10-Year-Old Boy Released after One-Day Kidnap Ordeal

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The Internal Security Forces freed on Saturday 10-year-old Michel al-Saqr, the son of a reputed businessman, a day after he was kidnapped, the state-run National News Agency reported.

According to NNA, Saqr was freed in the Bekaa village of Talia without the payment of a ransom.

Michel was transferred at 2:45 a.m. to the Serail of Zahle to give his testimony.

Heavy gunfire was heard was heard in the eastern city of Zahle after news of his release broke out.

Prime Minsiter Tammam Salam hailed the efforts exerted by the army and security forces that led to the release of al-Saqr, voicing hope that “kidnapping ordeal end.”

“The firmness imposed by the state's security agencies is the optimal way to deal with any violation of the law,” Salam pointed out.

The Premier also contacted his deputy and Defense Minister Samir Moqbel and Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq to praise their endeavors.

Michel was abducted at gunpoint on Friday in Zahle as he was heading to school with the family's driver.

Four masked gunmen in a Grand Cherokee intercepted al-Saqr's Kia vehicle, pointed a gun at the driver before driving off with Michel.

The reasons behind the abduction remain unclear.

Several residents blocked the Zahle highway to protest the abduction of Michel.

On Thursday, Antoine Daher al-Kaadi was kidnapped by masked gunmen on the Ablah road in the Bekaa and was released later during the day in unknown circumstances.

The kidnap-for-ransom phenomenon increased last year and has been strongly criticized by officials from across the political spectrum.

Lebanon had also witnessed a wave of sectarian abductions caused by the war in Syria have also taken place.

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Thumb cedre 08 March 2014, 07:56

salamtek ya Michel, rotten country...

Thumb geha 08 March 2014, 08:11

why have they not arrested the perpetrators?
this shows clearly who is behind this abduction (anyway, it is confirmed it was hizbushaitan).
have they become so desperate for cash after the reduction of the budget of the Iranian guards?
this is purely an extremist terrorist Iranian militia! what to expect from a militia other than filth?
we want all weapons under the control of the state.

Missing greatpierro 08 March 2014, 08:11

Hizbollah will be under more pressure as the ISF and the justice ministries are held by m14 figures that are strongly against Hizbollah. This however could lead to Hizbollah reacting very strongly against those ministers. Yesterday media announced that ISF arrested 15 Hizbollah members who were following the movements of Rifi around Adlieh.

Thumb geha 08 March 2014, 08:15

not just following: they admitted plotting an assassination.
they should all hang immediately.
let us see the efforts of hizbushaitan to try and free them.
filthy militia.
and there are those who still praise these murderers trying to deny the obvious: they are not resistance, they are terrorists.

Missing greatpierro 08 March 2014, 08:12

You are dreaming when any person close to Hizbollah has been arrested. Hizbollah will RESIST.

Thumb cedre 08 March 2014, 19:04

nice one pierro, lebanese as well will resist the fake resistance

Thumb EagleDawn 08 March 2014, 08:15

A group of terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals control our country. Where is Brital and who is in Brital... enough of these murderers telling us Lebanon is worthless without their sectarian resistance. Go liberate Shabaa farms if you need to, but what are you doing in Syria, or in the Bekaa making drugs and stealing cars and kidnapping young children.!

Thumb geha 08 March 2014, 08:16

these 3ache2ir represent the backbone of hizbushaitan in the bekaa :)

Thumb EagleDawn 08 March 2014, 08:17

HA is a state within a state. In their areas (soon in all of Lebanon) they know if a fly crosses the road. They know of, accept, and condone these activities.

Thumb geha 08 March 2014, 08:19

you can thank aoun and his fpm for giving them the cover they needed to spread across the country.

Thumb ex-fpm 08 March 2014, 08:22

Thank God for his safety. His father sure received the message. We the public demand to know:
1. Who was behind the kidnapping
2. How did the army know the kidnappers are in Brital
3. Who is protecting the kidnappers
4. Who ordered the release of the boy; Berri or Nassrallah or whomever
5. Who fired at the army in Brital
6. Why no arrests have been made
7. What assurances do the lebanese people have it will not happen to them

Thumb popeye 08 March 2014, 08:31

you have sub zero credibility and your opinion is not respected.

Missing greatpierro 08 March 2014, 08:33

Sure that could be the case but a some pointe those tribes and Hizbollah are one and cannot be dissociated from each other.

Thumb popeye 08 March 2014, 08:35

plausible scenario

Thumb general_puppet 08 March 2014, 09:29

It is great that the kid is back home… you can not get much lower than kidnaping children. The authorities need to bring all involved to justice.

Thumb popeye 08 March 2014, 13:19


Thumb general_puppet 08 March 2014, 09:33

You are all correct but remember they are the self proclaimed RESISTANCE… that makes all the difference.

Thumb kanaanljdid 08 March 2014, 11:38

HA prevent the authority of the State to be exerted, so they are in any way responsible

Missing un520 08 March 2014, 11:51

Congratulations Lebanon, you have just lost another 5 tourists this summer. Being married to a Lebanese woman, I usually take my family to this beautiful country every year. However, as a father I have the welfare and safety of my children as top priority, and at the moment the situation seems to be getting out of control. I am not interested sitting in a posh hotel in the safer areas of Beirut. I wanna explore, meet the lebanese people in towns and villages everywhere, see the beautiful nature in remote places. At the moment that seems too much of a gamble for me. So until you Lebanese get your house sorted out, we are looking elsewhere.

Thumb popeye 08 March 2014, 13:18

staged? You are sick IMO!

Missing un520 08 March 2014, 13:21

Ask the army and the security forces who was being shot at while trying to search in Brital and the surrounding neighbourhoods if this was staged. Another one of those conspiracy theories..

Thumb eli-g 08 March 2014, 13:48

un520 wise decision not going to This heaven turned hell. I am not going with my family either.

Thumb eli-g 08 March 2014, 13:53

@ 520 may I suggest Riviera Maya in Mexico all inclusive hotels all over the place, Great for family Vacation.

Missing cedars 08 March 2014, 15:27

I have a solution for the blessed resistance, they want to be armed and fight Israel then put them in the South and Golan across from the enemy to show heroism and spare every normal citizen from the Evil southern state and Thieves from the eastern or northern neighbor. Anywhere else they are not allowed to carry a gun or be armed period. this way the law is applied on every citizen except at the borders.

Thumb eli-g 08 March 2014, 16:11

@Lebanon first. its not about kidnaping only, its the whole picture my friend. Lebanon is sitting on keg about to explode any minute. I will not put my family in such danger. Last time I was in Lebanon was 2005.
Now it is different. My comfort level might be different than yours.SO there is nothing superficial about my comment. High moral ground? where did that come from?

Thumb ice-man 08 March 2014, 16:52

eli, don't come. I spent 4 months in Lebanon recently ( had no choice due to family business) and could not wait to go back to California. The Lebanese people are unbearable, thieves, and narcissists. One night we went out and valet parked. At the end of the evening the thief demanded 50 dollars because he knew I don't live in Lebanon and I was in the company of my american girlfriend. Go spend your money elsewhere.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 March 2014, 16:21

City, I can see what you're saying, I respect you for that. But I never said that Hezbollah has ordered any attack on the army in Brital, 7aram 3aleyk kahye, I was enjoying a nice meal which now I have to interrupt just for you khaye. No, I said that HA attacked the army in several areas in the Bekaa yesterday, when the army was trying to pass and Hezbollah checkpoints defied it. I know that no one outside the state can set up checkpoints and this no matter what HA's concerns maybe. The recent blistering attacks by HA on the president, the state and now the army means one thing for Hezbollah, gradual loss of goodwill, sympathy and support from more and more Lebanese, time will prove that this is a collateral HA cannot afford. As far as I'm concerned, the damage is now too big. Now brother, can I continue my meal, 3an jad I am hungry. Have a blessed weekend khaye.

Thumb cityboy 08 March 2014, 16:47

ok phoenix, I may be accused of many things but one thing I will never be guilty of is to disturb another man from his meals. That would be totally inexcusable of me:) All in humor. Enjoy your meal and you too a great weekend.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 March 2014, 16:54

God bless you Cityboy, may God also bless and protect every single person in your beloved family.

Thumb popeye 08 March 2014, 18:23

cityboy and mowaten are enjoying a self fulfilling monologue.

Thumb zahle1 08 March 2014, 22:32

I have asked similar questions before without a good response. Can I have examples in the past 20 years where armed Christians in Lebanon have kidnapped Muslim youth for ranson? Can I have a single example of Christians in Lebanon kidnapping anyone in the past 20 years for any reason? Can I have an example in any Middle Eastern country where Christians have kidnapped Muslims in the past 20 years? Can I have an example where Christians in the Middle East have killed any Muslim clergy for their religion in the past 20 years?

Missing cedars 08 March 2014, 23:47

As long as we have an armed Militia then anything that happens in the country regarding security is on them, from assassinations to kidnappings, when there is no excuse for the takfiris to exist then let's talk. HA is the root cause of the takfiris and lawless state that we are currently in right now by stuck to their arms and loyalty to Iran-Syria versus state first.

Thumb meridional 09 March 2014, 10:15

wise cityboy thanks for being logic and real and not ignorant .peace

Thumb zahle1 09 March 2014, 15:30

cityboy and msahali,

Thank you for bringing the argument to me. First of all. I asked you to provide examples. You both know I can provide plenty. Do you really doubt the sectarian nature of this? Then please provide me examples of Lebanese and other Middle Eastern Christians doing these things in the last 20 years. The only way we will be able to heal is if we all admit our faults and not try to deny them. This is a big issue in the Middle East and is accepted by many governments. Do not pretend Christians are not targeted.

Thumb zahle1 09 March 2014, 15:30

Now thank you for bringing up the Americans and Western Europeans. First the Americans have nothing to do with my point. They are not our Middle Eastern brethren. Second, Americans don't claim their religious leaders tell them to do these things. They do not do these things in the name of God. They do not pray when they do these things. They do not kill Arabs in the name of God and chant God is great. They do these things for greed. They do these things for their version of "Freedom and Democracy". They do not do these things in the name of God. That is the difference. They do not kill b'ismu Allah. Big, huge difference.

Why do they have our priests and nuns and bishops? What did the nuns priests and bishops due. Shame on you both for not admitting these things happen.