Aoun Describes Hariri's Stance Concerning Cabinet as 'Brave'

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Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun hailed on Monday ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri's stance regarding the cabinet formation process, describing it as “brave.”

“Hariri's stance facilitates the formation of the new cabinet and is a foundation for also forming a new parliament,” Aoun said.

On Friday, head of al-Mustaqbal movement Hariri announced that he is showing positivity in the cabinet formation process and noted that Hizbullah is a political party that is leading a “big coalition.”

A stance that was praised by various political parties.

Aoun pointed out that “there's no specified timeframe to form a new cabinet.”

However, he stressed that obstacles have demolished and consultations are currently focusing on specifying its structure.

The cabinet formation process was put on the front burner after Speaker Nabih Berri proposed a revised 8-8-8 government formula and President Michel Suleiman said he would form a so-called neutral cabinet if the political rivals don't agree on an all-embracing government within ten days.

Amid the Lebanese Forces' rejection of Hizbullah's participation in the cabinet, the March 14 camp has reportedly accepted the 8-8-8 formula in principle, but it is awaiting answers pertaining to the ministerial policy statement and the rotation of portfolios among political parties.

The 8-8-8 formula divides ministers equally between the centrists and March 14 and 8 alliances, in which each get eight ministers with “decisive ministers” for the March 14 and 8 coalitions.

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Thumb geha 20 January 2014, 11:42

what a change for aoun from the one way ticket :)
especially now he is the biggest loser :)

Thumb proudm14. 20 January 2014, 16:36

uneducated M8 keep bringing up the 55/45 fact, something they heard the dekanji say, or they read it from wikipedia without understanding what they are reading.

in a majoritarian system the popular vote represents nothing, since different districts have different levels of participation and different factors in general that affect the level of voters for each side.

but i will leave you to your ignorance.

Default-user-icon zikizakazi (Guest) 20 January 2014, 13:53

Brave? Stoping acting like a child is brave? Maybe, mayve we every minister and citizen should praise him for not acting like a kid anymore. Maybe that's what Aoun meant, because there's no way this is a brave act, like the fireman who started the fire.

Thumb Machia 20 January 2014, 14:44

Lebanon is ours and we elected the current political parties and politicians. This is our image.
If we do not like whom we elected, next time let us elect less populist politicians who lead us to hate one another and focus on those that will make our lives better economically, judicially and socially.
Meanwhile, we should applaud when those politicians decide to do what we elected them for. Governing is their job. We need them to work for us and deliver on their promises. Aggressive rhetoric against other Lebanese will lead to chaos. Everyone should relax and get to work.
We need jobs, better roads, healthcare and education. Shouting matches are boring and a waste of time. Get on with it!

Thumb eli-g 20 January 2014, 15:03

I cannot believe my eyes. Educated smart commenters like you guys acting like cheerleaders for 2 politicians praising each other. The same politicians that got Lebanon into the mess it is in. they are conspiring against you every day lining their pockets with your hard earned money and you are cheering and electing them year after year. You know what, you deserve all the masayyeb that you get. I really was hoping for the ten days to expire and for the president to have a gov. with nothing but capable technocrats. naïve wishful thinking on my part I guess.

Thumb -phoenix1 20 January 2014, 15:26

Eli, tole3el sha3r 3ala lseneh, wou 2ad ma towil, sert 3am 3amel'lo far2 bil noss. You are 100% right with your views, and to support them, this is what I'll add, we Lebanese never deserved independence, we don't even know its worth and even less its dignity. Independence was hijacked by a few Rat families who became rich importers of everything the Lebanese needed, so they are the big shots and we are just the consumers. As far as I know, the word Maybe doesn't exist in this context, we should have remained under French rule, at least today we would have been a nation of human beings, part of a bigger family of human beings. Since 1943, Lebanon has moved away from a nation of human beings, to a compendium of competing farmers and goats.

Thumb beiruti 20 January 2014, 16:01

Hariri has two objectives in in political career, to bring to justice the killers of his father Rafiq and to avoid being killed himself. The STL may never punish those who it determines killed his father, but it will establish by proof, who they are and how they did it, which is more than even JFK got.
Hariri has given on the all inclusive government, no doubt in a quid pro quo that whatever government is formed will not obstruct the work of the STL now that it is underway, 9 years after the fact.
Because perception is so much greater than fact in the conspiratorial minds of the Lebanese, Hariri may have won this bargain with Hezbollah.

Thumb eli-g 20 January 2014, 16:15

You are so right Phoenix1. I say phoenix1 for president :-)

Thumb beiruti 20 January 2014, 17:43

I agree with Eli-G that Phoenix has spoken the truth, the reality of the situation. Now that we know the problem, what and where is the solution?