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20 June 2024, 15:22 Hezbollah said it has fired dozens of Katyusha rockets at Israel's Zar'it military barracks in response to the assassination in Deir Kifa.
20 June 2024, 14:07 Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at the Bir Kallab area in Iqlim al-Tuffah's heights.
20 June 2024, 13:48 Israeli official: We will not be able to guarantee electricity in case of war in the north. After 72 hours without electricity, it will be impossible to live here. We are not ready for a real war.
20 June 2024, 13:45 Al-Hadath: The son of Hezbollah commander Hadi Jomaa has been killed in the strike on the car in Houmine al-Fawqa.
20 June 2024, 12:33 Reports: One person has been killed in an Israeli strike on a car in the southern town of Houmine al-Fawqa.
20 June 2024, 12:08 An Israeli drone has fired four missiles at a car in the Tyre district town of Deir Kifa.