Protesters in Tyre Defiant Despite Attack


Protesters in the southern city of Tyre remained defiant on Tuesday and returned to their encampments smashed the day before by supporters of Hizbullah and AMAL Movement.

Late on Tuesday, supporters of the two main Shiite groups torched the tents of demonstrators in al-Alam Square in the Shiite majority city of Tyre.

Demonstrators demanding a complete government overhaul have stayed mobilised from north to south Lebanon since protests began on October 17. But a bitterly divided political class has yet to find a way forward.

Frustrated by the stalemate, protesters had called for roadblocks and a general strike on Monday, but an attack by Hizbullah and Amal supporters on Sunday night weakened the turnout.

They also attacked demonstrators at a flyover near the Beirut’s main protest camp, and ravaged an encampment in Beirut’s Riad al-solh and Martyr Square tearing down tents and damaging storefronts in their most serious assault on protesters so far.

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