Hariri Urges Saudi King 'Not to Abandon Lebanon': Rogue Voices Attacking Kingdom Don't Represent Lebanese

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri on Monday urged Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz not to “abandon Lebanon,” a few days after the kingdom decided to halt $4 billion in military aid to Lebanon over what it called "hostile Lebanese positions resulting from the stranglehold of Hizbullah on the State."

“Loyalty to the kingdom means loyalty to Lebanon and any insult against the kingdom represents an insult against Lebanon,” said Hariri at a press conference.

“Diplomacy is the policy of ironing out the differences but some are using it to destroy Lebanon's ties with its Arab brothers,” Hariri added, hitting out at Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil.

Accusing Bassil and the foreign ministry of “breaching Arab consensus,” the ex-PM described recent Lebanese diplomatic stances as “a sin that has made Lebanon, the Lebanese people and the military and security institutions pay the price.”

He was referring to Bassil's abstention from voting on Arab League and world Muslim body statements condemning attacks by protesters on Saudi Arabia's embassy and consulate in Iran. The minister had objected to a phrase describing Hizbullah as “terrorist” in the Arab League statement.

“Not respecting ethics and the national interest in addressing brotherly countries is a political crime against the State and the interests of the Lebanese,” Hariri added, referring to recent anti-Saudi statements by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

“We are gathered here to say in a loud voice that we will return any insults addressed to Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf States. We are here to say that no one can revoke Lebanon’s Arab identity and that state institutions are not protectorates for the Iranian policies in the region,” Hariri stressed.

“We paid with blood and martyrs and will continue the path of peaceful national struggle to protect Lebanon’s Arab identity and the integrity of its people,” he pledged.

Addressing Saudi Arabia and its leadership and the leaders of the Gulf states, Hariri underlined that “the rogue voices attacking (them) do not speak in the name of Lebanon and the Lebanese and do not represent them.”

“These are the voices of those who turned against Arabism and withdrew from the national consensus. We will not give them the chance to seize the Lebanese Republic regardless of the challenges,” Hariri vowed.

“We will remain the sons of the State and will not hand the State to anyone. Our choice is the State, and our project is to build the State. We did not surrender in the past and we will not surrender now. Our identity is Arabism and our destiny is Arabism,” he went on to say.

Hariri then urged King Salman “not to abandon Lebanon and to continue supporting it.”

Hariri also called on all Lebanese “without exception, from all regions and sects, residents and expatriates,” to sign a petition of “solidarity with the Arab consensus, and of loyalty to the brotherly Arab countries.”

Below is the text of the petition:

“In order to preserve Lebanon's higher interest.

Based on the responsibility of Lebanon, as a founding member of the Arab League,

we the signatories of this national petition confirm the following:

1. The commitment of the Lebanese people and State to the obligations of the Arab consensus.

2. The rejection of the campaigns that distort the image of Lebanon and harm its fraternal relations with our brothers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

3. The appeal to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, and to the leaders of the GCC countries, not to abandon Lebanon and to continue supporting it.

Lebanon will remain a model of coexistence, loyal to its Arab belonging, and strong in its commitment to the independence of the country and its free decision.”


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Missing heroes 22 February 2016, 21:58

yes we share the language @terrorist
Tell me my friend, do we also share the culture with 3arabia?

Missing heroes 22 February 2016, 22:02

Yislamlih hal tim ya b.k.s

Thumb jabal10452 22 February 2016, 22:22

Sorry Tex, I hit the "report" button when I mean to answer your comment. Anyway, that's exactly what I mean: we're better off staying out of that snake pit that they call the Arab League. It's a club of Tyrants and thugs. I say keep Arab countries at arm's length. Interact but don't integrate.

Thumb justin 22 February 2016, 22:28

here is some good news:

Syrian President Bashar Assad has called for parliamentary elections on April 13.

Missing helicopter 23 February 2016, 01:52

While I share the view that KSA had positive economic impact on Lebanon throughout the decades and were helpful during some crises I will disagree with Harriri's statement "“Loyalty to the kingdom means loyalty to Lebanon and any insult against the kingdom represents an insult against Lebanon,” said Hariri at a press conference.".
Only loyalty to Lebanon mean loyalty to Lebanon, and only an insult to Lebanon is an insult to Lebanon. Otherwise we should not objecct to an M*er saying Loyalty to Iran is loyalty to Lebanon and an insult to Iran is an insult to Lebanon. We might be Arabs, but above all we are LEBANESE.

Thumb beiruti 23 February 2016, 04:25

Let's be real people, KSA pulls it's money from the Lebanese banks and stops buying your debt, Lebanon is DOA. Fini. Basil, or Imbassil has spoken (again) without thinking and stuck his finger I. The eye of Lebanon's banker. Action. Reaction, cut off of the money. Result: economic disaster financial default aunt can be corrected.

Thumb liberty 23 February 2016, 04:53

Bassil's actions have nothing to with choosing national unity over arab unity. We have no national unity and never will. From the core issue of the existence of hezbollah to the trash crisis, our national "dis-unity" is clearly demonstrated. As you can see from the above comments we are an archipelago of sects thinly glued together. Bassil's actions were and still are to please Hezbollah and Iran. We have zero benefit from taking any action that might jeopardize our relationships with the arab world.

Missing heroes 23 February 2016, 22:05

Thank you @liberty You would know what religion I practice, and what values I have. I suppose you know it all.

Thumb liberty 23 February 2016, 04:41

@heroes it is obvious as a Christian you share the same culture of wilayat al faqih with hezbollah. Your religious customs, values, and practices are almost identical to those practiced by Hezbollah.