still not impressed though ;D

Thumb veritas 05 July 2013, 10:30

"Reports have recently surfaced of the Pentagon readying a report to be presented to President Obama with specific recommendation of removing HA from its "Terror" list in recognition of its contributions to world peace and humanity."

Aren't these the people whom the Shiite dictators hate and want to destroy???? I thought these "sahayina" lovers are Israel's play toy and they need to be gutted and burned, or maybe have their throats pulled out like that 14 year old boy and singer for singing songs for the revolution. Since you know all of the Shiite dictators moves and plans please explain; oh that's right u don't have any common sense :( never mind ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing beirutbastard00 05 July 2013, 21:54

Smh. He's being sarcastic.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:42

lol haters gonna hate, the FSA and nusra boys tried to mess with HA and got seriously minced. as long as they wont learn and wont stop provoking clashes, HA is going to keep sending them meet their 72 goats prematurely.

Thumb Senescence 05 July 2013, 10:55

Destroy them off Lebanese soil.

I have little doubt that these mercenaries fighting along side the rebels from a long list of countries would simply return to their lands in Chechnya, Russia, Bosnia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.etc. Some would no doubt stay here and cause trouble ( dying in the process no doubt ( you know, a nice C4 ) ). That's pretty much the ONLY problem I have with rebels. Too much terrorist elements, too much extremism, too much hate for life ( justified for them, as their life lies beyond this realm so they care little for it ).

Eliminate them.

Missing thomas... 05 July 2013, 11:08

endless. 100%bro. and that is what is taking place right now someone is taking care of that.HA.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 11:28

thank you RFT. yes, apparently there's only so much "freedom" of speech here. but don't worry, nothing will stop me from coming back to haunt you :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 11:48

my comment only answered cedre's. he called lebanese people "scum", and i turned his comment against him. his comment is still there, my account was suspended.
that's called double standards

and i dont care about the account suspension, but what naharnet did was erase all my comments everywhere, thus effectively censoring my opinions in hundreds of comments which weren't vulgar.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 12:00

you're so hypocrite independance, if you werent you would admit that whether FT or me, are ten times more often on the receiving end of you and your bunch of zealot friends' insults, than on the other end.
and again, deleting that specific comment i posted would have been understandable, blocking my account would have been okay, but deleting all my comments ever is plain censorship.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 12:08

so much mystical power in your comment, i got shivers.. woooo...

but wait a second, who named you the spokesman of god? are you the new rassoul? how is your islam truer than theirs? hmmm actually your comment was just pure pretension and overblown pride. it's a sin i think. isnt it? meet you in hell buddy ;)

Missing peace 05 July 2013, 12:26

"but wait a second, who named you the spokesman of god?"
mowaten: just like hezbis call themselves "the party of God" as if God needed a party! LOL! they called their victory "divine" victory...

seems you support pretention and pride too! no better than those you criticize! LOL!

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 13:21

peace, peace-off will ya? :D
you dont know what or who i was answering. he was making religious threats and talking of true islam and wtv. he got censored

Missing peace 05 July 2013, 12:24

hezbis are like nero: ready to bring chaos to lebanon, war, burn it down only to keep their weapons... it proves that they don't give a sh... about lebanese institutions or people...
these clashes are merely the result of hezbi involvement in syria despite the lebanese gvt position which once again they do not care about!
the day the army would want to take their weapons they wouldn't hesitate to shoot them like more praises no more defense of the army: pure hypocrits that is what hezbis are all about...

Thumb geha 05 July 2013, 12:53

mowaten and ft
personally I can confirm that most of your posts contain insults. each time you reach a point where you have no arguments you start insulting.
so please cut the crap, and I believe that you should both have been banned long time ago.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 13:21


Thumb geha 05 July 2013, 16:18

coming from you: the one who labeled himself "azaar" says it all, No?

Thumb benzona 05 July 2013, 18:43

Yalla, kheir. Nobody died.... It's nothing more than a succession of binary codes.

We all learn from our mistakes, even I have sometimes gone too far and regretted my comments (wish we could edit them or erase them ourselves).

Thumb benzona 05 July 2013, 18:44

Geha: they enjoy our company, that's why they keep coming back. Chou baddak ahsan min hèk? ;-)

Missing beirutbastard00 05 July 2013, 21:51

Wow geha really makes it hard to say I'm M14 :/

Thumb normzz117 05 July 2013, 13:03

I think hezballah is the only pride us lebanese have in our country at momment.our politicians have no balls to stand up for what they believe in.all they stand up for is hate for the other side instead of finding common ground.together we stand,divided we fall.but I dont think anyone in leb is willing to make sacrifice for there country or people except hezb and army.

Thumb normzz117 05 July 2013, 13:07

Without hezballah we would have no say in what go's on in lebanon,we will become like the palistinians in israel

Missing helicopter 05 July 2013, 20:34

Honesty is a virtue, but HA went way beyond their fair share of decisions. They are monopolizing all decisions using the threat of arms and that will blow up in their face sooner or later.

Missing allouchi 05 July 2013, 15:58

lebpatrio, you sooo

Thumb cedre 05 July 2013, 17:50

@ mowaten : i did call scum members of HA in the Gulf, having political activities over there and giving bad image to hard-working honest lebanese people, shia, sunni, christian or others...
Dont misquote me....

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 18:11

you did not specify that.
and i did not misquote you, since i gave the link to the article where your comment is so everyone can see it exactly as you wrote it.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 18:13

plus, there are still Lebanese people and you are assuming they are having political activities and deeming them guilty before proven innocent.
that is shameful for someone who calls himself "cedre" and does not give the slightest credit to his countrymen and women.

Missing helicopter 05 July 2013, 20:35

Ya mama shou sherseen

Missing beirutbastard00 05 July 2013, 21:49

Hahahahahahaha are u guys being serious??? I've read the worst insults in my life on this website. I honestly don't know what he wrote... But I cannot imagine its worse than a usual post by most of u guys here.

Mowaten is actually one of the most respectful in his arguments, even if I disagree ith his stance. The moderators that work for naharnet are just unfair.

The rules as I see them ... As long as you're talking about Iran you can say anything.