Salam Warns Factionalism Leading to State's Disintegration

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Premier-designate Tammam Salam warned on Monday that the country's political crisis was threatening the Lebanese social fabric and leading to the state's disintegration.

“This crisis has reached a worrying stage and has become a real threat to our peace, stability and social fabric,” Salam said in a statement he issued on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year.

He said the terrorist attacks in Beirut, the southern city of Sidon, the northern city of Tripoli and the eastern Bekaa Valley “reflected the security abyss that the country could slide into.”

He lamented that political life was paralyzed amid a lack of calm dialogue and a rise in tense rhetoric.

Salam warned that factional tension and the continued paralysis of institutions would “take the society towards destruction and lead to the state's disintegration.”

He said in his statement that the only solution to the crisis is for the Lebanese to resort to dialogue and understanding.

There should be willingness to find solutions that would salvage the nation and preserve the future of its citizens to live a dignified life.

The Lebanese should resort to the democratic system and the Constitution, he said, calling for the rejection of vacuum in state institutions.

He extended his greetings to the Lebanese on the occasion of the holidays and hoped the New Year would be blissful.

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Thumb mckinl 23 December 2013, 12:57

Salam is part of the problem. He has had months and months to implement a government with Suleiman yet allows Lebanon to deteriorate more each day.

The obvious solution, more than fair to M14 is the 9-9-6 formulation. Salam and Suleiman should implement this formula and tell the parties to submit nominees.

Should M14 boycott then Suleiman and Salam should make the current cabinet their fait acompli cabinet as they represent the last elected government.

Thumb FlameCatcher 23 December 2013, 13:03

@Bickini : Why is Salam part of the problem ? You know for a fact that prime ministers don't decide on the Cabinet. The problem is power brokers, political parties who dictate what the next government will look like. It's your typical Berri, Hassan, Saad, Geagea n co who are the problem.

Salam, like Miqati are just powerless puppets.

Thumb mckinl 23 December 2013, 13:09

A "fait accompli" cabinet is just that ... Suleiman and Salam would name the cabinet irrespective of what any party wanted.

For this to work it does have to have some semblance of balance abnd fairness ... the 9-9-6 formula is more than fair to M14.

Thumb FlameCatcher 23 December 2013, 13:51

They are incapable of naming a cabinet without the approval of M8 / M14. So until these two blocks reach a "consensus". Salam (like Miqati before him) is completely useless and helpless.

And no formula is fair to the Lebanese people. The 996 or whatever you put it does not reflect the new political balance in the country. You can only determine this after conducting parliamentary elections.

The new cabinet's only task should be to organise elections. After which the Cabinet will be void and a real cabinet should be formed. Whatever the outcome of the elections, this cabinet should be 100% from the majority. No more veto BS. This doesn't work... Either give full power to the cabinet to implement the "winner's" policies or live the same political void and nightmare as usual where nothing happens.

Parliament is where lawmaking happens and veto power can be exercised.

Missing greatpierro 23 December 2013, 17:12

You should instead applaud the stance off Salam. The issue is will the lebanese accept to make a government with a party that is holding arms and does not hesitate to use them inside and outside the country to dominate both politically and militarily.

Thumb -phoenix1 23 December 2013, 13:42

How about if Salam just formed a cabinet of real human beings, one who have no ties with any side, neither M8 nor M14, just a cabinet of technocrats, staffed by people who have the right prerequisites to take this country out of the mess in which it now finds itself drowning in? What is the use of it all, after the M8 led cabinet resigned after it failed miserably, to come back again and dictate the very same conditions that led to the formation to its own caretaker cabinet, one that did nothing but fail almost every promise it made when it was still an opposition? There are about 5 million Lebanese inside Lebanon and about 14 in the Diaspora who deserve real changes done by real human beings, real professionals, people are just sick and tired, totally fed up with the same fake flavor, same old cheese, same old rat poison, everyone wants now real and lasting solutions.

Missing peace 23 December 2013, 17:59

"How about if Salam just formed a cabinet of real human beings, one who have no ties with any side, neither M8 nor M14, just a cabinet of technocrats"

because hezbollah does not want to...

Thumb chrisrushlau 23 December 2013, 20:35

Rather than "balance of power" (which Hezbullah continues to hold the advantage in), a constitution has to project an ideal of justice based on human equality: the idea of the so-called reasonable person standard.
In terms of the Lebanese impasse (nice French word?), the Taef "Accord's" assignment of half of Parliament to a quarter or a third of the public is the problem, not the solution. Just as in Israel, this ethnic-religious arbitrary standard installs instability. No slave ever agreed with slavery.

Missing VINCENT 24 December 2013, 00:01

"Premier-designate Tammam Salam warned on Monday that the country's political crisis was threatening the Lebanese social fabric and leading to the state's disintegration". Who knew?

Thumb habib 24 December 2013, 06:06

Sho ra2eyko ne3ti 8 wa 14 6 wala lmostaellin 18 wazir Anna akid 14 abli bas 8 no hoydi mo3adali aw la 14 wala 8 ma3on tolet lm3atel goydi mo3adale tenyi aw 8 wa 14 barata la lgokomi shofiya fari2an mekhtelfin btejma3on bi farad hokomi kif hay fasroli.
Wali7n wiladat lhokoma wa antom bi khayer wa lobnan salim.
Milad majid wa 3am sa3id la ljami3