Qahwaji Says Army Should be Fully Ready to Confront Terror

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji said in his Order of the Day on Friday that troops should be fully ready to confront terrorism and unite amid regional and local crises.

“You continued to confront terrorism relentlessly” and with “courage,” he told soldiers on the occasion of Army Day.

“The Lebanese army has reached a high level of professionalism in its confrontation of terrorist organizations,” the general said.

He urged the military “to be fully ready to confront terrorism and the Israeli enemy which continues to violate Lebanese sovereignty in different ways.”

“The strength of your institution lies in its unity,” he said, adding that troops stay at a distance from all sides and are committed to the National Accord.

“The regional crisis and continued Lebanese political divisions that have caused the presidential vacuum require your unity,” said Qahwaji.

This year, Lebanon celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Lebanese army's founding, a year after the attack of terrorists on military bases in the northeastern border town of Arsal, he added.

Al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front and Islamic State group extremists overran Arsal in August last year and engaged in heavy gunbattles with the military.

They also took with them hostages from the army and police and later executed four of them.

The army chief vowed to exert all efforts to release the captives.

Qahwaji also urged troops to consolidate their “confidence in the nation” and “express pride” in the military institution which has protected Lebanon.



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Default-user-icon southern.mowaten (Guest) 31 July 2015, 10:10

but only yesterday you said he was a sa3oodi stooge? you forgot?
God Bless

Default-user-icon illegitimate & illiterate.southern (Guest) 31 July 2015, 14:49

so well explained and so well referred

Default-user-icon julia butrous (Guest) 31 July 2015, 15:54

i love it when you refer

Thumb marcus 31 July 2015, 10:14

and as a gift to the army and in a show of appreciations for all the army's sacrifices
وزراء “حزب الله” و”التيار الوطني الحر” رفضوا التوقيع على مرسوم ترقية الضباط من مختلف الأسلاك وتخريج ضباط المدرسة الحربية.
God Bless.

Missing humble 31 July 2015, 10:40

Destroying the last Institution which can protect Lebanon...

Default-user-icon sharing and God Bless (Guest) 31 July 2015, 10:16

possible if the resistance shares some of the weapons it is using to kill Syrians with the Lebanese Armed Forces so it can better confront the common enemies. Bless You

Default-user-icon raptoring.mowaten (Guest) 31 July 2015, 14:32

Dear : @zionist.naharnet.mod and flamethrower
Do you know if mowaten is serving us his idiocy under more than 60 screen names?

Default-user-icon Blessings (Guest) 31 July 2015, 15:49

God Bless you more flamethrower for voting 19 times. Keep up democracy

Default-user-icon zionist.naharnet (Guest) 31 July 2015, 15:56

sorry flamethrower, I think @sharing and God Bless (Guest) was referring to the resistance not Iran... unless you consider the resistance and Iran as one entity.

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 31 July 2015, 16:27

Dear Mr. Qahwaji
I am concerned about flamethrower. Do you think he is mentally disturbed?

Missing humble 31 July 2015, 10:41

Shame on the Caporal. A traitor and a destructor.

Missing humble 31 July 2015, 10:49

The enemies of Lebanon (in addition to the takfiris, terrorists and Israel) are:
1 - Syria
2 - Iran
3 - Ebola
4 - Caporal
5 - Any Lebanese supporting Ebola and any Christian supporting Caporal.

Thumb barrymore 31 July 2015, 13:25

not a good question to someone who wants to be president.

Default-user-icon tric.hass.1978 (Guest) 31 July 2015, 14:27

SOS.....SOS..... save the cristhians in levant from Mecca

Default-user-icon just wondering but not raptoring (Guest) 31 July 2015, 17:51

why do we have the army and the resistance? Why can't we have the resistance only?

Thumb Elemental 01 August 2015, 04:42

Are you high again Southern?

Thumb Elemental 01 August 2015, 04:43

Hi Movaten :)

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:30

That so-called resistance of yours ya Southern is anything BUT a resistance. It goes and invites the sh*t into our country, and we together with our army, we have to clean up after your gibberish. Leave Israel alone and Israel will not bother us. Leave Syria alone, and no sob IS terrorist will dare touch us. Your so-called Resistance trash is what is attracting the flies and all pests into our country.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:32

When we see bad losers what do we see them do? How would they behave? They will create a zillion silly trolls, forget about the same manners, thumb themselves up, thumb us down and never forget, that dirty tongue of theirs. The more you sobs try, the less you make sense. Adults you may be in age, but kids below 5 you remain, screwed up idiots you are, to be perfectly clear.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:36

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