2 Suspects Arrested, Arms Seized in the Bekaa as Gunmen Clash over 'Kidnapping' Operations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army intelligence has arrested two suspects after finding weapons in their vehicle in the eastern Bekaa valley, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

NNA said Hussein al-Hujairi and Hilal Amoun were detained at a checkpoint in the north Bekaa town of Hrabta.

The members of the checkpoint that lies in Baalbek district found arms, ammunition and rockets in the Volvo they were riding, it added.

Both suspects hail from the northeastern border town of Arsal, whose residents back the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The town, which is a major rebel supply route, has suffered repeated strikes by the Syrian air force, some of them deadly.

Also in the Bekaa, the NNA reported in the afternoon that two people were wounded in armed clashes between gunmen in the al-Masyada region in the Arsal plains.

The agency said the clashes were caused by feuds over kidnapping and blackmailing operations.

The injured men were identified as Nayef Abdullah Audeh, and another from the Ammoun family.

The first was transferred to Dar al-Amal University Hospital in Douris for treatment, and the second to Arsal's field hospital, added the NNA.

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Thumb EagleDawn 07 May 2014, 08:52

according to the crusher sectarian mowaten they were going on a hunting trip. He will be here shortly to put his spin on it no doubt from an atheist secular perspective akid.

Thumb EagleDawn 07 May 2014, 11:04

mowaten you have zero credibility and zero values and as such you are not entitled to comment. How can the readers listen to someone so blatantly fake and sectarian. The alias "mowaten" and its derivatives of dashes and dots were not enough for you. I see, you use mowaten to appear all secular and mannered and the others to spill your sectarian hatred. We all know your game... go get a life instead of posting here 24/7 under different names.

Thumb EagleDawn 07 May 2014, 11:07

as to twisting your words, the facts are as follows: you claimed you had only one account, and when caught you said ah but I never posted simultaneously and I proved you were not telling the truth on both counts. Now, I am not going to waste my time on you anymore. Go earn your living posting under several aliases. tfe

Thumb -phoenix1 07 May 2014, 12:37

Look ya Ibinharathhreik, even if most of the time I disagree with Mowaten, now posting as Crusher, at least he made it public and repeatedly so in this forum that he has changed both his account name and profile picture. You ya Bani Maarouf, at least have the decency of doing what he did, make it public instead of your lamenting to the contrary, but you will have your work cut out for you as you would have to admit to at least ten or even more profiles. OK, now you can start your attacks under the multiple accounts, no problem, I am used to you by now.

Missing ghassen 07 May 2014, 18:17

Hujairi is not a "sunni" name lol. There is no such thing as a sunni name. Hujairi is an arab last name. Muslims (Lebanon and elsewhwee) Christians (yemen) Shiites (in Bahrain and i believe yemen as well) have that last name.

Thumb popeye 07 May 2014, 08:54

The terror party has no respect for the state or its authority. Carrying rockets in a vehicle is a normal everyday occurrence in their culture of death and hatred.

Thumb general_puppet 07 May 2014, 09:17

This is all a misunderstanding... the two gentlemen were only carrying celebratory fireworks in preparation of Nasarallah's next televise lecture.

Thumb -.@-wolf. 07 May 2014, 11:42

Burry the freaks where they stand...without a headstone..!

Missing national.pact 07 May 2014, 15:16

Houjeyri ya Houjeiri. These are the servants of the Hariris yet everyone keeps calling Hizbullah a criminal.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 May 2014, 15:48

The thing that is seriously impairing this forum and remains an impediment to constructive debates, is and remains poor moderation. They delete posts that are perfectly legit, yet will accept to keep those horrendously stupendous and derogative. The mods of this forum know well those ruthless culprits who have absolutely nothing qualitative to contribute to this forum, they also know those culprits who keep appearing under multiple profiles, yet their silence is truly defeaning. Such a behavior is most objectionate during weekdays when moderation is hopefully present, and on weekends of course I suspect that no moderation even exists. If Naharnet will now make the right decision to work and elevate the quality of this forum into what it is expected to be, then I fear that it will go the way some good ones before it went to, down the drains.

Missing _karim 07 May 2014, 18:45

Filthy FSA-Al Qaeda jihadist terrorists.