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05 July 2022, 18:50 Protesters are trying to storm the headquarters of the 'touch' mobile phone operator.
05 July 2022, 18:28 Bassil: It is the PM-designate's duty to talk to the President and the President can have a say in all portfolios.
05 July 2022, 18:26 Bassil: The diplomatic solutions must rely on Lebanon's strength.
05 July 2022, 18:25 Bassil: Now is the appropriate time to reach a solution and clear answers are needed.
05 July 2022, 18:25 Bassil: The Qana for Karish equation must be established.
05 July 2022, 18:24 Bassil on sea border file: There are positive developments and the points of contention are narrowing.
05 July 2022, 18:22 Bassil: There is a big chance for a real solution in the sea border file.
05 July 2022, 18:22 Bassil: Those detained in the port case belong to all sects and injustice must end.
05 July 2022, 18:20 Bassil after meeting for Strong Lebanon bloc: The obstruction of the port investigations must stop and the finance minister must issue the decrees of the appointments of the courts of cassation.
05 July 2022, 17:36 Demonstrators led by "change MPs" are marching from the Energy Ministry towards the Telecommunications Ministry in protest at the latest telecom fees hike.
05 July 2022, 17:06 Israeli PM Lapid after meeting Macron: Hezbollah is jeopardizing stability in the region and we will not stand idly by in the face of any attacks.
05 July 2022, 17:03 Israeli PM after meeting Macron: We will not turn a blind eye to Iran's arming of Hezbollah with missiles and drones.
05 July 2022, 16:55 Macron called for avoiding any activities that jeopardize the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel.
05 July 2022, 16:55 Macron said Lebanon's stability is key to the stability of the region.
05 July 2022, 14:18 Protesters have forced the closure of the offices of the 'touch' mobile operator in Tripoli.
05 July 2022, 11:08 Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati has arrived in Ain el-Tineh for talks with Speaker Nabih Berri.
05 July 2022, 10:59 Israeli PM: The Lebanese government must rein in Hezbollah, or else we'll be obliged to do it, and it must guarantee that it won't obstruct the sea border demarcation.