Lavrov: Damascus Shelling of Russia Embassy an 'Act of Terror'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday described the shelling of Moscow's embassy in Damascus as an "act of terror" aimed at intimidating those who support Moscow's bombing campaign in Syria. 

"It is a clear act of terror meant to scare supporters of fighting terrorism," Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, after two rockets struck the Russian embassy compound.

Nobody was killed during the incident which took place as some 300 people were rallying near the embassy in support of Russia's recent intervention in Syria.

Demonstrators had been waving Russian flags and holding up large photographs of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We are counting on the perpetrators being found and that measures be taken to prevent such acts in the future," Lavrov said, adding Moscow would investigate the incident along with Syrian authorities. 

Russian late last month launched a bombing campaign in the war-torn country at the request of its ally President Bashar al-Assad against what Moscow says are targets of the Islamic State jihadist group and other "terrorists". 

On Tuesday, Russia's defence ministry said its air force had hit 86 targets in Syria in the past 24 hours, destroying "terrorist" command posts, training camps and ammunition depots. 

And Syria's Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front called on jihadists from the Caucasus to perpetrate attacks in Russia in response to the air strikes. 

Lavrov was on Tuesday meeting the United Nations' Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura in Moscow for the first time since the Kremlin launched its bombing campaign.

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Default-user-icon Ayatollah Sayyed Abdulamir Putin (Guest) 13 October 2015, 11:48

thank you Putin and well deserved.

Default-user-icon well.deserved (Guest) 13 October 2015, 11:50

well deserved

Thumb Mystic 13 October 2015, 11:58

Now the Russians will intensify their airstrikes, the salafis have a way of making it all worse for themselves, but ofcourse the EU, NATO and cowards in the West and Gulf will blame Russia for everything.

Missing humble 13 October 2015, 12:22

Of course they both are.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 13 October 2015, 13:50


Default-user-icon iPhone 6S Plus review: Bigger is (mostly) better (Guest) 13 October 2015, 14:27

how many fake accounts do you have Mystic? Yesterday you voted yourself up 55 times? Are you proud of this achievement?

Thumb Mystic 13 October 2015, 12:48

Syria will be their next Chechnya, bomb the takfiris until there is nothing left to bomb.

They are not unfamiliar with you wahabis, they know fully well how to deal with your kind.

Missing humble 13 October 2015, 12:57

Your Caporal went kissing the hands and the A... of the wahhabis 5 months ago....!!!!

Thumb Mystic 13 October 2015, 13:10

You are a wahabi too, not very humble though.

Default-user-icon 2016 Honda Accord: Evolution of a mainstream classic (Guest) 13 October 2015, 14:22

and what are you Mystic?

Missing humble 13 October 2015, 12:56

French reports are that in the last 100 airstrikes only 7 were against IS and the rest against the rebels.

Thumb Mystic 13 October 2015, 13:09

What rebels?
Al Nusra?

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 13 October 2015, 13:11

What resistance?

Thumb Mystic 13 October 2015, 13:17

S3udi.wa7abi if you are a Christian then I'm Osama bin laden.

Did you forget what Nusra did?
Yes Hezbollah Resistance
Nusra = "moderates" according to you judas.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 13 October 2015, 13:42

here for your reading pleasure iranian , this is just in.
مقتل 4 مسلحين من "حزب الله" في معارك بريف إدلب بسوريا.

Thumb justin 13 October 2015, 16:17

وسائل إعلام إيرانية: مقتل القيادي في الحرس الثوري فرشاد حسوني زاده في سوريا

Thumb Mystic 13 October 2015, 16:24

Did Geagea give you those news?

Thumb skeletor 13 October 2015, 16:38

I did

Thumb liberty 14 October 2015, 06:02

بعد أقل من ثمان وأربعين ساعة على مصرع قائد عمليات «حزب الله» في ادلب حسن حسين الحاج الملقب بـ»أبو محمد الأقليم« والذي شيع أول من أمس في بلدة اللويزة قرب النبطية، أكدت معلومات أمس مصرع القائد الميداني في الحزب مهدي عبيد في سوريا. كما أعلن الحزب مقتل أحد عناصره في سوريا حسين عبد الله ركين «فداء» والذي سيشيع عند الرابعة والنصف من عصر اليوم في بلدته الشهابية الجنوبية.

وكانت مصادر أمنية تحدثت عن ارتفاع عدد قتلى الحزب خلال اليومين الماضيين في سوريا بشكل ملحوظ، بعد مقتل القائدين الميدانيين البارزين الحاج وعبيد اضافة الى مصرع كل من علي الرضا عبدالله من طاريا البقاع، ولامع موسى فارس من مارون الراس وقتيلين آخرين من بلدة عيترون الحدودية.

Thumb liberty 14 October 2015, 06:07

‏مسؤول أمني ايراني لـ"رويترز": آلاف الجنود الإيرانيين في سوريا يستعدون للمشاركة في هجوم بري بمحافظة حلب

Yet, the sectarian head of the shia terrorist party says there are no iranians fighting in Syria.

Thumb justin 14 October 2015, 09:21

"سكاي نيوز"- مسؤولون إيرانيون: آلاف الجنود الإيرانيين في سوريا للمشاركة في معركة حلب وهم يستعدون للهجوم المرتقب.

Default-user-icon illegitimate & illiterate.southern (Guest) 13 October 2015, 14:23

Thank you for being you
Please never change
I adore you

Default-user-icon How Microsoft's Surface Book could save Windows (Guest) 13 October 2015, 14:25

"Why no M8 comments?"
because "He" only votes

Default-user-icon Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the lack of cooperation with U.S. on Syria. (Guest) 13 October 2015, 14:39

southern do you celebrate 3ashoura?

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 13 October 2015, 15:12

Lavrov: Damascus Shelling of Russia Embassy an 'Act of Terror'

But Russia's shelling of Syrian cities with cluster bombs is an 'Act of Friendship'

Default-user-icon Ayri.feekon.wa7ad.wa7ad (Guest) 13 October 2015, 15:35

But it's their cities and their villages bro, and it is their right bro....pffft

Default-user-icon saturn (Guest) 13 October 2015, 16:21

This used to be a nice forum where you could actually discuss issues. Now it's just spam bots calling others trolls.
Milk is not always white

Default-user-icon Darwr101 (Guest) 13 October 2015, 19:09

This war is only going to intensify until either Nusra and the other jihadist crazies give up or Russia admits its intervention is a lost cause and looks for a way out without Assad.

Thumb liberty 14 October 2015, 06:10

texas; this thug pretends to be naive but he is no different than the filthiest sectarian thugs the likes of mowaten and flamethrower.