Security Forces Patrol Attacked for Removing Construction Violation in Baalbek

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Unknown assailants opened fire on Friday at a security forces patrol as it attempted to remove a construction violation in the eastern Bekaa region of Baalbek, reported MTV.

It said that the patrol was attacked by passengers riding a Mercedes ML vehicle as it sought to remove the violation.

It was seeking to thwart the construction of an illegal floor in a building owned by Mustapha Yaghi.

The patrol was forced to withdraw from the scene following the attack.

The General Prosecution has since ordered Yaghi's arrest and demanded that the identity of the assailants be uncovered.

Security forces frequently come under attack while attempting to remove construction violations throughout Lebanon.



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Default-user-icon skyboy (Guest) 22 August 2014, 15:27

The funny thing is that those same people are the ones asking for reinforcing the state authority through the mouth of their leader hahahha funny ignorant

Thumb ado.australia 22 August 2014, 16:08

hate to have the job that tries to inforce construction laws in lebanon! Good luck and god bless those trying to do their civilised job in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon cityboy (Guest) 22 August 2014, 17:43

exactly mowaten!!!! Everytime these attacks and violations happen you write the same thing and then we learn it is the Lebanese Forces followers in Baalback that did it.

Thumb popeye 22 August 2014, 18:19

deny deny deny and then some more

Missing ulpianus 23 August 2014, 01:59

Give warnings 58 seconds before and then bomb the illegal constructions. Easy done...

Thumb nickjames 23 August 2014, 06:17

If it was in Arsal then they would have wrote Arsal.

Thumb charlesmartel 23 August 2014, 10:16

will they pay electricity in their illegal constructions or it will follow dahye - special status-?