Jumblat Defends Army, Urges Politicians to Distance it from Debate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat defended the army on Friday saying it is the “only side capable of safeguarding Lebanon,” and called on all political factions to “keep it away from any disputes to maintain the morale of the soldiers.”

“In light of the current paralysis that the state and its institutions are witnessing, and with the continuing disruption of the people's interests for unacceptable reasons, the Lebanese army remains the parent organization that protects the nation from the ongrowing risks from all sides,” said Jumblat in a statement.

“The army is worthy of being distanced from political debates so that it is capable of maintaining the high morale of soldiers to be able to carry out the tasks entrusted to it .”

“Targeting the army does not give any benefits. Preserving stability is much more important than any other,” the PSP leader concluded.

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun accused army troops on Thursday of starting the confrontations with the FPM protesters on July 9 near the Grand Serail, putting the blame squarely on “the Army Command.”

Aoun had called on his supporters to take to the streets during that cabinet session to protest what he described as “the encroachment on the Christian president's powers in the absence of a head of state.”

Lebanon has been without a president since the term of Michel Suleiman's term ended in May.



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Missing humble 24 July 2015, 15:47

Jumbo, are you urging the Caporal? You know he cannot understand.

Were you able to talk to the French president if he can take him back for another 15 years. After all, history will talk about another NapoleAoun being in exile....

Thumb Mystic 24 July 2015, 18:03

Why does he not defend his Druze people in Syria?

Thumb janoubi 24 July 2015, 18:14

because it is none of his business

Thumb Mystic 24 July 2015, 21:01

The fact remains that Jumblats weakness for his peoples survival is so clear.
So is Geageas.
Good thing we have the Resistance to take care of the good and vulnerable people ready to fight for theie families and sects against the menace of takfiris.

Thumb Mystic 24 July 2015, 20:56

So you confirm that the King of Jordan and Erdogan sultan of Turkey control those takfiri elements slaughtering the Druze in Suweida.

Even worse fact is, Jumblat let it go with no condemnation what so ever.
Good thing the real Druze does not listen to him and fights for their sects survival.

Default-user-icon willypete222 (Guest) 25 July 2015, 02:14

Jumblatt just came back from filling his pockets in saudi arabia!
the takes his orders from hariri!
he was the one who told the syrian druze not to fight with assad, fso assad stepped aside and let al-nusra kill 20 of them!

Thumb -phoenix1 25 July 2015, 16:59

Because ya Mystic ya aflatoun enet the Resistance is there to liberate Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Israel, the Commoros, Balestine, Gaza, everywhere there is a need to liberate the land of its ethnic inhabitants.

Default-user-icon Joud (Guest) 24 July 2015, 21:46

People, stop focusing on Michel Aoun, he is a hand puppet, focus on the hand, the puppet is only there to get you to look away.

Missing humble 24 July 2015, 23:42

why don't you ever talk about Iran???