Berri Says Aoun Lost Opportunity on Appointments, Criticizes Irresponsible Behaviors

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri has said that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun lost the opportunity of bringing his son-in-law as army chief by rejecting the names proposed by Defense Minister Samir Moqbel.

Berri, whose remarks were published in local dailies on Monday, told his visitors that an opportunity, which will not come again, has been lost.

He said Aoun “waged the wrong battle and his representatives (in the cabinet) did not take the advantage of Moqbel's proposal of a series of candidates for the army leadership,” including the FPM leader's son-in-law Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz, who is the Commando Regiment chief.

Berri told his visitors that he would have backed Roukoz's appointment along with Hizbullah, the FPM's allies and possibly Kataeb ministers.

But it is now difficult to meet Aoun's demand to appoint Roukoz as army leader following Moqbel's decision to extend the terms of the military commander, the chief of staff and the head of the Higher Defense Council, said Berri.

The speaker denied that he has launched an initiative to resolve the dispute on the appointment of high-ranking military and security officials.

But he said Aoun has the right to call for demonstrations to express the FPM's stances on condition that he does not paralyze the life of the people.

The FPM leader called Saturday on his supporters to get ready to stage demonstrations against the military extensions.

Berri also lamented that Lebanon will not be the first to benefit from the repercussions of the nuclear deal signed between Iran and major powers last month.

“We are wasting time with repulsive and irresponsible behaviors,” he said.

Meanwhile, in an interview published in the Egyptian daily al-Ahram, Berri said that the election of a new president requires Saudi-Iranian assistance.

Lebanon has been without a head of state since President Michel Suleiman's six-year term ended in May last year.

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Thumb ex-fpm 10 August 2015, 08:21

كيف ولدت مبادرة رفع سن تقاعد العسكريين؟كيف-ولدت-مبادرة-رفع-سن-تقاعد-العسكريين

Thumb -phoenix1 10 August 2015, 13:22

Shia, Aoun is now truly done and over with. Nabih Berri, to the surprise of everyone has now stepped out of conventional M8 lines to congratulate Qahwaji of his term extension by Moqbel and simultaneously attacking Aoun on his wish to appoint Roukoz. Berri has also surprised everyone by not going along with his allies at Hezbollah, a wedge that seemingly is growing with time. Contrary to what some may think, Amal and Hezbollah are not the best of bedfellows, and now the split is getting more and more pronounced. Despite all his wrongs as a person, Berri remains distinctly a different breed of ideology from the theocratic Hezbollah. Let it not surprise anyone if and when Berri calls parliament to convene and elect a new president, one who will be neither Geagea and especially not Aoun or anyone of his family circles. Them times are changin'.

Missing humble 10 August 2015, 09:35

Very mentally ill....and you want him for president???

Thumb -phoenix1 10 August 2015, 14:01

Terminally mentally ill ya Humble, there are people in the know who will attest that Aoun is breaking down altogether and that only a constant massive administration of prescription drugs and permanent medical attention are keeping him on his feet. Aoun is fatigued both mentally and physically, by all estimates this grumpy old man is not even capable of leading his own FPM, now in vegetative state, let alone the nation. His recent public appearances have confirmed what was suspected, that Aoun is down, and I pray that he will be out soon. I personally attach much of the blame on Samir Geagea who is gullible enough to ever have believed in Aoun, by giving him our weapons in 1989. Aoun was also in the middle of the lenses of an LF marksman in early 1990, why did Geagea refuse to give the OK for him to be shot?!! We would have been sparred all this sh*t.

Missing humble 10 August 2015, 09:47

Voilà le Caporal isolé. Par lui-même. Au lieu de l'aider, comme il l'imaginait, l'alliance avec Ebola l'a détruit. Le caporal et son gendre privilégié savent faire de la politique autant qu'un chauffeur de taxi sait conduire un vaisseau spatial jusqu'à la planète Mars.

Missing humble 10 August 2015, 10:01

Born loser: every single decision he has taken was always wrong!!!

Thumb -phoenix1 10 August 2015, 13:28

Humble, this is what I said from 1989 till now. I was one senior officer at the LF, right there at the Karantina LF HQ telling Geagea at the time, that he was making a grave mistake by giving Aoun LF weapons. Geagea not only gave the Clown weapons as much as he wanted, but he also gave him the Command Cars (Commie cars as they're called here) on which the weapons were loaded. Geagea said then, "Al general Bi moun", but I told Geagea that he will live to regret this dumb and stupid decision of his, Bachir would have never fallen for this, not even for a second. Aoun has never taken a wise decision, just arrit 7akeh wou bass, wou Geagea believed him, imagine?!!

Default-user-icon glee (Guest) 10 August 2015, 10:38

Berri wouldn't be able to say this without the backing and consent of hassan nasralla, at least from the shadows.

Thumb -phoenix1 10 August 2015, 14:03

Glee, Berri has been trying to wiggle out of Hezbollah grips for sometimes now. Currently he is manifesting his desire for independence more and more assertively. We shall see in due time.

Thumb ex-fpm 10 August 2015, 11:12

ميليشيا حزب الله تشيع 6 عناصر بينهم قياديون قتلوا في الزبداني

Default-user-icon flamethrower.... (Guest) 10 August 2015, 12:07

Dear Mr. Abbeis Ibraheim
what is the (((((argumentation))))) behind my banning today?

Default-user-icon darwr101 (Guest) 10 August 2015, 14:58

Berri needs to look in the mirror when it comes to irresponsible mirrors.

Thumb -phoenix1 10 August 2015, 16:29

@ kataebi1965, I know quite a good number of his partisans (now ex) who are now truly embarrassed to be associated with Aoun or the FPM, one of them is in fact a net financier who feels he has been cheated of his cash.

Thumb -phoenix1 10 August 2015, 17:18

Poor FT, poor M8ers, life is getting just too hard for them.