Al-Rahi Slams 'Disabled' Politicians over Cabinet, Electoral Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi dubbed Lebanese politicians on Sunday as “disabled” people for failing to agree on a new government and an electoral draft-law.

“Aren't the real disabled those who obstruct the formation of the cabinet over the impairment of their interests?” al-Rahi asked in his sermon during a mass he celebrated in Bkirki.

He criticized them for failing to agree on a new electoral draft-law over their “cheap” personal interests.

Al-Rahi also accused the politicians of dragging the presidential post to a vacuum over the inability to take a “responsible patriotic decision.”

President Michel Suleiman's six-year term ends in May 2014. But there are fears that the differences between the rival camps, which have so far prevented them from agreeing on a new cabinet and an electoral law, would spill over to the presidential elections.

The patriarch said a real reform would involve a call for the disabled or those who are handicapped to work in state institutions.

Al-Rahi's sermon focused on the disabled after the Lebanese Society for Blind and Deaf attended the mass.

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Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 22 December 2013, 12:09

this is the only person to whom you can say ( tal omrak) ya tawila el omor

Thumb mckinl 22 December 2013, 12:13

Al Rahi underestimates the goals of the obstructionist leaders. Hariri and Geagea do not have cheap interests but a strategy to lead Lebanon into another civil war in service to the KSA and Zionists that wish to eradicate Hezbollah.

Hariri and Geagea are not thinking small, they are thinking big of their own power. They are behind a plan of chaos and destruction that will leave Lebanon in tatters. Hariri and Geagea know not what they foment but will know the bitter taste of blood and ashes as will Lebanon itself ...

Thumb mckinl 22 December 2013, 12:56

Talk isn't cheap ... It is just that enormous KSA money buys the conversation. And the KSA wants the "eradication" of all Shia and Hezbollah is on the top of that list.

M14 has now reached their final stage by using the term "eradication" in reference to Hezbollah. These are the words the Nazis used before their Holocaust of Jews and "undesirables".

Thumb mckinl 22 December 2013, 13:12

@ benzona

I heard there was a trial over the matter that hasn't even begun. The fact of the matter is that M14 members are being used by Hariri and Geagea to promote a civil war to "eradicate" Hezbollah.

The term "eradicate" is now being used by M14 as their new platform of governance. You have used the term "eradicate". There is only one understanding of such a word: slaughter. HA will not oblige you.

Missing watan-libnan 22 December 2013, 14:55

If hizbollah wants a say in lebanon they should form a recognised political party and run for election and obey the constitution like every other political party no body is above the law !!!!!