Reports: Clinton E-Mail Reveals Hizbullah 'Base in Cuba'


The U.S. State Department's latest release of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's e-mails revealed that she had received a message claiming Hizbullah is seeking to set up a base in Cuba to carry out attacks in Latin America, several Cuban and Western news outlets reported.

According to the reports, the author of the e-mail, Sidney Blumenthal, stated that he received the information from “extremely sensitive sources.”

The Israeli Mossad believes that Hizbullah’s targets were “Israel’s diplomatic and business interests” in the region, Blumenthal argued.

But he said the group had been “instructed to also begin casing facilities associated with the United States and the United Kingdom, including diplomatic missions, major banks, and businesses.”

According to the e-mail, Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah led negotiations with Cuba’s intelligence agency, promising that his party would keep a “very low profile inside of Cuba.”

“Nasrallah also promised to take measures to avoid any trail of evidence that could lead back to Cuba in the event of a Hizbullah attack in Latin America,” said Blumenthal.

Clinton, a top White House candidate in the 2016 race, has been dogged by allegations that her use of a private email server while in office, rather than a secure government system, had put U.S. secrets at risk.

The State Department has so far released nearly 46,000 pages of emails out of a total 55,000 pages.

Clinton has repeatedly denied doing anything wrong but the issue has been a major source of controversy in her presidential campaign.



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Filthy murdering militia

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Le suceur de Khomeinistes est de sortie

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what nonsense.