Israel Bombs 'Hizbullah Target' on Lebanon-Syria Border, Observatory Says Missile Base Hit

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israeli warplanes waged strikes on Monday evening near the Lebanese-Syrian border which reportedly hit a "Hizbullah target" suspected of being a "missile base."

"Two Israeli raids hit a Hizbullah target on the border of Lebanon and Syria," a Lebanese security source told Agence France Presse.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the target was a Hizbullah "missile base that is taking part in the military operations in the Syrian Qalamoun area near the border with Lebanon.

In remarks to the Associated Press, a military spokesman said the Lebanese Army had no indication of any airstrikes in the area but was investigating the reports.

Residents of al-Nabi Sheet, on the Lebanese side of the border, told AFP they saw flare bombs light up the sky ahead of the raids, which shook their houses.

Residents in neighboring areas said they heard planes flying low before the raids.

Al-Nabi Sheet is a bastion of Hizbullah and the group has a suspected weapons store and training camp there.

Quoting unnamed sources, Al-Arabiya TV said “Hizbullah members were killed in the Israeli raids in the Bekaa.”

The pan-Arab, Saudi-owned TV network said the airstrikes targeted the outskirts of the town of Brital and “Hizbullah positions in Brital, al-Nabi Sheet and Ali al-Nahri.”

Citing reports, Al-Arabiya said the Israeli raids hit two Hizbullah trucks that were headed for Syria.

And quoting other unconfirmed reports, Al-Arabiya said Hizbullah was seeking to transport “ballistic missiles” from Syria into Lebanon when the airstrikes occurred.

Earlier on Monday, MTV said "Israeli airstrikes targeted the areas of Brital, Hawrtaala, al-Nabi Sheet, al-Khodr and Ali al-Nahri" in the Bekaa.

MTV, however, said later that the strikes hit targets inside Syria.

OTV said Israeli raids struck Janta, al-Nabi Sheet and an area near Brital.

Earlier, Al-Arabiya quoted witnesses as saying that "more than two Israeli airstrikes have targeted Hizbullah posts in the outskirts of the towns of Janta, Brital and al-Nabi Sheet."

For its part, Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported two Israeli airstrikes on "the outskirts of al-Nabi Sheet near the Lebanese-Syrian border."

LBCI television, however, said the Israeli warplanes struck targets inside Syria "in the countryside facing the towns of Janta and Yahfoufa."

And Hizbullah's al-Manar TV said "security sources have not confirmed that any Israeli airstrike has taken place inside Lebanese territory in the Eastern Mountain Range."

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Thumb cityboy 24 February 2014, 23:31

But but I thought Israel just wanted peace and good will towards Lebanon.

Default-user-icon bla bla (Guest) 24 February 2014, 23:44

yes, and Syria regime and Hizballa etc. are freedom fighters

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:35

no, we didnt call her tonight, we thought some family time would do you some good.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:43

if you're not smart enough to understand what it means, it does not mean it is deceptive. for you even a lamppost would be deceptive if that was the case.

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:56

movatin speaking about animals...

Missing 25 February 2014, 11:10

Lebanon... yes... not the terror group occupying parts of it... einsteinn!!!

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 11:45

you really have the cheapest propaganda stuff dont you cedre? i feel sorry for you to be stupid enough to believe that crap, like the other day you were quoting lines from pages of a book that dont exist...

Thumb bigsami 25 February 2014, 21:02

Hope this is one of many more Israeli attacks on HA! They actually are Lebanon's only hope to clean that Persian filth from our beloved country. No one else has the balls to because they fear that satanic group!

Thumb Loubnani 25 February 2014, 00:06

For goodness sake why oh why? I honestly hope this is not a prelude to another war with Israel. The country would not survive such a thing with everything else that is happening. Let's hope Hezbollah does not retaliate and things go out of control.
May God protect our beloved Lebanon

Missing greatpierro 25 February 2014, 03:55

hizbullah cannot afford to enter into another war with israel. In 2006 though it lost militarily after it resisted very well against israel, it achieved a political victory in lebanon that allowed it to gain more and more power at the expense of the state institutions. Today the situation is different. It is stretched militarily on the different syrian battlefronts, and does no longer enjoy the political support apart from its base.

Default-user-icon rob (Guest) 25 February 2014, 00:09

This is HA ticket for the ministerial statement!

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 00:15

Syria reserves the right of retaliation on Israel by barrel bombing starving kids in Qalamoun and destroying mosques in Aleppo...

Thumb mobious125 25 February 2014, 00:25

I'm just waiting for the news that the mighty hezzb have shot down the fighters.......any min comes the news.....right now........any sec now......erm

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:42

oh when it comes you will know. you WILL know.

Thumb mobious125 25 February 2014, 00:59

I know, sky news is pretty on the ball with this stuff!

Thumb mobious125 25 February 2014, 01:00

Exactly ultra, so don't poke the sleeping lion unless you have a shot gun.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 01:06

israelis will need much more than a shotgun when that lion wakes up.

Thumb Mystic 25 February 2014, 01:10

If there was to be a new war between the Resistance and Israel, I can tell you, the israelis will be witness to something that they never thought could happen.

Thumb general_puppet 25 February 2014, 06:59

'israelis will be witness to something that they never thought could happen"… what are they going to witness Mystic? Is one of the Iranian militia thugs going to actually put a foot across the Israeli line? Now that would truly be a Devine Victory!

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:28

and you still pretend you're not israeli?

Thumb general_puppet 25 February 2014, 06:52

Iran boy, why do you question other posters nationality?

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 11:31

phil was cheering "bibi". for some reason his post disappeared.

Thumb Mystic 25 February 2014, 00:30

Israelis and Takfiris, working together against Hezbollah & LAF. Not a convenience, that the Israelis attack just after the Hermel bombing. They know that the Army & Resistance are standing together now, a war far worse than the 2006 july battle is approaching.

Thumb amatoury114 25 February 2014, 04:37

What will they witness the israeli? The surrender of hassouna?

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 11:30

Language of void threats to cover Hizb impotence. Typical

Thumb Mystic 25 February 2014, 00:36

The Israelis, thinks this will stop the flow of arms to the Resistance.
They can think again, Tel Aviv will soon be rained with fire from the skies.

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 02:00

mastic those weapons better stay in syria, u farsiboys badly need them...

Missing VINCENT 25 February 2014, 02:02

Not cool.

Thumb amatoury114 25 February 2014, 04:41

Jack while I agree with you on the bs fystic is overwhelming us with please I urge you to refrain from involving family in insults etc...we are all adults here and we can disagree as much as we want and call each other names but without involving parents and families into this...thank you man

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 11:31

Mystic is a poet

Missing phillipo 25 February 2014, 13:32

Could you just imagine what exactly would happen if HA began to shoot rockets towards Tel Aviv. I for one wouldn't like to be in the East of Lebanon, in the Beka'a Valley if that happened. No to mention the HA stronghold in south Beirut.

Thumb Mystic 25 February 2014, 00:42

It is obvious that the Israelis & Wahabis are working together against Syria and Lebanon, if Israel works with Hezbollah as some of you ignorants in here says to cover yourselves. I will ask you this, how come Israel never fired a single missile against your beloved Al Qaeda and Al Nusra front?

I can tell you why, because it is the Resistance whom are their real enemy, and the Resistance are the only ones the Israelis fears.

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:22

'the Resistance are the only ones the Israelis fears'

not tonight haboub, not tonight...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:41

Haboubi, sometimes doing nothing is the best choice.
And just for ur instruction, google 'saudi plo'. Bonne lecture...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 05:07

by giving them millions of dollars ?

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 11:34

Actually it's a kind of "menage à trois", while Sunnis will use Israel against Shias and Shias use Israel against Sunni. The real war which is lasting 1400 years is the one between Sunnis and Shias.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 15:07

this is what israelis and takfiris want people to believe. the truth is that the real fight is from all the people of the region, whether sunni, shia, druze, maronite, orthtodox, catholic, and even the indigenous jews against the invaders and occupiers: zionists.

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 00:43

Ur spiritual father Assad in 3 years, killed more syrians, sunnis, palestinians, muslims that israel since '48.
Nobody cheering Israel, even if we have the reasons to do so...

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:48

you bum. it's your saudi freaks with their suicide bombers and their mercenaries and their weapons flooding from jordan lebanon and turkey who are killing syrians, sunnis, palestinians, muslims

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 00:53

of course, saudis are barrel bombing aleppo, besieging for 2+ years homs and starving palestinians in yarmuk camp.
Movatin go back to ur kennel, ya farsi dog.
Or even better, go and die in Qalamoun for ur masters in Qom.

Thumb Mystic 25 February 2014, 00:55

Your takfiri brothers, are the ones creating starvation in Syria cedre. Before the unrest, nobody in Syria starved.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 01:00

"Nobody cheering Israel, even if we have the reasons to do so"

that's the kind of hypocrite statement we've gotten used to, from the israeli propagandists on this page.
they try to appear politically correct "nobody cheering israel", but they imply we should be cheering it "we have the reasons to do so".

but as the wimps they are, when they're not running out of the south crying, they are behind their keyboards pretending to be tough boys with their insults.
you know why your insults never bothered me? because i know you can do it here, and only here. so i feel pity for you.

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:17

movatin, unlike your family, I did not throw flowers and rice at IDF invading south lebanon...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:36

FT ur emotional post allows me to guess that some of ur relatives did the same and maybe more... Tea ? Baklawa ?
But u just shot urself in the foot.
Why is it ok for shias to cheer invading IDF but sunnis cant be happy that IAF bombed HA that kills them in Syria and Lebanon ?
Bleezzzz exblain uz brofessor...

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 11:35

Unfortunately, these Hizb supporters have a problem with facts and won't listen to you

Thumb Marc 25 February 2014, 00:44

There is absolutely no reason for the Zionist Regime to interfere with internal issues and conflicts in Lebanon and Syria... I understand there are Lebanese casualties, which is unacceptable! How can everyone be so blind and do not see the big picture here. The entire conflict has been orchestrated by foreigners and Arabs are killing each others in 1000s!! My prediction is that the conflict will continue until early 2017 with no winners

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:54

is that the name your father gave you? i guess it must be normal where you come from.

Thumb lebanesenationalist 25 February 2014, 01:02

Naharnet should ban this jack off

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:18

it's mastic trying to be funny again. Poor kid... Poor parents... poor Lebanon...

Missing VINCENT 25 February 2014, 02:08

You "may" have a point against extremists who kill innocent people in general whether Islam, Christian, etc.

Thumb music66 25 February 2014, 08:38

oh and what may you be, JMO. What ever your religion may be obviously you have only seen the ugly side of things. Really there is so much beauty about the middle east its a shame you have no knowledge of what the arabs brought to the western world. You would not be writing in english if not for the arabic numerals and alphabet. Maybe the teacher who taught you at school didnt know this either. go figure.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 00:46

see what i meant? you lie, and when proven wrong, you just take a spin and lie again, as if we all had your 7 second memory span. manar did not deny nor confirm.

Default-user-icon ghassan (Guest) 25 February 2014, 00:48

Two possible reasons for the air raids:
1- Destroy any sophisticated weapons that got transfered from Syria to HA
2- Weaken HA in the Kalamoun battle to keep the battle raging for a very long time.

Thumb Marc 25 February 2014, 00:56

I rest my case!

Thumb lebanesenationalist 25 February 2014, 00:59


Thumb Marc 25 February 2014, 00:59

How old are ya? 12?? Very childish; you sure do make a fool of yourself.. but hey, to each its own

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 01:04

i dont know... must be a local dish where he comes from...

Thumb smarty 25 February 2014, 01:13

Anyone wanting to destroy Iranian arsenal, and nuclear weapons should be rewarded. it's our duty to destroy them. When Iran will nuke Israel, the radiations won't stop at the borders, they'll annihilate Lebanon as well. But of course, they couldn't care less, they won't be harmed...

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 01:24

there are no nukes and we wont need nukes to wipe you out, trust me, as soon as it hits the fan, israelis will be running off faster than they came.
plus nukes would kill all Palestinians, destroy all sacred places, and make Palestine inhabitable.

Missing phillipo 25 February 2014, 13:44

And you think that Israel won't nuke Tehran and other strategic sites in Iran.
Don't forget, Israel (and let us assume that Iran has) the capability of shooting down missiles on their way.
So what happens,:
1. They fall over Saudi Arabia, Iran and Jordan, spreading their nuclear fallout over these three countries killing who knows how many thousands (millions) of fellow moslems.
2. Even assuming that the missiles hit Israel, how many thousands of Israeli and Palestinian Moslems and Christians (forget the Jews) get
killed. (Taking a comment from another article, what will happen to Islams third holiest site in Jerusalem?
3. The nuclear cloud would cover areas within Lebanon and Egypt killing who knows how many people there.
Is this what the Arab world and Iran really want?

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 15:09

if you're going to reply on my comment, at least read it first.

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 17:58

Do you think khomeinist really cares about Arab and Sunnis in Israel/Palestine? They are already ready to slaughter millions of Iranians and sacrifice millions of Shias...

Thumb smarty 25 February 2014, 01:14

you forgot a nice cold Almaza....

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:24

Jokey, did Israel or Iran invade Irak and Afghanistan ?

Default-user-icon tashi (Guest) 25 February 2014, 01:43

Alternatively you could all just fucking declare stop killing and hating each other. If you spent just half the amount of mental energy, resources and time that you spend on hating and mistrusting each you would have a region and an economy that rivalled the most luxurious happiest regions on this planet. Instead you bicker and hate and you carry on like WWE wrestlers wasting your lives away. Your enemies, like the enemies in every country, if anyone, are your rulers and ultra rich who manipulate you from recognising that they take more than their fair share. Your allies are the eroding middle class in every country including the middle class of Iran as well as Israel, Saudi Arabia as well as Sweden… it's all the same.

Thumb thepatriot 25 February 2014, 15:35

Many of us here want that... stability, economical prosperity, work, tourism, investments, progress,... but we have to start somewhere... who will invest in a country where a party/militia has weapons, threatens, kills, fight in a foreign country...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:48

no haboub, they've been bombing the shit out of ur pseudo resistance for 40 years. And for 40 years, Assads did not reply...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:51

I follow news, and from what i understand it's HA that invades sunnis that welcomed them in 2006...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:54

Iran helped USA in Astan and Iraq.
They help terrorist groups in all ME in order to fulfill their hegemonic goals on the Gulf and the Levant.
Now who's showing ' a true ignorance of history' ?

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 01:58

stupid wishful thinking...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 02:03

not in lebanon, they get max 2 years...

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 02:07

u're right, in geoplitics it's called objective allies.
Like Israel and Iran/HA/Assad, coz they share a common main enemy.
I hope u can understand that...

Click on the loud speaker and listen :

Thumb cedre 25 February 2014, 02:17

all traitors in the south and south lebanon army got max 2 years with HA's approval...

Missing VINCENT 25 February 2014, 02:28

These are the direct consequences of the Obama Administration's "lead from behind" strategy. Arguably, the relationship between the Emirates and the U.S. had historically been "Oil for Security". Now, the U.S. leading from behind, coupled with the recent engagement with the Iranians re. their nuclear ambition and other European Nations not eager to get involved, the Gulf Countries have been uncertain and uneasy about their own security and survival which brings them closer to Israel to re-balance the power. Hopefully, this new arena puts pressure on Israel to realize that their survival depends on engaging the regional problems and eventually force them to bring a resolution re. the Palestinians.

Thumb amatoury114 25 February 2014, 04:35

Ya throw up...tant va la cruche a l eau qu a la fin elle se casse....casse toi tu pue et marche a l ombre.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 25 February 2014, 04:49

Isn't it ironic when Israel actually does attack, HA "neither confirms or denies". However, when HA assassinates someone, they are blaming Israel before the smoke clears. What a joke!

Thumb smarty 25 February 2014, 05:50

lol, THE truth indeed!

Thumb general_puppet 25 February 2014, 07:17

Look at momo and Mystic… poor babies are throwing a fit. Whats the matter, did one of the Iranian militia arms shipment not make it thru? Maybe your beloved Assad will strike back… you know like they did all the other times the Israelis bombed Syria.

Thumb cedars2 25 February 2014, 08:44

I cant but be amazed at the level of secretarian hatred being displayed here. Have we really reached the level where Lebanese cheer another country for killing Lebanese? Its not the fault of brave young men being misled by their leaders is it guys? And do you really think this will change anything? Cedre the other day you posted a video about al assir that was edited for maximum effect and I concluded that you support him in operations against the army. Really cedre? You played this terrorist out to be a victim? Shame on you guys really, breeding hate and violence, cheering when lebanese get killed, SHAME on all of you.

Thumb -phoenix1 25 February 2014, 12:24

Roar, I do agree with your argument here, but you see, you keep focusing only on one side of the coin, and that my brother will take a lot of credibility off from your reasoning. This Dabke business you mentioned, they the M8 side did it many times too, whenever an M14 personality was assassinated, they cheered, fired into the air, danced, jubilated, distributed sweets in the streets, and even some of M8's top peers spoke wryly and bombastically about the slain victims. Please bro, this is NOT a one way street as you want us to believe, either you accept oncoming traffic, or much of the readership will keep taking your views with a pinch of salt. Sorry younger bro.

Thumb -phoenix1 25 February 2014, 13:55

No Roar, the only one twisting what people write is you bro. Feel free to continue to refuse facts, seeing is believing, and we saw what you still refuse to accept. But as I said, till you calm down brother, right now things will not go further with you. God bless you ya man.

Thumb _mowaten_ 25 February 2014, 15:02

"whenever an M14 personality was assassinated, they cheered, fired into the air, danced, jubilated, distributed sweets in the streets, and even some of M8's top peers spoke wryly and bombastically about the slain victims"

this is not true phoenix. it was said by m14 propagandists that m8 supporters did that, to incite haterd, but nowhere will you find those pretended sweets or cheering. they are pure fabrication.
to the contrary, this is how dahiyeh reacted to the tripoli bombing for instance:

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 11:32

Actually it's a kind of "menage à trois", while Sunnis will use Israel against Shias and Shias use Israel against Sunni. The real war which is lasting 1400 years is the one between Sunnis and Shias.

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 17:53

@mowaten: this is the deapest and more murderous conflict in the region for centuries. I am not happy for that, the shia-sunni conflict is just ridiculous, but I am quoting a fact.

Default-user-icon carlosthejackel (Guest) 25 February 2014, 11:47

yes its sad when any Lebanese is bombed and killed. Everyone is busy blaming the other. In this example march 8 need to stop playing victim and realize their actions in Syria and disregarding the other half of Lebanese will fuel more hatred from their own. Your involvement in Syria is nothing to do with Lebanon and instead fuelling more extremism and hatred toward you...

Thumb -phoenix1 25 February 2014, 11:50

(1) For a very long time now, I've been talking of unity between us all Lebanese. For a long time now I've been warning about the disastrous consequences of our divisions, of our ineptitude to work for national solutions. This latest of Israeli raids on what is perceived to be a Hezbollah base is a stark reminder that now we Lebanese are well out of any comfort zone we once had. Now, we have Hezbollah deeply involved in the Syrian war, the Takfiris are replicating with terrorist attacks of their own on Lebanese land, latest of which now is the LAF. Now the scope has widened with Israel resuming its attacks on us. Our new government is still divided over its statement, the presidential elections are just over the horizon, our economy is in tatters, mass migration has quadrupled, ....

Missing phillipo 25 February 2014, 13:46

"Now the scope has widened with Israel resuming its attacks on us."
I very much doubt that Israel has widened the scope to attack Lebanese civilians, but rather HA.

Thumb -phoenix1 25 February 2014, 13:57

Oh Phil, rest assured that Israel legitimizes whatever it deems is a target, the scope of problems has now been inexorably widened and that's for sure.

Thumb -phoenix1 25 February 2014, 11:54

(2). The influx of Syrian and Palestinian refugees is now staggering, all of which are not fully under our control, the Palestinians in Lebanon are a fast ticking time bomb, and look at what we're doing with each other, instead of rallying with each other, we are as usual slinging mud at each other. Lebanon will go and for good, because those who are taking refuge in our land are simply waiting for the odds to be in their favor. We now all must sit together, talk, talk and talk till we remove all those obstinate obstacles that pester us. Hezbollah now must leave Syria, then we must work hand in hand to make HA return its weapons within a reasonable period of time making our army a formidable one. maybe many still don't know that only our unity will save us from total obliteration, if only we know how to count to ten without losing our minds. May God have mercy on us all.

Missing peace 25 February 2014, 12:36

funny all this fuss while elmanar itself does not talk about it... seems they want to cover it up to avoid retaliation or nothing happened. LOL

Thumb kanaanljdid 25 February 2014, 18:01

Maybe because your comments are extremist, useless and stupid? Like that one...

Thumb ex-fpm 26 February 2014, 09:28


Thumb shab 25 February 2014, 22:20

I second that. Both are pure evil and filth