إصابات في سقوط صواريخ على الهرمل إحداها في ثكنة للجيش وسرايا "مروان حديد" تتبنى

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سقط صواريخ عدة على منطقة الهرمل حيث أفيد عن وقوع إصابات مدنية وعسكرية بسبب سقوط أحدها في ثكنة للجيش، في حيت تبنت سرايا "مروان حديد" المتطرفة العملية.

وقال الجيش في بيان رسمي مساء الثلاثاء أنه "اعتباراً من الساعة 16.30 من بعد ظهر اليوم، سقطت ستة صواريخ مصدرها الجانب السوري في مدينة الهرمل أحدها داخل ثكنة تابعة للجيش في حي الدورة ما أدى إلى إصابة عسكريين اثنين بجروح غير خطرة، بالإضافة إلى حصول أضرار في الممتلكات".

وأضاف البيان "قد باشرت قوى الجيش الكشف على أمكنة سقوط الصواريخ، لتحديد مصدرها ونوعها بدقّة، كما اتّخذت الإجراءات الميدانية المناسبة".

وكشفت قناة "الميادين" عن "4 إصابات بينها عسكريان" في حين اشار مصدر أمني لوكالة "فرانس برس" أيضا الى ان الصواريخ تسببت بسقوط اربعة جرحى، من دون ان يعرف ما اذا كانوا من المدنيين او العسكريين.

وأفادت الوكالة "الوطنية للإعلام" لاحقا عن "سقوط صاروخ وسط الهرمل وادى الى اصابة مواطن بجروح طفيفة واضرار في المحال التجارية".

من جهتها أصدرت مجموعتا "سرايا مروان حديد" و"جبهة النصرة في لبنان" بيانا تبنتا فيه العملية "على معاقل حزب إيران" كما قالت بعشرة صواريخ.

وأوضحت أن الإستهداف جاء "ردا على الدخول الإيراني إلى سورية واستمرار قتل واعتقال الشباب السني في لبنان".

كما كشفت عن استمرار العمليات "على إيران وحزبها في سورية ولبنان".

وأتى سقوط الصواريخ بعد ساعات من انفجار سيارة مفخخة استهدف مركزا لحزب الله في بلدة صبوبا شمال بعلبك الواقعة الى الجنوب من الهرمل.

وتعرضت الهرمل ومناطق اخرى بقاعية لسقوط دفعات متكررة من الصواريخ خلال الاشهر الاخيرة تبناها بمعظمها مقاتلون معارضون للنظام السوري وبينهم "سرايا مروان حديد".

ويدعو رئيس الجمهورية ميشال سليمان دائما إلى "ضرورة اخذ الاجراءات والتدابير اللازمة لحماية المواطنين والبلدات اللبنانية ومنع الاعتداءات عليها والتصدي لمصادر النيران".

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Thumb geha 17:13 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

thank you hizbushaitan

Thumb _mowaten_ 17:20 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

no, no dont thank HA, thank m14 for inviting takfiris and giving them shelter, weapons and finance to support them in their glorious quest of making the sun rise in the Levant. thank the spearheads of democracy in the region, saudi and qatar, for being so altruistic in bringing to us what they dont even have themselves and granting us, in their infinite generosity, the gift freedom

Thumb _mowaten_ 17:26 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

also note that takfiri rockets, like everything they throw, including bullets, shells, goats and knives, are guided by the will of god and will therefore only strike evil doers.
the fact that holy rockets fell on the lebanese army is the ultimate and definite proof which geha was seeking in his spiritual quest on mount Sinai, to confirm that this entity belongs to satan.

Thumb geha 17:32 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

mowaten: you are in absolute denial, so I will not bther again with your comments that denote a 6 year old boy.
just enjoy your hizbushaitan and all the gifts he is bringing you.
just one word of advice: please stay away from all probable attacks on shia areas as we would not want to lose you just because hizbushaitan have decided to go fight in Syria.

Thumb geha 17:54 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

just now: new rockets have fallen in Hermel area!
this is what hizbushaitan has brought to Lebanon.

Thumb _mowaten_ 18:34 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

evil evil hizbushatainou! throwing rockets on hermel!

Missing peace 21:28 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

sure moowaten if israel wanted bashar out he would be out a long time ago... but the fact is that israel prefer having bashar in power... but of course you hezbi are blind to see that because it would mean you are an ally to israel LOL!
plus your beloved assad has sheltered financed trained manipualted all kinds of islamists cells in syria... he is still manipulating them to justify their massacres and the intervention of the hezbi gang...

and yes your hezbis friends are the ones pushing takfiris to these acts of terrorism in lebanon... like it or not mooowaten.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11:56 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

my answer to you which was censored anonyme:

could it be? or could it be that they are serving the takfiris and working with them? jordan explicitly and israel implicitly?

they both want assad out, and dont care about syrians in general and alawites/shiites in particular. jordan doesnt have tens of thousands of its citizens threatened by them, neither does israel since besides words the takfiris never as much as scratched an israel. jordan surrendered to israel decades ago, is a dictatorial monarchy where people live like dirt but dont dare speak up, and jordan accepted to let its population become over 60% palestinian.
would you want the same in lebanon?

Thumb ice-man 20:27 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

Is that you, flamethrower, pictured in the photo in this article. I could swear it is you. I apologize if I made a mistake.


Thumb ice-man 17:20 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

Still on Captagon?

Thumb FlameCatcher 17:22 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

OR : they can withdraw from Syria and stop this war. This way, the rebels will turn all their attention to Bashar.

No LEBANESE asked them to fight there. Why do they have to fight ?

I will tell you why : So that the rebels are divided into several fronts. Not to "protect" lebanon from the virtual threats ! All the bombs that targeted Hezbollistan would never have happened were it not for their ILLEGAL intervention in Syria.

I hope they all die for their actions (this is not a prayer Roar as my god doesn't enjoy death and weapons like Nasrallah's god).

Thumb _mowaten_ 17:33 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

"I hope they all die [...] my god doesn't enjoy death"

Thumb _mowaten_ 17:53 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

he will kill you, but never murder a soul, because it is a sin.

Thumb FlameCatcher 18:08 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

Happy to see the two kings of contradiction commenting back :)

Yes, hoping means wishing a future outcome will happen. It has nothing to do with praying.

Unlike you, Nasrallah, I don't invoke god interference and don't build my fake victories on "God's Will".

Hezbollah did not drive out Israel from Lebanon. There was no DIVINE victory... Israel pulled out whether in 2000 or 2006.

I'm happy to see you ignorant fools trying to tackle and twist words to your advantage. This only serves to depict you as the ignorant fools that you and your kind are (sheep) ...

Keep hiding behind your fake god like you usually do. With his fake "Hezb" and their very real weapons of death !

Thumb FlameCatcher 18:11 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

@Roar : HA entered Syria under the orders of Bashar / Iran.

Don't try and make it look like they went to "defend" the LAF. That's a pityful excuse. You or Hezbollah do not care about the LAF. The LAF is your biggest ENNEMY because a strong LAF means no more Hezbollah weapons !

The LAF doesn't need Hezbollah to defend itself and has shown this at numerous occasions including Nahr el Bared (Hezbollah was against their intervention).

You really think other people are as gullible and dumb as you are ?

Thumb FlameCatcher 14:13 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

Welcome to Hezbollah democracy : Fake Voters and Fake votes :)

Keep voting me down your losers ... it's easier for you than coming up with a straight reply to my comments.

I must really be annoying you with the ugly truth ! Keep hiding your heads in the ground you ostriches !

Thumb FlameCatcher 18:12 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

It's funny that you're not only a Sheep, you're a racist Sheep ! What's wrong with Goats ? You think you're better than them ?

Thumb FlameCatcher 11:44 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

Wiping floors :) That's all you guys will ever be good for.

I don't know what post you are referring to but the only mop he seems to be using is his brain ...

Thumb FlameCatcher 11:53 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

I love your democratic value : create tens of fake account to vote yourself up and your opponents down.

This is the M8 understanding of elections ! And they dare talk about democracy ! While supporting tyrants !

Thumb benzona 18:25 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

Question: honestly, if anyone can answer me, where did they acquire Russian made rockets? KSA and gulf countries are equipped with American weapons, so are the turks.

Thumb ice-man 19:04 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

benzona..... mind me asking you a question? Do you think flamethrower's gold tooth shines when he smiles?

Thumb benzona 19:33 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

answered you in the mustaqbal news report ;-)

Thumb ice-man 20:31 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

please, read this article on naharnet in which they talk about mowaten and flamethrower.

Thumb benzona 21:58 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

oh thanks for your answer. it's much appreciated. now we know that Assad isn't worthy of holding such weapons because he can lose sight of them. yes, it's like leaving a loaded weapon in a closet. who's responsible, the teenage kid who used it, or the parent? Both, but the parent's responsibility is more engaged. so, back to the subject, thanks to the butcher's negligence we're getting weapons in our backyards. this reasoning also applies to HA. If there weren't hezbollah checkpoints in Baalbeck in the first place, there wouldn't have been an attack there. Me comprends-tu?

Missing peace 21:52 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

same applie to hezb ALLAH... DIVINE victory... LOL

Missing zahle_nights9 22:29 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

Benzona, what are you going to use "DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro" for? If you plan to fly the Drone above Nassrallah rat hole hideout, then I will buy it for you for Christmas... Best wishes bro!! I hope you get your target...

Missing zahle_nights9 23:19 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

mr.black, let me tell it to your thick head again. We don't defend Al-Qeada's atrocities in Lebanon. In fact we hate those bastards. But we also hate Hizbullah bastards as well. Because they are both equal. None of them is working for the sake of Lebanon. Stop twisitng the facts.

Missing peace 23:45 ,2013 كانون الأول 17

well when two islamists terrorists bomb each other , it is nothing but rejoicing, don't you think?

Missing peace 00:06 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

alqaeda: a sword and words from the koran.
hezbollah: a koran and a kalashnikov and calls itself : islamic resitance(and not lebanese resistance)...
and party of God! as if God needs a party! LOL pure complex of superiority thinking that God chose them to represent Him!LOL

the one in need of a stray jacket is you not to see that hezbollah and alqaeda are the SAME THINGS.... LOL

so when two pests kill each other well , it is rejoicing...

Missing peace 00:16 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

just stating facts that annoy you, glad it makes you mad , miss tic....

Thumb Mystic 00:21 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

lol what facts? That you are still the hysterical girl, that you always have been in here?

Missing peace 00:41 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

go and play with girls your age now....

Thumb primesuspect 03:15 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

glad 2 c the red thumb brigade is @ work. the person behind this is a halflife.

Thumb ice-man 06:19 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

I love your posts and how you bring a comical side of the resistance to this forum. I am one of your 11 fans so far. But, don't let this popularity get to your head. Keep up the good work.

Thumb primesuspect 06:24 ,2013 كانون الأول 18

I have a request for naharnet's webmaster(s): could you -por favor- upload higher resolution pictures. when we open the thumbnails, the definition is still too poor for comfortable viewing. very often the pictures are blurry on the tablet and laptop. i know it eats bandwidth, then you should give the option to open larger files only when requested....

gracias for hearing me out.