Hollande Telephones Franjieh one Day after Meeting Hariri

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Marada leader MP Suleiman Franjieh received a telephone call on Friday from French President Francois Hollande in light of the political settlement that saw a possible nomination of the lawmaker for the post of the presidency.

The phone call lasted for almost fifteen minutes, said LBCI.

It comes a day after a meeting between al-Mustaqbal movement chief Saad Hariri and Hollande took place in the French capital.

After the Paris meeting the French president stressed the necessity to end the vaccum in Lebanon, saying: “It is crucial that the presidential crisis ends.”

There has been a flurry of political talks in the country that followed a Paris meeting between Franjieh and Hariri.

The meeting sparked intense speculation that the two leaders agreed to the nomination of the Marada chief for the presidency.

Lebanon has been without a president since May 2014 when the term of Michel Suleiman ended without the election of a successor.

Ongoing disputes between the rival March 8 and 14 camps over a compromise candidate have thwarted the polls.



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Default-user-icon Sleimein (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:47

Imagine being barely able to read or write and you receive a phone call from the French president while playing video games with your friends.

Default-user-icon Batrak (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:50

Ental Batrak Ya Sleymein

Thumb sophia_angle 04 December 2015, 13:52

did Putin called him?

Default-user-icon Putana Putin (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:59

I only call General Aoun

Default-user-icon Julia Butrus (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:52

My handsome president

Default-user-icon Mike and Mary (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:55

You are the One! We love you Franjieh; Aoun eat your heart out. Zgharta is the new capital of Lebanon.

Thumb sophia_angle 04 December 2015, 14:15

well only Hakim n General will decide on that ;)

Default-user-icon Harvard Business School (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:55

We will offer Suleiman Franjieh an honorary PHD once he becomes President

Default-user-icon Haifa Wehbeh (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:58

I am no longer the highest educated celebrity in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Nobel Peace Prize Committee (Guest) 04 December 2015, 13:58

Definitely a serious candidate for this year's Prize!

Default-user-icon Just wondering (Guest) 04 December 2015, 14:00

Did Hollande speak with Franjieh in French?

Default-user-icon Bingo World Association (Guest) 04 December 2015, 14:00

Congratulations to Mr. Franjieh on his almost secured Presidency. Bingo will become Lebanon's favorite game.

Thumb sophia_angle 04 December 2015, 14:00

General: wala yomkin ow wi wo wi
Hakim: lah lah lah tab3an tab3an tab3an lah

Default-user-icon from Zghorta (Guest) 04 December 2015, 14:09

Aoun who? lol lol lol

Default-user-icon the_roar of roars (Guest) 04 December 2015, 14:09

The general of Generals and Idi Amin are the only 2 generals working for Lebanon's interests at the moment.... the rest pfffft.

Thumb justin 04 December 2015, 14:51

seems like a done deal

Thumb ex-fpm 04 December 2015, 14:55

Aoun's demands to endorse franjieh:

السلة العونية
اللقاء بين فرنجية والراعي، نقل ترشيح فرنجية إلى مستوى أكثر جدية، ووضعه في دائرة الممكن، خاصة في ظل حديث يدور عن "سلة" عونية قد تقدم من قبل زعيم التيار الوطني الحر العماد ميشال عون مقابل تأييده وموافقته على ترشيح فرنجية وتتضمن الحصول:
- على موقف صريح بتبني قانون انتخاب نسبي
- إضافة إلى اتفاق واضح على تولي رئيس التيار جبران باسيل وزارة الداخلية
- وأيضا استدعاء الجنرال شامل روكز من التقاعد وتعيينه قائدا للجيش
- وأن يحصل على الحصة الكاملة في تعيينات الدرجة الأولى في دوائر الدولة.

Once again, it is clear than aoun cares only about himself and his family business.

Thumb thepatriot 04 December 2015, 15:16

endowed... that means distance himself from himself... it is absurd.

Default-user-icon ado.australia (Guest) 04 December 2015, 16:30

• طائرات إسرائيلية تستهدف قافلة أسلحة لميليشيا حزب الله كانت متجهة إلى لبنان بالقرب من اللواء 155 بالقطيفة بريف دمشق
• مقتل 3 عناصر لميليشيا حزب الله في غارتين لطائرات إسرائيلية على قافلة أسلحة لميليشيا حزب الله في القطيفة

I told everybody that even Israel cannot fly over Lebanon or Syria because of the might Russian S400. I now feel stupid....... as usual.

Default-user-icon bahdale (Guest) 04 December 2015, 16:54

Wonder if it was the other way around and our president is calling the French candidate to discuss the frech presidency. Will French people be as understanding as us? the mere fact that foreign intervention has become the accepted norm in Lebanon tells how politically immature we are. sickening and sad...

Thumb ashtah 04 December 2015, 16:58

أعلن الموقع الالكتروني الرسمي لـ”تيار المردة” ان الرئيس الفرنسي فرانسوا هولاند اتصل برئيس “تيار المردة” سليمان فرنجية، وجرى بحث في كافة المستجدات والتطورات على الساحتين الاقليمية والدولية.

وذكرت الـLBCI ان الاتصال دام 15 دقيقة.

Hollande: Bonjour Monsieur le Président

15 minutes later after having his son tony use google translator....

Franjieh : Bonjour à toi aussi