Damascus, Moscow Say U.S. Action in Syria without Consent would be 'Aggression'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

U.S. air strikes on Syrian territory without permission from the government in Damascus would be an "attack" on the country, a Syrian minister said Thursday.

"Any action of any kind without the consent of the Syrian government would be an attack on Syria," National Reconciliation Minister Ali Haidar said when asked about U.S. plans to widen its operations against Islamic State (IS) jihadists with air strikes on Syrian territory.

Haidar refused to be drawn on what response Syrian might have to any unilateral U.S. military action on the country's territory.

"But under international law there must be cooperation and cooperation with Syria and Syrian consent for any action, whether military or non-military on Syrian territory," he added.

His comments followed a speech in which U.S. President Barack Obama pledged a "relentless" war against IS, including air strikes in Syria and support for Syrian rebels.

Syria's government, engaged in a war against rebels seeking to overthrow it, has tried to present itself as a partner for the international community in the fight against IS and radical jihadists

But Washington backs the rebels and has made it clear it will not cooperate with President Bashar Assad's government against IS.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia said that unilateral U.S. airstrikes on jihadists in Syria would be a crude violation of international law.

"The U.S. President has directly announced the possibility of strikes by American armed forces against positions of the Islamic State in Syria without the consent of its legal government," said Alexander Lukashevich, a spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry.

"In the absence of an appropriate decision of the U.N. Security Council, such a step would become an act of aggression, a crude violation of the norms of international law," Lukashevich said in televised remarks.

Lukashevich said Moscow welcomed the fact that Washington had acknowledged the threat from the radical Islamists.

"Better late than never, as they say," he said.

But he accused the United States of "double standards" over its support for the opposition in Syria.

"While on the one hand helping the Iraq government to confront Islamist militants, Obama is once more asking Congress for 500 million dollars to support the Syrian armed opposition, which as a whole is little different from the radicals in the Islamic State," Lukashevich said.

Later on Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry labeled as laughable Russian claims that a U.S. campaign against the IS is unilateral and violates international law.

"I must say if it weren't so serious what's happening in Ukraine one might almost laugh at the idea of Russia raising the issue of international law or any question of the U.N.," Kerry told reporters.

He spoke at the end of a meeting in Saudi Arabia, at which 10 Arab states committed to do their share in the fight against IS, which seized large swathes in Iraq and Syria and committed atrocities.

"I am really rather surprised that Russia would dare to assert any notion of international law after what has happened in Crimea and eastern Ukraine," Kerry added.

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Missing ysurais 11 September 2014, 16:42

come on Mr mualem this will help u and yur gov..pls see z big picture..dont be narrow minded.

Thumb Mystic 11 September 2014, 16:45

Only USA are the narrow minded, it is apparently on ISIS that are terrorists, but the Al Nusra are saints according to American policy.

Thumb janoubi 11 September 2014, 18:45

what's wrong with you guys, don't you want to finish off ISIS???? I see..

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 September 2014, 19:01

US arrogance. they created this chaos and spawned isis/nusra/etc by first destroying iraq and installing a sectarian-based government, then destroying syria by arming terrorist groups (the "moderated beheaders"), and now they take it as a pretext to unilaterally bomb syria.

bombing isis would certainly be okay if it was just that, but the question is what happens next? once da3esh is bombed, will they install a no fly-zone over northeastern syria? start implementing a de-facto partition plan on syria? who knows?

in any case, nobody should trust the US, they always come under false pretexts (bring democracy, free the people) and their cures always end up causing much worse damage than the original disease.

Thumb galaxy 11 September 2014, 19:42

the HA parasites are celebrating when the USA bombs ISIL in Iraq but very sad if it does the same in Syria. Incredible! It is obvious why: In Iraq they have a shia regime which is ok if the USA bombs ISIL. In Syria, they are afraid if the USA bombs ISIL it might weaken Assad and his minority regime. Hilarious!

Thumb _mowaten_ 12 September 2014, 10:42

arsal i didnt say he abused sunnis, that's an entirely different matter but yes it is a sectarian type of governemnt (kurd president, shiite prime minister, etc...) a bit like in lebanon and everybody knows where this leads. the US couldnt have done this innocently when they invaded iraq, it was part of their plan to divide and conquer. when will we learn?

Thumb _mowaten_ 12 September 2014, 10:52

anonyme go shove your "offers", i'm not interested in talking with a disrespectful hypocrite who repeats invented BS day in and day out

Thumb Mystic 11 September 2014, 16:42

Yes it would be a breach of Syrias sovereign territory. If USA want to go on a bombing spree, they have to coordinate with the Syrian government, if not. Then we will see what happens

Missing mohammad_ca 11 September 2014, 17:14

eh eh we will see what happens like when Israel bombed Syria...twice...

Missing helicopter 11 September 2014, 20:54

Or like what Assad did to Aoun's LAF

Thumb iamymasterscard 11 September 2014, 16:56

But of course any US air strikes on the IS jihadists in Syria would be an attack on the Syrian government's allies, that goes without saying. After all they were not given that get out of jail free card, free; that was a quid pro quo. They had a job to do, their Jihadi duty as it were. Plus the oil and gas IS is offering at discounted black market prices to finance their shenanigans is a bonus, a happy accident, the cherry on top the Syrian government could not miss.

Missing ysurais 11 September 2014, 16:58


Missing imperatrice 11 September 2014, 17:06

The same international law you broke hundreds of times from starvation to discrimination, ethnic cleansing, chemical weapons, barrel bombs... And the list goes on
And u want the same governance system that defends this law to cooperate with u against the 200k victims

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 17:11

Mystic, the United States doesn't need Syria's permission for anything. It isn't violating international law because no one in the international community (other than Russia) recognises Assad as the representative of Syria. Assad isn't doing enough to fight ISIS, not to mention all the atrocities he's committed. Assad will bow down and accept this.

The war in Syria has gotten to this point because of Obama. The US military and all of Obama's advisors told him to supply the FSA 2.5 years ago (before Nusra and ISIS took over), and Obama ignored them. Then after Bashar gassed his own people, the US was gonna drop airstrikes but Obama backed out again. But now because of ISIS, they forced Obama's hand. Last night he gave a speech he never wanted to give.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 19:14

Very fertile imagination? Sorry I forgot to include China, the country that puts lead in dog food and antifreeze in toothpaste? Assad is not doing enough to fight ISIS, Binary. If he was, then ISIS wouldn't be controlling Der ez-Zor, the desert, and Raqqa.

Assad is playing a game. He released jihadists from prison to weaken the FSA, to make it look like the jihadists were behind the uprising. Assad also is buying oil from the jihadists, in effect financing and straightening their capabilities.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 19:55

Lol well yeah toothpaste is used for brushing your teeth, not swallowing. As for mouthwash, you rinse your mouth then spit it out. You can ingest a little, but if you drink cups of it then you get nausea.

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:11

As usual @the_roar "ASSad" personal attack everyone then he preach against it, such a low life...

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:24

Bigjohn, we're talking about relevant countries, which consists of the West, the East (Russia and China), and the Middle East. What in your mind makes Latin America's view credible? When was the last time you heard a Latin country involved in world wars? And it's funny how you bring up South Africa, as you love to compare Israel to it (but it's okay now because they're not an apartheid state anymore).

Missing imagine_1979 11 September 2014, 20:26

Nope my friend and dear comrad, u should look back to UN general assembly voting and u'll get true numbers before coming and speaking shitty fact...
Walaw rafi2...
Go read, relax, have some chupachups....

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:27

@the_roar is your sister still virgin?

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:28

Roar, it's chlorine** they put in your water, not fluoride. Are you stupid?

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:41

Okay Roar, they fluoridate water. But it's still a debate as to whether or not it's truly harmful. The US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia still fluoridate their water. However they do chlorinate water as well. So we're both right.

But Roar, that's not even the point. China got in trouble for putting LEAD in dog food, baby bibs, and toys. You're making fluoride look like something lethal and inhumane when it's still being debated on.

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:50

@the_ASSad_roar then you don't mind donating her to Hizbcocaine.

Missing helicopter 11 September 2014, 20:57

Per f.t. "bigjohn, when the US says international community, M14 are always counted in it. please dont make that mistake again!!"

f.t., when Iran says welayat elfaqih, H.A. always counted in it.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 21:05

Roar you were hostile with me first. All I said was China put lead in things then you went on this rant about the US poisoning its people with fluorine. The argument was stupid, you took the China thing way out of context. Some people believe fluorine is good for your teeth. I don't know if it is or not, I'm not a chemist.

Missing imperatrice 11 September 2014, 17:34

Have u seen HA jihadis
I think they wear pink and sing im a barbie girl
Different agenda same shit!

Missing imperatrice 11 September 2014, 17:34

Have u seen HA jihadis
I think they wear pink and sing im a barbie girl
Different agenda same shit!

Missing imperatrice 11 September 2014, 17:38

Stop using christians here and there
In iraq they were threatened by da 3esh and now we're fighting them
In syria, they're a victim of their own fear bc they sides with teh dictator and rejoiced when their ex neighbors were bombed
But history shows taht while the winner gets the spoils, even after WW2 communities reconciled and it worked
So shut up, and spell the word well next time u use it

Thumb ex-fpm 11 September 2014, 17:40

What do these people want?:) Now they are worried about sovereignty! Russia, Iran, HA, and about every other country is involved in Syria. It seems they want ISIL to be saved.

Thumb galaxy 11 September 2014, 18:08

"in Syria there is no moderate 'rebels' but Syrians and foreign extremist terrorists that SAA is fighting with HA support.".. Sure, HA is a Syrian home grown resistance and is entitled to kill the Syrians in their own country. Great logic

Thumb janoubi 11 September 2014, 18:44

i did not know the border means Aleppo, Homs, and Damascus.

Thumb janoubi 11 September 2014, 18:43

Damascus: Any U.S. military act in Syrian territory without Syria's authorization will be considered an aggression.

tayyib authorize it if you really want to get rid of IS, what is stopping you... unbelievable!

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 19:07

Exactly. Now that the US is going to launch more airstrikes against them, all the M8ers are complaining that they're violating Syrian sovereignty, which is hypocrisy because Syria is violating Lebanese sovereignty with their airstrikes on Arsal. M8ers just want Hezbollah and Assad to fight ISIS and drag this war on

Default-user-icon VictorSam (Guest) 11 September 2014, 19:22

And infiltrating Ukraine with tanks and artillery and troops is legal? I don't get the Russians anymore..

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:04

First of all this has nothing to do with bombing Hezbollah. You want the US to "stop arming" ISIS? When ISIS went into Mosul, the Iraqi military-trained by the US, financed by the US, armed by the US-threw down their weapons and ran away like pansies.

Assad released militants to fight the US in Iraq, and he released more to weaken the FSA. So spare me the "US is arming ISIS" rant. Assad is buying oil from ISIS in Der ez-Zor, strengthening them financially.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:08

This was for Roar

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:16

The Iraqi and Syrian army are arming ISIS, fleeing and leaving there weapon...

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:22

Stop your personal attack you piece of shit, your mom is a TONT.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:26

Roar you're just living in denial. The Iraqi ARMY-not Kurds or Sunni tribesmen-laid their weapons down and ran. How else did ISIS get American military equipment?

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:57

Roar, the United States armed the Iraqi army. I said that before.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 21:00

Oh don't live in denial. Assad sent these people to Iraq after the US invaded it to take out Saddam. When these people came back to Syria, Assad threw them in jail. How do you think these Islamists were in prison at the start of the Syrian war? Use your head

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 21:12

Roar, even technically speaking it was Assad. As I already said, he sent these lunatics from Syria to Iraq after the US took out Saddam. When these people came back from Iraq he imprisoned them. Maybe they weren't called "ISIS" back then but they're still radical Islamists. Then when the uprising in Syria broke out, he released these people to weaken the FSA. The US supported the FSA, but the FSA had leaks in it. Weapons were ending up with jihadists who Assad released. This is how ISIS gained strength in Syria before invading Iraq this summer.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 21:24

Roar he's not winning it back, Assad knows that. He'd rather see a country destroyed and 200,000 people dead as long as he controls at least some parts of the country. It's harder to lose a war when you have enemies fighting each other. ISIS is the only excuse Assad has against the opposition. He claims the war was started by ISIS (which really wasn't). So now that the US is going to bomb ISIS, he doesn't want that because he no longer would have ISIS around to justify his war against moderates like the FSA.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 22:30

Yeah Flamer, so what? Of course Turkey is helping ISIS, that's how Qatar and KSA move their money around. Erdogan is just as much a dictator as Assad, he's trying to take Turkey back to Ottoman times.

But yet gain, you bring facts that don't relate to the argument: Roar asked me who armed ISIS first, not who is arming ISIS in September 2014.

Default-user-icon M8lyingmachine (Guest) 11 September 2014, 22:50


WorldNet Daily Continues to Pump Out Outrageous Propaganda

M8ers always using biased and extremists sources to spread their loyalty to bashar....

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:07

Of course it's propaganda from Assad. He is in no position to decide if the US can bomb ISIS areas, Assad doesn't even control them therefore his "sovereignty" isn't being violated.

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:55

Q: What do Australians put in their pockets that Americans throw away?
A: Snot.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:56

Flamer, we weren't talking about who the Syrian Arab Army reports to. We're talking about whether or not Assad can tell the US not to bomb Syria. Forgot your pills today?

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 22:39

An Australian ends up next to a British soldier in the trenches during World War II.

The British soldier turns to him and says, "Good to see you, mate. Have you come here to die?"

To which the Australian replies, "No, mate, I came here yesterday!"

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 20:07

@the_roar Practice what you preach Aussie boy, "personal attack"

Missing imagine_1979 11 September 2014, 20:30

Try a litle to look for lokman, the da3ech chieh in damscus area, go see who teleased him in 2011 with nearly 500 of islamist retard...
Bigjohn please go read, after u might get more chupachups man....
Anw i agree that US freed baghdadi and also a buch of other retards to, but don't act like assad didnot..
And as lebanese u forgot chaket el absi? Can u remind us where he is coming from?....

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:32

Binary, of course the US rejected Assad's offer to cooperate. He has no legitimacy, he kills his own people and controls only half of Syria. The lands conquered by ISIS are no longer Assad's, therefore it is no longer his airspace either. Assad is in no position to decide who can attack areas controlled by ISIS.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:34

Bigjohn, that may be accurate but it doesn't exonerate Assad from freeing jihadists and buying oil from them. Assad is just as culpable.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:48

Right now the priority is ISIS. They are in two countries, and they need to be eradicated. It might strengthen Assad in the meantime, but stopping ISIS is the main objective. Assad will be put aside for now, as he clearly has proved to be incompetent. He's the one who released these lunatics from his prisons, and he's the one buying oil from them. That's why the US won't let him cooperate. He might make some gains on the ground when ISIS retreats, but he's never going to regain entire control of Syria. As for the Islamic Front, the West somewhat tolerates it, but once ISIS is done, the Islamic Front is going to have to fall in line with the FSA. If that doesn't happen, the war will never end.

Thumb nickjames 11 September 2014, 20:53

I said who doesn't want to kill ISIS, Assad or Obama? If you're talking about Assad, he has to buy oil from them to supply his military and utilities in areas he controls. But if the US is going to wipe out ISIS, Assad wants to reclaim his oil fields. If you're talking about Obama, he's a pansy. The US military and many others told him to attack ISIS and he didn't. Now he's been cornered, he's reluctantly approving these airstrikes.

Missing helicopter 11 September 2014, 21:00

I am sure there were moderate rebels ........ but what happened to them?
- Some are refugees in other countries
- Many are killed by both Regime and ISIS
- Many got frustrated and decided to join ISIS or quit the fight all together
BASHAR's plan worked so well, which allows you to make your argument today.

Missing helicopter 11 September 2014, 21:00

Yet Iran is lobbying relentlessly to have friendly relations with Turkey.

Thumb Tony.Farris 11 September 2014, 22:48

The USA will bomb ISIS or any other terrorist no matter where, if ASSad controls the area then he should complain, otherwise shut the hell up and watch the fireworks.

Thumb Mystic 11 September 2014, 23:41

Whether you guys can admit it or not. We all know that ISIS and Al Nusra was made by U.S.A. Just like Taliban was in it's time. Funded and trained by the CIA.

Thumb Mystic 12 September 2014, 00:05

USA is the problem, not the solution. So it will always be, until the end of all time.

Missing idris_gray 12 September 2014, 15:30

Says a terrorist from a third world banana republic.

Missing idris_gray 12 September 2014, 15:42

So Mystic you supported the soviet union invading and occupying afghan muslims?

Thumb nickjames 12 September 2014, 00:05

The Hezbo-Aouniyeh psychos always argue that America is behind all the terrorism. Well, now the US wants to take out something it allegedly created, and now they're complaining how they're violating Assad's sovereignty. Assad violated his own sovereignty. He sent these fanatics to keep Iraq unstable after Saddam's defeat, then he imprisoned them when they came back to Syria, then he released them when the FSA was making gains, then decided to ignore them when they took over Raqqa (choosing to fight FSA and Nusra), then bought their oil after they took Der ez-Zor. He has no say who can or can't bomb areas that aren't even under his control.

Missing idris_gray 12 September 2014, 15:29


Thumb Tony.Farris 12 September 2014, 00:41

Remember when the US "accidentally" delivered 5 JDAM bombs on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? That was 1999. Mr. President, This is a good time to wax Bashar al-ASSad as well. Hey, just blame it on false intelligence.

Missing idris_gray 12 September 2014, 15:28

Oops, we had intelligence that abu bakr al baghdadi was having a meeting in the presidents palace :D

Thumb Tony.Farris 12 September 2014, 00:43

Did someone fart? blame on the USA

Thumb nickjames 12 September 2014, 03:21

Lol this should be the next SNL skit

Thumb nickjames 12 September 2014, 07:07

Keyword: 3 to 4 weeks ago. ISIS took the oilfields last year

Thumb nickjames 12 September 2014, 07:10

Since when did ISIS have a Syrian majority

Thumb nickjames 12 September 2014, 07:11

Israel isn't in civil war. There's no armed Israeli opposition fighting Netanyahu. The majority of Israelis supported the Gaza war

Missing idris_gray 12 September 2014, 15:27

The question to Damascus is; what are you going to do about it?