Army Seizes New Posts in 'Swift' Operation in Ras Baalbek Outskirts

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The Lebanese army advanced on Thursday on the outskirts of the northeastern villages of Ras Baalbek and Arsal, establishing new checkpoints and surveillance posts, in a “swift” operation that left five troops wounded.

The military said in a communique that “army units deployed at dawn (on Thursday) on the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and fully controlled the heights of Sadr al-Jarash and Harf al-Jarash.”

The statement said that soldiers inflicted heavy losses among the ranks of the militants, seizing a quantity of heavy and light arms, bombs, ammunition and military equipment.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) reported that the army's Airborne Regiment deployed in the area as the military seized control of strategic positions.

The state-run National News Agency said that clashes intensified at 5:00 am on the Eastern Mountain Range on the Lebanese-Syrian border between the army and Islamist gunmen.

NNA said that the military targeted the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and Arsal, in particular Tallat al-Hamra and Om Khaled, with heavy- and medium-cal artillery.

The military's helicopters and drones accompanied the field operation.

The NNA later reported that a soldier was slightly injured when the clashes renewed at noon. He was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

It later said army forces fired heavy artillery at movements and gatherings for the militants on the al-Njasa and al-Mkhairmy hills in Arsal's outskirts.

NNA noted that the extremists retreated to the aforementioned hills after being routed by the army from the al-Jarash area.

The army now has the ability to target any movement by the militants in the area, the agency added.

It also reported the army's injury toll had risen to five, including an officer. They were transferred in a military helicopter to hospitals in Hermel and Beirut.

Army troops also expanded the area of operations by targeting the Wadi Hmeid area in Arsal's outskirts after the militants fled to it, NNA added.

The jihadists remain entrenched on the outskirts of Arsal on the porous Syrian-Lebanese border.

The mountainous area has long been a smuggling haven, with multiple routes into Syria that have been used to transport weapons and fighters.

The army has been targeting gunmen along the country's eastern border to prevent them from advancing.


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Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 26 February 2015, 09:53

god bless our LAF

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 11:21

obviously an m14er disagrees with your statement oua nabka.

maybe you should of praised geagea, assir & Isil...then you would of been spared its wrath of thumbs down.

lol @ m14ers

Default-user-icon wolf.the_roar (Guest) 26 February 2015, 11:29

so you decided to appear today as the_roar? will flamethrower also appear too. Please, bring back @wolf out of retirement. He represented you much better than those 99 daily aliases you make. Enjoy the rest of your posting day

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 12:14

who are you to decide who appears as anyone but themselves?

unlike you & m14ers, only one account is needed to mop the floor with your lies.

but since you log in & out with diff names (guest), we will take it your a valid person fit to perform such tasks.

pfft @ the crumbling m14ers...getting very very desperate indeed.

Missing humble 26 February 2015, 10:08

Bravo. Doing a good job. The US armaments is surely of great help.
The armaments to come from France will also boost up the spirits. May be one day we can finish with the disease Ebola and have it deceased.

Thumb Mystic 26 February 2015, 11:10

Wishful thinking humble. Good job by the LAF though.

Missing helicopter 26 February 2015, 17:57

coming from someone who cries "labayka ya khameni" - not a shred of patriotism.

Thumb Mystic 26 February 2015, 19:29

Indeed I wrote, not cried, Labayka ya Khameini. I'm not going to hide that, or lie about it. I would write it again, and again.

I stand by my own words, unlike certain people we all know. I will always stand by the Lebanese army, I wish though there will be a day when it cuts all ties to the West, and seeks donations from friendly nations with no limitations.

I know though, that if there comes a day, that some Zionist/Saudi paid commander, gives orders to fight the Resistance, then I know a high percentage of the army, would simply desert and take their weapons with them.

So never wish that, it could spiral a civil war. Don't forget what happend to the army, when the so called Lebanese Forces deserted, and created their own militia.

Missing imagine_1979 26 February 2015, 21:56

Mustic u got ur history wrong it was south lebanon army (jeich lahed) who deserted, ahmad al khatib guys of (jeich lebnen al arabi), one all liywa2 went with berry... Lebanese forces was the military wing of kate2eb... Anyway wish we wont go back there, so putting all arms with official lebanese armed forces and not meddeling with irak yemen syria (who evere is meddling) that should be a way...
Andbravo fir supporting very modern secular progressive democratic alternative to the wahabis, waw... Really a great change...

Thumb saturn 26 February 2015, 12:30

Foreign Jihadis on one side, own homegrown Britali criminals on the other... God bless the LAF.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 12:41

Yes Saturn always support the LAF, but try not to reserve your blessings for the LAF only when they arrest brital criminals...try praising the LAF at all times, including when they hinder your friends Assir & co.

Thumb saturn 26 February 2015, 13:04

I support the LAF all the time, and I will blast HZBLH and Assir and co all the time and that's my opinion.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 13:27

Your opinion is well received, saturn....peace dude.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 13:04

God bless the Lebanese Army, may God bless it and protect it so that it will control every single bit of our country. May the army destroy all the terrorists and without any mercy, just burn these evil filths. And let militias like Hezbollah make it simple for the army, let it make plans to start integrating the army and hand over its weapons within a verifiable and agreed period of time. Only the unity of our ranks as Lebanese under the rule of law and the protection of our army could pave the way for stability in our country.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 13:10

How long do you intend singing the same tune?

Let the Lebanese Gov sign a peace deal with Israel, then you can discuss such options. Until such time, even the LAF wouldn't want HA's weapons.
why? because the LAF will be decimated within days.

Get real people please.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 13:39

Roar, I guess you have problems holding your tongue like you do usually. Well, I will grace you with an answer because one couldn't help but point out your intricacies like now. First you behave as if you were God all knowing and the rest of us all too ignorant, anyway, that's besides the point since you're so good at advertising yourself in the oddest of ways. First you said about the Lebanese Government signing a peace deal with Israel, now sir, how can the government do so since it is held hostage by Hezbollah, that militia you defend so unquestioningly and vehemently? Then in your typical ways, no sooner do we talk of our army than would you discredit it, why? Because it's simple, you cannot hide your fear over a simple equation which goes simplistically like this: Stronger army, weaker militias, weaker HA and weaker FPM, then boom, by all dreams. Now if you wish to answer me, do so but keep maturity in focus, and not blabbering.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 13:45

All knowing? no thanks, i'll leave that to you, tex & co.

you guys are the predictors...we just laugh or try to put forth a more plausible equation.

But as usual, you can't hold a civil debate, whenever someone points out some flaws in your debate.

try to have a nice day dude ..forget debating on here.

just post & pretend you're right...I'm sure all the voices still agree with you.

Thumb Mystic 26 February 2015, 14:40

The Roar is right phoenix, the LAF would split within seconds, if they got ordered to disarm the Resistance. That would be claustrophobic for the army. There will never be peace with Israel though, that is unacceptable.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 14:49

Mystic, the Roar is angry, always angry and keeps contradicting himself, unlike you, he cannot accept to be opined against. I never said the army will be ordered to force the disarming Hezbollah, not even once in as long as I've been posting, instead I've always as I still do promote peaceful and patient dialog, peace and order must be preserved at all cost. What I am proposing is that within an agreed schedule, Hezbollah disarms and rejoins the fold, then from there we all join forces as Lebanese people, as one people untied against all challenges. But you see, the Roar in my view is a fake person, his anger or rather her anger don't bode well for her. I now have good reason to believe that The Roar is the daughter of the old man, in other words Aoun's daughter, the one that got rescued from Baabda by HK.

Thumb Mystic 26 February 2015, 14:50

Phoenix, instead of worrying about the Resistance & it's arms. You should instead focus on the takfiris massing on our eastern borders. Nusra and ISIS wont care one bit, even if you state you are anti Hezbollah. They will simple behead you, if your name is George or Khoury.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 14:52

Roar, I am going to ask every member of this forum whom they believe holds a civil debate, me or you? let's ask them who is the one who keeps name-calling others, you or me? let them point it who behaves always accusingly and angrily, me or you?You falsely claim you're from down under, man, please stop that gibberish, your lying that simple, you post right from here the land of the Cedars. Then keep that well inside your skull, do what you wish, say what you wish, lie all day and night like your Caporal papa of Aoun, every time you'll open this forum, you'll see me, like it or not.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 15:11

You can ask the forum all you like...I'm not here to make friends or seek favor....I endeavor to debate the truth.

If you think calling me a female or a feline or any other names makes you a big man..then go for it.

Respect your age if nothing else..but hey, if thats what you know best, then you have my blessing to continue the name calling.'

I am not offended as I actually feel sorry for old man still resorting to name calling....God bless the old also.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 13:43

Then ya Roar, whenever you join the discussions, you always, always have that sentiment that people are cheating, OK, fine, but here again you've failed to notice that the Thumb Downs have been overwhelmingly against posts supportive of M14, guess who are behind them and why? Then those posting under different pseudonyms come from a variety of places, not just M14 but also M8. The problem with you is your rigidity, you are too rigid, you are like the old man, either with or against me. Because of this your arguments will always fall short, anyway, feel free to clap to your side, surely they'll clap you back in return, and this no matter what nonsense you may post.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 13:47

I only debate whats in front of me...can you show me an m8er harassing you?

no I didn't think so...Please speak facts or move along

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 14:56

No Roar, you're not debating, you literally shouting, you know, if it was left to you alone, you'd be blowing this forum out of existence. Your not debating, you're talking rubbish as always and if one doesn't agree, boom, he'd get blown up by your rants. Now either you mature or start learning how to.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 15:06

Rants? lol , you really have me laughing today.

just look at what you have written & what I've written.

Once again the name calling is all yours...may your wise words that you have written bestow your age....O.K we understand you don;t want any true debate & like to post unchallenged....go for it.

but truly dude, just see who does the name calling & acts like his the wise old owl...

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 15:14

Mystic, I am focusing on the Takfiris, walaw, you don't read my posts? I am totally opposed to them, but even though I am for the unity of ranks, I am also for a procedure that will eventually disarm Hezbollah and make it rejoin the fold. I am also for the return of Hezbollah back to Lebanon and out of the Syrian conflict, I have said it before and I am repeating again, only our unity will save us and this unity must translate now, and always behind our army and not against it. Let us all stop casting doubt over the army, the army is now more capable than ever.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 15:21

But Roar, you are the one posting as a woman next to a feline, yeh yeh yeh, I am only reflecting your profile, a woman with all the bearings of the FPM next to a feline. Well, true, I am no longer a young man, thankfully reached a happy mature age that tells me when a person is being eccentric or reasonable. So let's see, a beautiful woman indeed with an FPM sign and in orange too, a feline, and you want to me call you a man? Yeh yeh yeh.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 15:22

So should I call you a dead decomposed fossil because of your avatar?

common Phoenix, you can do better than that surely!

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 15:31

Yes, please call me a dead decomposed fossil if because of Bachir Gemayel my leader. Bachir died in body, but his spirit lives forever, unlike your living fossil of a Aoun, he is alive, but his word has died a million times. We my dear Roar, we follow by example, great people never die, they live forever: Bachir Gemayel, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Mahatma Gandhi, MLK jnr, Pierre Amin Gemayel, Winston Churchill, De Gaulle,...somehow I see not where the name Michel Aoun will fit here, maybe on the door mat, maybe.

Thumb the_roar 26 February 2015, 15:36

I wouldn't call you anything going by your avatar...maybe a child or an old man would be so lame.....none the less, if you think your avatar makes you Bachir...once again go for it.

whatever the voices tell you is real, phoenix...listen to them.
it seems to be working for you thus far.
Bachir you are lol

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 15:40

Ok Roar, you've shot yourself in the foot again, but sure, I'll take Bachir any moment, Je suis Bachir well before you decided to leave us for a party run by your old man Aoun. Anyway dear Roar, I am anxious not to bore the forum with our personal stuff, don't wanna get it long in the tooth, so let's close this argument for now as do reasonable people, OK? Good night.

Thumb eli-g 26 February 2015, 14:14

signing a peace treaty with Israel is and always will be an elusive dream. A dream because Syria will not allow it untill the golan hieghts problem solved.One will only hope that when assad is gone the Lebanese can cut this embelical cord and start acting to the interest of their own people and country.

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 14:55

Eli, that was what I was trying to get across the feline from down-under but he doesn't want to accept it, ekhhh....

Thumb -phoenix1 26 February 2015, 15:10

OK Roar, let's leave the vote to the reading public, but you see, you buzz off for days, then come back. You're missing the good debates that take place between those civilized and educated people, masalan between Mystic and me, and others, so obviously you're oblivious to these good and civilized debates anyway. OK, now let the votes begin, who is the civilized poster and who is the uncivilized poster, The Roar or The Phoenix? OK Roar, now you keep quiet and let the votes begin.

Thumb eli-g 26 February 2015, 14:14

To the Lebanese army Allah Ma'kon.

Thumb freedomarch 26 February 2015, 14:27

God bless our brave soldiers, thanks to The US for their help, thanksti all the donations from all Lebanese Friends.

Missing helicopter 26 February 2015, 18:14

The difference between me and M8ers is that I ALWAYS cheer the LAF no matter who the enemy is. THey on the other hand cheer the LAF only when it attacks their enemies but will fight it to death (and even splinter as per Mystik) if it fight HA. M8ers loyalty is to HA then not to Lebanon. And HA's loyalty is to Iran. Hence HA and Takfiris are two sides of same coin (Sect over nationality) with Takfiris being the worse of the two.

Missing peace 26 February 2015, 18:24

perfectly right... hezbi lovers will never hesitate to fire at the army if the army goes against hezbollah... even their leader said so!

they are just pityful hypocrits pretending to be patriots when all they support is hezbollah's state not the lebanese one....

Thumb Mystic 26 February 2015, 19:31

The LAF knows, that the Resistance are their comrades. Ask the soldiers whom are being send to Arsal, they will explain it aswell. Ask them off duty ofcourse, since political stances aren't allowed within the armed forces.

Missing peace 26 February 2015, 22:23

you are indeed a funny guy... the innocence of a 5 year old boy.. so cute.

Thumb nickjames 26 February 2015, 18:46

Roar endeavours to debate the truth????????? So why do you follow Michel Aoun, a traitor to his family, to his loyal soldiers, to his supporters who made a human shield around Baabda Palace to protect the Genewal??????

''I am ready to die on the battlefield of honor rather than surrender. Be sure I shall die fighting,'' General Aoun told the cheering crowds around the hilltop palace east of Beirut in Baabda, Lebanon's Christian heartland.

Thumb nickjames 26 February 2015, 18:47

Please read this article to understand how much support Aoun had, and how he disgraced everyone by abandoning his post, after declaring he would die for his country.

Thumb freedomarch 26 February 2015, 21:39

IT IS NOT GOING IN VAIN. Winston, The Mehdi Army. that will come upon the distruction of the temple among the disbelievers. Armagadon, qill bring us El Imam Hujah al Zaman, we die for him. AS for your building having hizbolah, it is to support the resistance. DON'T tell me what this have to do with Moqawama, Wrong. Check Mosad and how busy trying to infiltrate us with their death squads. WENSTON, better leave if you feel bad, or we will take care of ..little ... Lebanon lover. ;)

Thumb freedomarch 26 February 2015, 21:41

Joking Wenston..Ok?