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28 September 2022, 18:49 Bassil: We will cast blank votes in tomorrow’s session and we don’t have any candidate for the presidential post.
28 September 2022, 18:44 Bassil: The bet that a caretaker cabinet can assume the president's powers has ended.
28 September 2022, 18:38 Bassil: What's uglier than corruption are those in the judiciary who are protecting corruption.
28 September 2022, 18:31 Bassil: We endorse what Charbel Maroun said.
28 September 2022, 18:30 Bassil: MP Charbel Maroun will not attend the interrogation session and we are all Charbel Maroun.
28 September 2022, 18:22 Bassil: Judge Abboud has not done what's necessary to reactivate the investigations into the port blast.
28 September 2022, 18:19 Bassil: No judge acted over the insults against the president of the republic, which are punishable by law.
28 September 2022, 18:16 Bassil: The law says MPs should not be prosecuted for voicing their opinions.
28 September 2022, 18:16 Bassil: Is it acceptable to file charges against an MP who enjoys parliamentary immunity?
28 September 2022, 16:09 Lebanon's official exchange rate will become LBP 15,000 against the dollar as of the end of October, caretaker Finance Minister Youssef Khalil said.