Salam in Veiled Reference to Hizbullah: Victory Should be Used to Build the Nation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Premier-designate Tammam Salam has said the party that considers itself a victor should use the victory to build a nation along with its rivals rather than making dictates.

In an interview with pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat published on Tuesday, Salam said: “There is a party that considers itself a victor … but we all know … the country would never rise if a certain team vanquishes another.”

“Lebanon has paid the price every time a party tried to abolish the other,” he said, warning that “any disruption of such an equation would endanger Lebanon.”

Any party that considers itself a victor, should use the triumph to make positive changes, he said.

“But how would we be able to build a nation together if it wants to weaken the other party?” Salam asked.

“We can't build a nation through dictates,” he stressed.

Salam did not mention which party he was talking about. But he seemed to be referring to the March 8 alliance in general and Hizbullah in particular.

Salam reiterated that his mission was “complicated and almost impossible.”

He was tasked to form the new cabinet in April but has so far been unable to come up with a line-up over the differences between the March 8 and 14 alliances.

“Eventually, I will have to take a decision which comes in harmony with my transparency, morals, convictions and patriotism,” he told Asharq al-Awsat.

Asked whether at any point during his more than eight month mission he felt that he was close to form his cabinet, Salam replied: “Amid the current circumstances I haven't felt I was close enough.”

“But at some stages I was close to the attempts to agree on a cabinet,” he said. “But those attempts were toppled.”

“Is there any hope to form the cabinet with the 9-9-6 formula or any other” proposal? he asked in a sign of growing pessimism on whether his cabinet would see light.

The latest proposal was to give the March 8 and 14 alliances nine ministers each and centrists – President Michel Suleiman, Salam and Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat – six ministers.

But March 14 snubbed the plan.

“The benefits that political parties, mainly those who are in power today, are seeking to clinch, are not helpful,” Salam said, in reference to Hizbullah.

He said the Hizbullah-led resigned cabinet is responsible for the current situation because it chose to form a government without its March 14 rivals.

Such a single-faceted cabinet paralyzes the country politically, economically, socially and at the security level, he added.

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Thumb mckinl 10 December 2013, 09:37

Salam should resign ... it is obvious by his indecision that he is not the man for the job.

As far as M14 in government they have many agents there including three important roles, prime minister, president and finance minister.

If Salam is trying build his courage by disparaging M8 he is mistaken in his direction and tragically myopic about the instigators of obstruction.

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 10:11

I wish you luck Salam you are a good person.

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 10:30

I see Salam defending the undefendable. Hizballah faced Israel while M14 sent explosive-strapped men from the first day of the trouble in Syria. Remember the 17 men ambushed near Homs coming from Tripoli. Remember, openly, Harriri men bragging about financing the terrorists in Allepo. We have 2 groups in Lebanon Mr. Salam, one loves life and another loves death. One defend the nation and another dies for virgins. Now, as always, we know which side you are on

Thumb BeautifulMind 10 December 2013, 17:17

@ canadian_Paul
Oh yes, I know: proudly, It is the Syrian National Party member. And that is my point: When the Baath and its affiliate fight, they aim for life and target the enemy of life: the Israelis. While, your M14-Saudi peace-missionaries targeted Christian Work-goers on September 11, 2001, the same in Madrid, London. Marathon Runners in Boston and every morning: Christians and Shiaa by-Standards in Syria and Iraq.

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 11:38

Yes Salam should resign to create the total vacuum that M8 has been trying to achieve for years.

Default-user-icon Livanto Sabigon (Guest) 10 December 2013, 10:04

And when was the last time Salam and his team, these loud-mouth warriors, fought a real fight? When? When they trampolined into the arms of the Syrian occupation only to fight the belated, cowardly and losing fight two decades or so later? These people really have no shame.

Default-user-icon ghiorghiou (Guest) 10 December 2013, 17:16

You go supporters of those who trampolined into the arms of the Syrian occupiers. Don't feel discouraged as these occupiers seem to miss you, or you miss them? Hurry up and catch up with the latest moves of Dabke. They are inching closer by the hour.

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 10:35

Salam a terrorist? I wish all terrorists were like him.

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 10:55

Why the thumbs down for facts? What does the thumbs down mean exactly? That you support the kidnappings? Ok...

Missing watan-libnan 10 December 2013, 11:26

This guys name is a joke right (tammam salam )

Missing watan-libnan 10 December 2013, 11:28

I got hand it to him he is persistent how long has it been since he was nominated and he is still hanging around lol

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 11:35

Thumb saturn 10 December 2013, 12:15

What victory, Mr. Salam? Are you anticipating something we don't know?