Jumblat Says 'Irresponsible Statements' Putting Lebanese Expats in Danger

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party chief MP Walid Jumblat warned on Wednesday that Lebanese expatriates were in danger over what he termed as “irresponsible” remarks made by some officials.

“By irresponsible statements, (we are) endangering Lebanese abroad,” Jumblat said on Twitter.

In a series of tweets in English, he called for changing such attitude “through local consensus or understanding … for the sake of the silent majority that has nothing to do with the regional conflicts.”

Jumblat hailed the attitude of Prime Minister Tammam Salam “through this terrible havoc.”

On Monday, Salam said he will head a ministerial delegation to visit Gulf states in the near future after Saudi Arabia halted security assistance deals worth $4 billion.

The Saudi move came after Lebanon failed to back the Sunni kingdom in its spat with Shiite powerhouse Iran, the leading backer of Hizbullah.

In a statement Monday, Salam insisted Beirut stands by Arab countries.

He said it is necessary to rectify relations between Lebanon and its "brothers," and "remove the stains" that surfaced recently.

Salam stressed that Lebanon will maintain its policy of "disassociation" from regional conflicts.

But his statement, which came after an extraordinary cabinet session that he chaired, was criticized by several officials for failing to slam Hizbullah which is fighting alongside troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Despite Salam's appeal, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday urged their citizens not to travel to Lebanon.

Jumblat wished Salam “more patience and wisdom” and urged “all parties to help him in these terrible times.”

“Consider Lebanon's interests above all interests,” said the PSP chief in one of the tweets.

He also wished that Lebanon's next president would be elected as soon as possible.

Lebanon has been without a head of state since May 2014.

Jumblat also criticized former Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi on his resignation.

“Resigning as some people did is not the appropriate approach according to me,” he tweeted.

“Finally to all politicians and leaders from all sides let us avoid the black whole ahead of us,” Jumblat added.



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Missing ysurais 24 February 2016, 11:14

u are right when we have some1 like imbassil it is disastrous..

Missing humble 24 February 2016, 11:35

Caporal and imbassil are destroying this country?

By which right a man who cannot become president destroys the future of a whole population???

Missing humble 24 February 2016, 11:39

DNA explains it all:


Thumb EagleDawn 24 February 2016, 12:35

Nothing new, Bassil is a confirmed corrupt liar.

Missing humble 24 February 2016, 11:52

When a person dies, thought Coluche, it's never hard for that person but for the others. It's the same for idiots.

Missing coolmec 24 February 2016, 14:32

Can anyone explain me the meaning of Lewat or Lewatian??
I've seen it many time on this site and have no clue what it means

Missing coolmec 24 February 2016, 14:46

Wow I certainly was not expecting something like that!!!
Thanks for the info @Flamethrower

Thumb nickjames 24 February 2016, 14:57

He said it is necessary to rectify relations between Lebanon and its "brothers," and "remove the stains" that surfaced recently.

-- that's what eau javel is for!

Default-user-icon One Lebanon (Guest) 25 February 2016, 05:14

Walid is 100% correct. We are at the door to a civil war. Next, foreign air carriers will stop flying to Beirut because the security is not in compliance with international standards. They have sent us two notices already. Part of the $4 billion was to correct this serious problem. Once the airport is closed we are land locked and we all know what happens next, the weak economy is destroyed and back to civil war.