Kataeb Urges MPs to Secure Quorum for President Election, Hails Suleiman

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The Kataeb Party on Monday called on parliamentary blocs to “end obstruction” and secure the needed quorum for the election of a new president, stressing that the parliament cannot act in legislative capacity amid a presidential vacuum.

In a statement issued after the weekly meeting of its political bureau, the party urged lawmakers to “abide by their constitutional and national duty and elect a president in order to put an end to the current state of vacuum and contribute to restoring balance and orderly work at state institutions.”

Kataeb called for tackling the current political situation according to the constitution and the National Pact of coexistence, underlining that it considers the parliament “an electoral and not a legislative committee” during the period of presidential vacancy.

The party said the parliament “must immediately embark on electing a president without any delay and without discussing any other issue, in line with Article 75 of the Constitution.”

It reiterated that the government must not practice full presidential powers during the vacancy period and that it must act in caretaker capacity.

The Kataeb Party also called on "the partners in the country" to "acknowledge the authority of the state and its embracing and protective role," emphasizing that the state should protect everyone through its legitimate forces.

Turning to the issue of former president Michel Suleiman's term of office, the party lauded the ex-president's “approach,” especially “the neutrality stipulated by the Baabda Declaration, the administrative decentralization proposal and the inevitable national dialogue.”

Suleiman's six-year term ended on Saturday with parliament failing to elect a successor due to the ongoing differences between the rival March 8 and 14 camps over the elections.

The dispute prompted the March 8 forces, namely Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement, to boycott the majority of presidential elections sessions.



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