Yazbek Says Only State Can Acquit Israeli Collaborators as Bkirki Refuses to Respond to Criticism

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of Hizbullah's Juristic Committee Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek on Sunday stressed that only the Lebanese state can condemn or acquit the Lebanese who fled to Israel in 2000, responding to recent remarks by Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.

“The Israeli enemy used these Lebanese to kill other Lebanese … and when the liberation happened, we said back then that this issue is in the hands of the state,” Yazbek said during a memorial service in Baalbek.

“We reiterate that this issue is in the hands of the state, which alone must say who is Lebanese and who is not Lebanese. This is for the state to rule on and it's not about certain viewpoints from here or there,” Yazbek added.

He stressed that “the victory in 2000 was behind changing the equations” in the conflict with Israel.

“They tried (to change the equations) after the year 2006 to no avail,” the Hizbullah official added, referring to the 2006 war with Israel.

Meanwhile, Bkirki sources told MTV that Patriarch al-Rahi "has nothing to say" about his controversial trip to Israel and the Holy Land, underlining that "his visit achieved a historic success."

"We refuse to comment on the remarks issued against al-Rahi's statement and we don't want to engage in a debate with anyone," the sources said.

"The file of the Lebanese in Israel is humanitarian, not political," the sources pointed out.

For his part, Maronite Bishop Boulos Sayyah told MTV that Bkirki "will not respond to anyone's remarks regarding al-Rahi's statement."

"We do not want Israeli agents among us in Lebanon, what we suffered during the occupation was enough, and just like they are not proud of their Lebanese identity, we are too not proud to call them Lebanese,” MP Ali Meqdad, member of Hizbullah's Loyalty to Resistance bloc, announced.

On Friday, al-Rahi said the Lebanese state must not deal with those who fled to Israel in 2000 as “criminals,” noting that they are not the ones who have “impeded the presidential election.”

During a visit to the Israeli village of Isfiya near the city of Haifa, al-Rahi called for a “reconciliation” in the issue of those who collaborated with Israel during its 22-year occupation of southern Lebanon.

“We are not collaborators. I did not see any Lebanese collaborating against Lebanon,” he added.

According to LBCI TV, al-Rahi rejected in his speech that their possible return to Lebanon be tied to “an amnesty or international resolutions.”

“Had they fought against Lebanon? Had they fought against the Lebanese state? Had they fought against Lebanese institutions?” al-Rahi asked rhetorically.

Israel has invaded Lebanon several times, occupying part of the country's territory for 18 years until it withdrew in 2000 following armed resistance. In 2006, a 34-day war between Israel and Hizbullah left 1,200 Lebanese and 160 Israelis dead.

Lebanon bars its citizens from visiting Israel or having business dealings with Israelis. However, Maronite clergy are exempt from the ban to enable them to stay in touch with the faithful in the Holy Land.

Trained, financed and armed by Israel, the South Lebanon Army (SLA) militia battled Palestinians and Hizbullah fighters during the occupation of southern Lebanon.

Al-Rahi arrived in Israel earlier in the week to join a brief visit by Pope Francis.

The Maronite Patriarch was condemned by media close to Hizbullah, which said traveling to arch-enemy Israel would be a "sin." His critics have also said the pilgrimage implies normalization with Israel at a time when the two countries remain formally at war.


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Thumb geha 01 June 2014, 21:14

Well, we already know you collaborate with the Iranian enemy, and you have killed Lebanese citizens, thus you are not Lebanese by your standards.

filthy Iranian terrorist extremist militia.

Thumb popeye 01 June 2014, 21:47

“The Iranian enemy used these so-called Lebanese to kill other Lebanese and Syrians"

Thumb .mowaten. 02 June 2014, 19:06

pathetic comparison geha, i see you struggle very hard to divert the attention from your treasonous friends, but this will only work with biased and sectarian people like you

iran is not and never was an enemy of lebanon, and they never bombed or occupied lebanon. while israel was trying to invade us, iran gave us means to defend and liberate ourselves. the very fact that you cannot see this difference is undeniable evidence of how brainwashed you are. you hate iran only because it was designated by the US-israel-saudi axis as enemy, and you follow blindly.

for the same reason you supported terrorists blowing themselves up in lebanon, only because they were killing people in dahiyeh, and this satisfied your sectarian murderous hatred. keep hating geha, keep hating, one day all this is going to blow up in your face

Missing peace 02 June 2014, 19:32

lol! nicely repeated BS propaganda that facts deny... twist reality as much as you want to fit it in your propaganda, but not everyone is stupid and blind like you...

i see only one brainwashed fanatic here using the very same rhetoric all fantics use (check history books and news you'll see how similar you talk!!! that is fact!)

nice try though but once again pathetic attempt....

Missing peace 02 June 2014, 21:08

hey full d:
only in your desperate mind...
sensible people hate israel as much as iran and bashar's syria... but of course you prefer to think that if one is against iran or syria it means necessarily they are pro israel... you just have a binary thinking...and very simplistic way of seeing things but i guess your brain can't take more...

the facts are here and you are also trying to distort them and make them fit your fantasy world ... a sign of blind ignorance which again is much easier for you simple mind to understand...
hezbollah is as harmful to Lebanon as israel is are, both of them just need each other to spread their lies on the back of lebanese!
israel to beg money from the USA and hezbollah to survive!

but i don't blame you, you are brainwashed that way....

Thumb .mowaten. 03 June 2014, 07:11

peace when you're done venting that hot air, notice 2 things:

1: You didnt say anything factual, I did. Yet you say your facts deny mine!? where are your facts? you call "check history books" a factual comment? LOL please get a life, or a brain, it's becoming urgent
2: You are typically the kind of person i was referring to when i said to geha "this will only work with biased and sectarian people like you". You did well demonstrating with your cheap insults, hateful speech, and absolute lack of sense, what you guys are worth, so thank you.

Missing thatisit 01 June 2014, 22:00

The problem with HA is that they are using the State as smoke mirrors to reflect their own agenda and believes. Effectively, what they are saying, we are the State. Can you argue with the fact that they are not or at least they are a state within a state?
The army- resistance-people is a gay way to take over Lebanon. They will never put away their weapons. There is always a reason for them to keep it. The status quo is perfectly fine with the iranian plans to connect iran/iraq/syria and lebanon.

If you think otherwise, you are a fool.

Missing forces 02 June 2014, 05:39

Yazbek says. Did he mention only the state has the authority to intervene in regional matters in the name of protecting lebanon? Or only the state has the right to hold arms in the national interests? Thought not.

Missing peace 01 June 2014, 21:22

"that only the Lebanese state can condemn or acquit the Lebanese who fled to Israel in 2000"

hey!!!! and only the Lebanese state can decide of peace or war !!

hypocrit people, always pretending to abide by the state when it suits their interests....

Thumb EagleDawn 01 June 2014, 21:51

his son is the biggest drugs and arms dealer in the Baalbeck area.

Thumb general_puppet 01 June 2014, 23:19

Yazbek is the representative of supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei. His clan is exempt from from all Lebanese laws.

Thumb beiruti 01 June 2014, 21:57

Hezbollah protesting that only the State has powers inherent to the state? It's a good message, but the messenger, Hezbollah has no credibility on extolling the exclusive powers of the State since Hezbollah daily, and hourly violate those state powers by engaging in constant acts of treason through the maintenance of an armed presence inside Lebanon but outside of the command and control of the state. And yes, SLA members engaged in acts of war against fellow Lebanese as proxies for a foreign power 14 years ago.
Hezbollah has done the same on May 7, 2008 when it turned its "resistance weapons" on fellow Lebanese.

Thumb ex-fpm 01 June 2014, 22:13

the_roar, what time is it in Australia, it seems you never sleep!

Thumb ex-fpm 01 June 2014, 22:33

the_roar you really are pathetic with no life to speak of. Just go and finish your night shift

Thumb general_puppet 01 June 2014, 23:06

Snore... the militia will go back home to Iran, once they have liberated the entire Levant & obliterated the warmongering Zionist. That should be anytime in the NEXT 2 hundred years.

Roro, you have not been using your trademark NEXT?

Thumb Elemental 02 June 2014, 06:59

NPD is a treatable condition.

Thumb cedre 01 June 2014, 22:43

christians need time to accept lebanon new bosses...
Doucement mais surement...

Thumb Machia 02 June 2014, 00:16

Football friendly match tonight:
Belgium: 2
Sweden: 0

If Hezbollah were the Swedish football team they would have declared "a divine victory" against Belgium.

Thumb cedre 02 June 2014, 01:32

pb, get real, shias have weapons, demographics and regional support from Iran, Syria and Irak. The balance of power has changed and will change Lebanon as well. If christians were united, they would be hope.
But with the likes of Aoun and Sleiman Assad Frangieh, it's hopeless.
We've been a french, a syrian and now an iranian protectorate...

Thumb cedre 02 June 2014, 04:45

u're totally right pb...

Thumb Machia 02 June 2014, 03:07

It was a divine victory ! The Swedes are Heros. They are ashraf al teams.

Thumb general_puppet 01 June 2014, 23:12

Another militia stooge babbling about the authority of the "state", what a laugh.

Thumb Machia 02 June 2014, 00:10

I don't want to get in the dirty archives of the civil war. The horrors, massacres and assassinations.
We were in a civil war for 15 years and we have been in a cold civil war since 1990. There was an Israeli occupation that ended in 2000 and a Syrian occupation that ended in 2005.
There has been collaborators and traitors on both sides. In the case of Syria the traitors are still around.
There has been multiple assassinations since 1990 committed by those traitors and they are free to roam the streets of our cities.
I say everyone of those must face a court of law, the Israeli and Syrian collaborators/traitors.
Every assassin should be brought to justice.
Yazbek or people like him can only see the truth based on their Islamo Fascist view of this world and this is why they should have their own country away from the rest of the Lebanese that have already forgiven so much.

Default-user-icon Omak (Guest) 02 June 2014, 00:34

Tayeb....what about the lebanese hizbullah who killed ....pierre , hout , rafik , jibran and many other kebanese ...they are used bi isreal as well. Go have a clean shave and please take a shower..

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 02 June 2014, 01:12

Yazbek “the state alone must say who is Lebanese and who is not Lebanese. This is for the state to rule on and it's not about certain viewpoints from here or there”

Nasrallah and Aoun back on February 6, 2006 seems to have already ruled, those are Lebanese..

Memorandum of understanding by Hezbollah and FPM
VI. The Lebanese in Israel
Whereas both sides are convinced that the presence of Lebanese citizens in their homeland is better than their presence in enemy territory, a resolution of the question of the Lebanese residing in Israel requires a speedy action to ensure their return to their country while taking in consideration all the political, security and livelihood circumstances surrounding the matter. On this basis, we issue a call to them to promptly return to their country at the basis of the call by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah following the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon and the speech delivered by General Michel Aoun at the first assembly of Parliament.

Thumb cedre 02 June 2014, 01:33

hizbos and alawites protecting israeli borders against control of lebanon and syria...

Missing eternalpeace 02 June 2014, 04:57

since when do you abide by the state institutions

Default-user-icon No kidding! (Guest) 02 June 2014, 05:22

john no one else is making a big deal out of this except hezballah and the SSNP stale rhetoric is their bread and butter. Both forgot how Hezbollah disposed of the leaders of the Lebanese resistance from Amal, SSNP and the Communist party that had been fighting Israel since the seventies, Hezbollah were the murdering traitors. The FPM, LF and Kataeb already submitted separate bills in parliament regarding the Lebanese in Israel if you lived in this country you'd already know that.

Thumb cedre 02 June 2014, 06:20

taqiya is ok, but lying is haram...

Missing libanalways 02 June 2014, 06:30

Enough of Hezbollah blackmail. If the state acquits these "collaborators", would Hezb allow that?

Missing patriot10 02 June 2014, 09:05

Why does naharbet delete posts ? Where is the free speach ? Have you also become like syrian butcher who delete people who speaks there mind??

Thumb fair 05 June 2014, 03:21

yeah take him