Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Probes Alleged Lassa Construction Violations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Mount Lebanon Prosecutor launched on Friday an investigation into alleged construction violations committed in a predominantly Shiite town in Jbeil district.

The state-run National News Agency said Judge Claude Karam launched his probe into allegations that residents began constructing a building on a property claimed by the Maronite church in Lassa.

Karam began hearing witness testimonies to investigate the nature of the alleged violations and the persons behind them pending an appropriate decision on the matter, NNA added.

The Internal Security Forces stopped a Lassa resident on Thursday from continuing construction work on the land parcel which is claimed by the Maronite bishopric of Sarba.

And on Friday, the Prosecutor's office ordered the construction be demolished after reportedly several residents built a ceiling rather than waiting for a judicial decision on the ownership of the property.

The residents of Lassa have in the past been caught in a land dispute with the church.

Anti-Hizbullah officials accuse the party of allowing the residents to build on church land and providing a cover for the property violators.



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Missing cedars 06 June 2014, 13:49

Correct, it is called continuation of what they are used to in other towns or cities and specifically at the airport road. They have beaten ISF in Beirut when they tried to stop them. So get ready for the fight.

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 14:08

love how you say "they", like it's a conspiracy or something

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 14:09

and by the way, the lassa case is not a "continuation", it's almost a century old dispute

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 14:29

already told you to stop stealing my lines, especially if you're going to use them out of context.

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 14:30

oh and thanks for confirming that you are eagledown, because this comment you just repeated was addressed to it.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 June 2014, 14:33

a century's old dispute according to mowaten is solved by sending 50 armed warriors to challenge the state's decision of banning construction on Church land.

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 16:22

what "50 armed warriors" ex-fpm? any link to back those claims?

Thumb ex-fpm 06 June 2014, 16:31

it was all over the news and TV stations ( I am sure you know) and naharnet reported it too....
8 hours ago VDL (100.5): 50 armed men of Hizbullah violated a judicial order and kicked off construction on a disputed land with the Jounieh Archbishopric in Lassa.

Missing peace 06 June 2014, 16:38

sure the 2 hezbi lovers will never acknowledge that hezbi wanted to steal christian lands... walaw

Missing peace 06 June 2014, 17:34

hey thingie... so you deny that hezbi wanted to steal christian lands... poor thing you are....

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 June 2014, 17:40

@FT : the moment M8 media will start covering the crimes committed by Hezbollah partisans instead of censoring it, you can start opening your mouth.

Missing helicopter 06 June 2014, 15:26

He did not say it is a conspiracy at all. He said it is the nature of the beast (HA beast). They take what is not theirs because they are ashraf elnas and because according to Nasrallah Christians do not belong in Lebanon, they were imported by the Crusaders).

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 18:18

bollocks propaganda.

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 June 2014, 18:20

i think you confused with this:

Missing helicopter 07 June 2014, 02:44

No mowaten, I am not confused at all. I always said Takfiri Jihadist and HA Jihadists are two faces of the same coin. THank you for your reference regarding one of the faces of the coin, here is one pertaining to the other face of the coin (pay attention once the timer displays 35 seconds)

Thumb popeye 06 June 2014, 14:08

The terror party and its members, followers, and supporters have no respect for the law or the state. They even have the audacity to send 50 armed outlaws and start construction on Christian Church Land. They want to liberate Baabda, Bkirki, and Lassa.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 June 2014, 14:31

The Patriarch should never ever meet again with these sectarians. Nasrallah says he wants the State and supports the State. What a joke.. What he wants is iranian hizballah state.

Missing peace 06 June 2014, 14:49

and when are they going to demolosh ALL the illegal constructions on the sea shore?

Thumb FlameCatcher 06 June 2014, 14:56

Like everything Hezbollah does : ILLEGAL ! They need to be severely punished for breaking laws, violating rights and properties ! And Lassa is nothing compared to what these criminals are doing across the country !

Thumb freedomarch 06 June 2014, 15:19

I call to all our shi3a brothers and sisters, Please join the rest of the Lebanese in building our country back. Our individual plans will only work when we respect each other and think as one. When we respect church land we expect that your land will also be respected.

Missing peace 06 June 2014, 23:49

how can they? they have sold their dignity and pride to them... they have become their faithful pets....

Thumb canadianpaul 07 June 2014, 01:47

terrorist, it's survival of the fittest. They are financed, armed, indoctrinated, and supported by Iran. Geopolitically, Iran right now is the strongest regional power. The only way to break its back is if Obama leaves the White House and a Republican hawk takes over and, with Israel, they take them back to the 11th century.

Until then, you have to bite your tongue.