Jumblat Says Presidential Vote Needs Cooperation with Hizbullah, Iran

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Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has said that the agreement on a consensual presidential candidate required an understanding between Iran and Saudi Arabia coupled with the cooperation of the rival parties with Hizbullah and its baker Tehran.

An official close to Jumblat told Addiyar daily that the PSP chief denied rumors that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun would be elected president if ex-PM Saad Hariri, who leads al-Mustaqbal movement, gave his consent.

“The presidential elections require a direct Iranian-Saudi understanding. Consequently it's not up to Saad Hariri to decide whether Aoun or anyone else would be elected,” the official quoted Jumblat as saying.

“We can't hold the polls without full coordination with Hizbullah and Iran,” he stated.

“It's not enough to bet on the Saudi-Iranian dialogue” because it's not clear “whether it could lead to results or not,” he added.

Addiyar also said that Jumblat, who is the head of the centrist National Struggle Front bloc, was pessimistic on the possibility to resolve the presidential deadlock soon.

“Who can guarantee that the vacuum won't be for long?” he asked.

Jumblat called for the election of a president through a similar settlement that led to the formation of the government of Prime Minister Tammam Salam in February.

Jumblat has backed the candidacy of Aley MP Henri Helou, who in the first round of the elections, garnered the votes of the 16 centrist MPs.

Fifty-two lawmakers from the March 8 camp cast blank votes in the first round of the polls, while Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea received the votes of only 48 MPs.

But in the rounds that followed, the parliament again failed to elect a new president over the boycott of the March 8 coalition's MPs, who are insisting on a prior agreement on a consensual head of state.



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Thumb popeye 16 May 2014, 09:30

'....Consequently it's not up to Saad Hariri to decide whether Aoun or anyone else would be elected,” the official quoted Jumblat as saying......'

So, If Iran and Saudi Arabia agree on a candidate, then Jumblatt will go along with their decision. This guy gotta go soon...

Missing georgeskyp 16 May 2014, 12:16

Crusher, so what does that make Aoun and Nasrallah? Iran's goons? While Berri is Nasrallah's goon. So basically we are run by a bunch of goons.

Sadly, I agree with that logic.

Missing georgeskyp 16 May 2014, 12:55

Crusher, all points taken. Don't agree with many points, however I respect what you are saying.

Still doesn't change that Nasrallah & Hizb report to Iran.

Thumb FlameCatcher 16 May 2014, 13:10

@Crusher : Since when did Nasrallah ever decide anything ? he's an iranian goon taking instructions from his suggar ayatollah daddy !

Thumb FlameCatcher 16 May 2014, 13:57

A few remarks on Crusher's propaganda :

- Nasrallah is a self made man ?
> He calls himself Sayyed and he was "made by Iran". He would not be where he is today if it wasn't for his religious propaganda and Iranian puppeteering

- Nasrallah is hated by some, but respected by all ?
> Nasrallah is hated by MANY and those do not respect him at all. You cannot respect a man who threatens his way to power and who's idea of winning a dialogue is showing off your weapons, threatening and intimidating your enemies

- No to mess with him ?
> This is exactly what makes Nasrallah a terrorist. Tell me what happens when you mess with Nasrallah ? Road blocks, fights, they turn their weapons on Lebanese and all hell breaks loose ! This is not democracy. This is terrorism, threats and criminal behaviour.

You just ridiculed yourself and proved Nasrallah has to be eliminated, trialled for treason and hanged !

Missing cedars 16 May 2014, 13:58

Why is it only one party out of many continue to carry arms and provoke Israel such as in 2006, then continue and repeat the same interference in foreign affairs today in Syria. Yet all parties pay the price of one armed militia, that intimidate thru car bombs anti-Syrian-Iran politicians.

Thumb EagleDawn 16 May 2014, 14:10

mowaten iraní aka crusher aka city boy writes with venom and jealousy about Hariri. He glorifies Nasrallah but he is an atheist himself. Enough of your sectarian hatred and incitement. It is more than clear to everybody that you have a job to do.

Thumb FlameCatcher 16 May 2014, 15:52

@Crusher : "lol FC, if Nasrallah was what you said, he would have blasted all the those who constantly scheme against him and Lebanon a long time ago."

You are pathetic. You think he didn't try ? He turned his god damn weapons against Lebanese and his terrorist goons were massacred !

Fact is : he's incapable of blasting anyone because as proven in 2006, the mightiest army in the world is incapable of winning in front of patriots fighting for their land and freedom.

Without a single bullet, we kicked Bashar out and we can put an end to Hezbollah in just the same way. Fact is : nasrallah is incapable of taking over the country even by force. But this doesn't mean he won't try and that there wouldn't be collateral damage.

Thumb FlameCatcher 16 May 2014, 17:47

Mowaten : "HA, and opened fire on the protesters"

You find this normal ??? You find it normal that they shoot a protestors in front of the iranian embassy ?

Siniora declared war on Hezbollah ? With what weapons ? They simply declared Hezbollah's telecom network ILLEGAL as it is !

You are an idiot Mowaten or simply a traitor. Which of both is up to you !

Thumb FlameCatcher 16 May 2014, 17:55

Mowaten : "again, if you dont want to get hurt, dont start a fight with someone stronger than you :)"

Is this a threat ? You little coackroaches believe you're stronger ? This is why you hide behind weapons ?

Habibi, we kicked your great bashar out without a drop of blood.

Hezbollah was massacred when they turned their weapons on the free lebanese. You really think you're stronger ?

Yalla, go play in Syria you ignorant fool...

Thumb habib 16 May 2014, 09:38

Onteneto la walid bayik ersela awwi btol2ot la b3id

Thumb general_puppet 16 May 2014, 09:39

“We can't hold the polls without full coordination with Hizbullah and Iran,” he stated.

Jumblat, did you not read al-Akhbar... "the party's leadership refuses to negotiate any candidate but Aoun.”...“Aoun or nobody”.

Jumblat must mean in order to have the Presidential polls, M14 must show full capitulation to Hizbullah and Iran.

Missing georgeskyp 16 May 2014, 12:18

I don't even know why practice this charade?

If M14 steps out of line too much they get assassinated or attacked like May 7. I think they should just pack up and let Hizb run the show.

Default-user-icon Kazan (Guest) 16 May 2014, 10:40

All current politicians were elected by the people ; so people don't complain.

Thumb -phoenix1 16 May 2014, 12:17

I believe that the collection of Lebanese fools is beginning to complete itself. First we have a political jester like Jumblat telling us that compromise with Hezbollah is the only way out when we all know now what compromise with Hezbollah means, it means Nothing, that simple. Two, we have another erring character by the name of Saad Hariri who has tasted the bitter and painful taste of compromise with Hezbollah when he accepted to twice to let go of his clear wins in the name of compromise with Hezbollah. Third, now if Hariri was to accept another lunatic by the name of Michel Aoun or better known for his chronic erratic behavior plus his love for squatting, then it means one thing and one thing alone, that Hariri has learnt nothing and that he has willfully accepted to be manipulated once again. In the name of what one can only wait to tell, but if he does, then he would have capped the pyramid of Lebanese greedy fools by one more layer of trash.

Thumb -phoenix1 16 May 2014, 14:43

Wolf Rear, I am only taking time to compliment what everyone now knows: That you are one of the many profiles used by Bani Maarouf who has transcended into several profiles now posting as Ibinbatrakrahi. That this character has no character but that of a complete fool, that for as long as I post, you or one of your lurid siblings will appear to make of themselves just as you do, to paint yourselves as complete and unadulterated fools. Does anyone bother to reply to you guys? Does anyone thumb you up but yourselves through your home-made thumbing machine? Well Wolf Rear and the many siblings that Bani created, I am afraid that you may have to remain for a long time here, and you know why? Because I will.

Thumb -phoenix1 16 May 2014, 18:01

Alfinik, one of Bani Maarouf's flies, you exist because my camels pass thru your village. If one day they stop, you'll starve. But I'm a kind person, I'll let them visit everyday, at least you will survive, together with mama and the rest of your beautiful cheers and beers family.

Thumb -phoenix1 16 May 2014, 18:02

You see ya Wolf Rear, when I write to you, the rest of your flies siblings come to lend you a hand, oops sorry, a leg. Now will your other fly sibling Profile will join the band, and as usual, that book I could never finish, let alone sell. ....

Thumb cedre 16 May 2014, 21:40