IS Video Shows Beheading of British Hostage, Cameron Vows Action

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Islamic State claimed the beheading of a British aid worker on Saturday, an act slammed as "pure evil" by Prime Minister David Cameron who vowed Britain would do all it could to catch the killers.

President Barack Obama offered U.S. support for its "ally in grief", while Cameron faced growing calls to allow Britain's military to help in Washington's planned assault against the rampaging jihadist group.

The British premier will chair a meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee early Sunday in response to the online video purportedly showing a masked IS militant killing hostage David Haines in retribution for the U.S. and British campaign against the group.

Cameron called the attack "a despicable and appalling murder of an innocent aid worker" and "an act of pure evil."

"We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes," he said in a statement.

Two U.S. journalists have been murdered in similar circumstances in recent weeks.

Obama slammed the latest attack as "barbaric" and said the U.S. "stands shoulder to shoulder tonight with our close friend and ally in grief and resolve".

Britain has yet to join U.S. air strikes against IS in Iraq, but has offered to arm Kurdish Peshmerga fighters battling against militants in the north of the country, a move cited in the latest video as a reason for revenge.

Britain's Foreign Office said it was "working as quickly as it could" to verify the two-minute-27-second clip, entitled "A Message to the Allies of America".

The video opens with a clip of Cameron describing the British strategy of working with the Iraqi government to help arm Kurdish fighters against "these brutal extremist militants," and to offer aid, diplomacy, and military help to pressure IS.

Haines then appears, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, and identifies himself before calmly explaining that he is paying the price for Cameron's policy.

The attacker -- who appears to be the same man as in the previous two beheading videos -- tells Britain the alliance with the U.S. will "accelerate your destruction" and will drag the British people into "another bloody and un-winnable war."

At the end of the clip, he also threatens to execute another captive, identified in a caption by name as another British citizen.

Haines's brother Mike paid tribute to a "good brother...who was recently murdered in cold blood."

"He was, in the right mood, the life and soul of the party and on other times the most stubborn irritating pain in the ass," he said in a statement.

“He was and is loved by all his family and will be missed terribly.”

Scottish-born Haines, 44, was taken hostage in Syria in March 2013 and was threatened in a video released this month depicting the beheading by an IS militant of the U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff.

IS released a video claiming the execution of fellow U.S. journalist James Foley on August 19.

Former head of the British Army Richard Dannatt on Sunday piled pressure on Cameron to let the country's military join a planned assault against IS, announced by Obama this week.

"What we absolutely need to do is not be cowed in any way by yet another foul murder of a hostage," he told Sky News.

"We can support them (the U.S.) to confront, attack and defeat the Islamic State jihadi fighters ... and make sure this cancer is removed from the region before it spreads more widely."

Under pressure himself to tackle the problem, Obama on Wednesday set out a strategy which would include air strikes in Syria and expanded operations in Iraq.

But Cameron will be wary of playing into the hands of the captors by escalating tensions and is also recovering from last year's humiliation of failing to achieve parliamentary support for air strikes against Syria's President Bashar Assad.

As part of efforts to build up local support for action, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday sought to bolster relations with Egypt during meetings with its leaders.

Egypt's formidable army is unlikely to take part in a military coalition against IS, but the country boasts the prestigious Sunni Muslim authority Al-Azhar, which Kerry said would fight back against the Islamic State's use of the religion.

Kerry takes his push to forge a broad coalition against Islamic State jihadists to France on Sunday , on the eve of an international conference in Paris on peace and security in Iraq.

The CIA put the number of IS fighters at 20,000 to 31,500 in Iraq and Syria, up to three times the previous estimate.

U.S. aircraft have carried out more than 160 strikes in Iraq since early August, the U.S. Central Command said Saturday.

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Missing .karim-- 14 September 2014, 12:25

RIP David. Death to the ISIS jihadist terrorists and their sponsors.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2014, 13:34

Rest in peace 241 Marines bombed to smithereens while they slept in their bunker by your beloved Iranian mercenary terrorist group.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2014, 13:37

...Rest in peace any person mascaraed be any subhuman be it Shia or Sunni terrorists. You are one and the same; the disciples of the devil, no and ifs or buts about it.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2014, 13:38


Missing .karim-- 14 September 2014, 12:26

A coalition consisting of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the 2 countries that are arming and funding ISIS, lol.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2014, 13:31

3and jadd? Shou hal 7akeh? Ya 3ammeh where would we be without your insightful information? Totally lost I think. Yet which country is recognized as a global sponsor of terror and the chief financier of your Party of Iranian mercenary terrorists? Oh no! Could it be your beloved Iran? May you live underground like your master and speak Farsi soon.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2014, 13:14

What's the matter? Did our "brezident" deny your visa to the US? At least we have a president and our country is not oppressed by an Iranian Mercenary Terrorist group like 3rd world swamp that spawned you, but then again that's how you low information lowlifes like it. Right on, keep web jacking this portal like the looser you are. Shoot any M14 in the head or gas any Palestinian camp today?

Default-user-icon Rolfen (Guest) 14 September 2014, 13:19

These guys really want to die.

Default-user-icon ta3alou (Guest) 14 September 2014, 13:23

ISIL reviving a Zarkawi tradition. Remember Zarkawi the al Qaeda terrorist mastermind sent to Iraq from Iran to fight the invading crusaders and enthusiastically supplied with a never ending stream of jihadi terrorists from all over the world by one Bashar al Assad.

Thumb .Mehdi 14 September 2014, 14:40

Fathallah barracks liberation February 25th 1987 or when filthy terrorists received what they deserved and went to hell were they formed the welcoming committee to welcome their friends Abbas al-Musawi, Imad Mughniyeh, Hassan Lakkis and co.

Missing rami 14 September 2014, 16:31

There are other countries than the one you have named there, and spare tiny Lebanon please, walla is it just for adding one your list :))and btw where did you read that Egypt was out? The're not.

Missing helicopter 14 September 2014, 16:46

Please watch this video and maybe we can all benefit from it. It is a collection of videos (Documentary), when the first ends the second starts by itself until all are played.

Missing helicopter 14 September 2014, 16:46

oops, forgot to attach the link

Thumb Tony.Farris 14 September 2014, 16:52

@Southern you either bipolar, or really stupid, ISIS was created by the USA?
I'd suggest a battle of wits but I refuse to fight an unarmed opponent.

Thumb Tony.Farris 14 September 2014, 16:54

The UK already armed the Kurds, I am sure that's considered part if the coalition, or that doesn't count?

Thumb Mystic 14 September 2014, 17:00

American pretext to bomb and remove the Syrian government. ISIS are an American tool, used to destabilize sovereign countries. Just like they did with Taliban in the 80's.

Thumb Tony.Farris 14 September 2014, 19:14

Amrika going to step on your ASSad, start counting his end

Thumb cash.puppet 15 September 2014, 00:45

Ft just like they are still in denial about 9/11 and iraq and all that. See a pattern? Wake up you idiot at this point its embarrassing

Default-user-icon geren (Guest) 15 September 2014, 05:28

look at al qaeda in 2000; it was only in afghanistan.. constrained to a.. oh really?
get your facts straight boy
examples of al-qaeda attacks before america's 'war on terror', outside afghan territory
-1992 Gold Mohur hotel Aden Movenpick Hotel Bombings
-Bosnian War 1992-1995.
-August 7 1998 United States embassy bombings Dar el Salaam and Nairobi.
-October 2000 USS Cole
-September 11 2001