Geagea: Pointless to Carry Out Development Projects that Could be Hindered by War

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said it was pointless to build a state that could be damaged by war in the future, lamenting that the political situation in the country wasn't stable yet.

In an interview published in the first issue of Maraya Al Jebbe magazine, Geagea said: "The situation in Lebanon hasn't been stabilized yet and if there is no stability and we don't get a state with clear features, then builders are in vain getting tired."

"It would be pointless to build a road that could be destroyed tomorrow by missiles and pointless to plan for a development project in an atmosphere that doesn't encourage investment in the country because it wouldn't succeed," the LF leader told his interviewer.

The government and parliament won't be able to hold sessions if development, social, cultural and economic issues were not settled, he said.

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