General Security Thwarts Bombing Plot in Beirut

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Security forces thwarted a plot to bomb an area in Beirut at the order of the Islamic State, reported Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) on Saturday.

It said that two Lebanese suspects were tasked by the IS in Syria's al-Qalamoun region to carry out the attack.

The suspects were arrested in May by the General Security and they have been transferred to the Military General Prosecution.

No further details were disclosed.

Hizbullah targets in Lebanon have frequently been the subject of terrorist attacks over the party's involvement in the fighting in Syria alongside the country's ruling regime.

The army and security forces have since been cracking down on various Lebanese and non-Lebanese suspects throughout the country, detaining several on terrorism charges.


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Missing iranian.patriot 27 June 2015, 14:54

The suspects were arrested in May by the General Security?!

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 June 2015, 19:02

"Hizbullah targets in Lebanon have frequently been the subject of terrorist attacks over the party's involvement in the fighting in Syria alongside the country's ruling regime."
Wlak tfeh 3ala heik terrorist apologists! No, the targets were not "Hizbullah targets" they were civilian targets, in residential areas. How dare you dissimulate this fact in attempt to justify the attacks, or make them sound "legitimate"!? Also, as the countless attacks all over the world from france to tunis to kuwait have shown, these attacks are not "over the party's involvement in the fighting in Syria", they are purely gratuitous and motivated by sectarianism, obscurantism and hatefulness. After having seen so many innocents targeted by these animals, nobody can still pretend to find justifications and pretexts for these crimes.

Missing imagine_1979 27 June 2015, 19:13

Mowaten stop ur propaganda bullshit!
No one is giving appologies to da3ech!!!
Do u really thing that any of 14march guys, or pro14march, or with ideas close to 14march on this forum wants da3ech????
But u cannot denie that hezbos with labayka ya nosrollah, lobayka ya zaynab and banner of ya hussein going to syria irak iran did increased the shit we are in!!!
U cannot come accuse us to be with da3ech if we conssider the guys screaming ya hussein and setting people on fire is as retarded as the other one with black flahg cutting throats...
Stop being that retarded man, bi charafak...

Thumb EagleDawn 27 June 2015, 19:24

mowateh: that is all you found to say in comment to this article? what a despicable being you are.

Missing imagine_1979 27 June 2015, 16:19

And yet tge best solution it to send our local shiite millicia chanting lobayka ya nosrolah and lobayaka ya zainab with banner of ya hussein in syria irak yemen...
Indeed that's the best plan ever...
And even if assad only freed few hundreed pf islamist (including lokmann now in camand of da3ech in damascus area) that was hundreeds more who helped..
And assad bombing fsa letting da3ech take control of most areas controlled by the rebel untill few monthes ago, that also helped....
Smaha mamlouk assad attempts of bombing and creatting cahos and inflaming sectarian hatered in north lebanon was to be of great help....
Blablabla, poetry is nice, reflexions are always helpfull but....

Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 17:11

Imagine, how can a human being be able to talk to to a cranially deformed person, namely yellows? Yellows are people who believe anything their party of God tells them, to the point where they talk in propaganda titles. Everyone knows that Daesh is at the gates of Damascus, yet these braindead yellows will tell you that it ain't happening there but in the Bronx. Their Ebola went to war in Syria and by consequence they got this Tetanus IS to our borders, now that the Army refuses to be dragged into their madness, the yellows are getting pretty bitter. What is making them even more sick is the reconciliation between FPM and LF. One post from habileh Hablabla confirms what I am saying.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 17:02

Blabla, you are one person with very very good hearing, definitely since you can hear our dear Bachir cry from his grave. Unfortunately for you your incredible hearing capacities and gift have taken up much of the space in your thick cranial skull, leaving your creator with only one option, to create with the little available space a tiny winy brain just to remind you when it's bed time. Wou shu 2al hal habileh, KSA is paying me. You ya Hablabla do remind me of someone we all know in this forum, so if you need a job do apply with my telecoms company, we definitely need someone with your hearing prowess, in Africa we have cats coming to steal the milk form the fridge, you might help us find these little felines.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 17:52

Ya habibi ya Hablabla, you said and I quote, "Sorry, I am not like you, someone to be on the payroll of KSA." end of quote. Give me one iota, one shred of evidence, one hair strand to prove that I am on KSA payroll, wlak ya 3ameh, one speck of dust? So there you are, somewhere on planet earth picking up on random accusations fermented and fomented in your mind, or rather the constrained one? To prove my point, just because my company operates in 5 African countries, your little tiny winy brain says the word Underdeveloped? That's highly prejudicial my confused friend, the word Development Opportunities make a lot more sense you see? I am happy for you owning a company in France, Vive La France mais je ne suis pas Charlie tu vois? Sorry, tu entends? So what does your company do, apart of hearing dead people from their graves?

Thumb EagleDawn 27 June 2015, 18:33

@blablablablabla is a business tycoon operating different companies on the dahieh stock exchange and is a licensed serious 7 Nasdaq broker. He deals in junk bonds, blue chips, and emerging markets. His comments are always full of wisdom, on point, and void of personal attacks. example of his comments:
"I am hearing Bachir crying in his tomb because of your stupid words as you are using his image for this silly propaganda, Dhimi..."
@blablabla represents the elite and educated lebanese shia expatriates. We wish you great success in your present and future financial ventures.

Thumb liberty 28 June 2015, 03:41

said the illiterate irrelevant blablabla

Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 17:05

Ne nous accuse pas pour notre reaction a tes conneries, mais franchement ya Hablabla, plus que tu parle et plus que tu deviens con. Comme on dit, "Le nom des cons est inscrit partout". Essaye de t'amuser ce weekend ya Hablabla, t'en as besoin.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:01

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 17:55

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:03

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:12

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:22

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:28

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:31

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Thumb -phoenix1 27 June 2015, 18:33

Bon, pas de reponse, moi j'me casses.

Thumb Dewey.Wakim.and.Wenn 27 June 2015, 21:38

Genral Ali Mamlouk and President Bashar Assad at it again, brilliant!

Missing imagine_1979 27 June 2015, 22:02

Maybe someone tricked them
Into that one to.....

Thumb kanaandian 28 June 2015, 01:20

keep torturing those turkish animals, maybe more plots will be thwarted.