Mashnouq Refuses to Label Hizbullah as Terrorist during Arab Interior Ministers Meeting

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq refused on Wednesday to label Hizbullah as a terrorist organization hours after the Gulf Cooperation Council had blacklisted the party, reported LBCI television.

The minister made his objection against the closing statement of the 33rd Arab Interior Ministers Conference held in Tunisia.

The gatherers at the conference had condemned the practices of Iran and Hizbullah, describing the Lebanese party as terrorist, said al-Jazeera television.

Mashnouq had stated ahead of the conference that he will defend “all the Lebanese people.”

“Outside Lebanon, I cannot but defend all the Lebanese,” he declared.

During the conference, he told the gatherers that no one can change the identity of the Arab people, adding: “We refuse to allow Lebanon to become a thorn in the Arab world's side.”

Iraq meanwhile voiced reservations over the closing statement.

Earlier on Wednesday, the GCC labeled Hizbullah a “terrorist organization,” a day after Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia of pressuring Lebanon to silence his party.

The GCC cited the party's "terrorist acts and incitement in Syria, Yemen and in Iraq," which were threatening Arab security.

Tensions rose in Lebanon last week when Saudi Arabia announced that it was halting $4 billion in aid to the Lebanese army and security forces.

Its decision was followed by a travel warning and a decision to blacklist several individuals and firms over their alleged ties with Hizbullah.

Several Gulf states also issued travel advisories to Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia has linked its move to Lebanon's refusal to join the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in condemning attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran, and alleged Hizbullah "terrorist acts against Arab and Muslim nations."



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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 02 March 2016, 18:34

Mashnouq has just guaranteed himself the seat of the next prime minister.

Missing helicopter 02 March 2016, 23:23

Mashnouq has just secured his safety, he will not be assassinated any time soon. I wish Rifi was the interior minister, the justice minister, the prime minister, etc.

Missing helicopter 02 March 2016, 23:45

I am sure his stance was coordinated with Sa3d (the coward)

Thumb popeye 03 March 2016, 01:59

Mashnouq Refuses to Label Hizbullah as Terrorist during Arab Interior Ministers Meeting

So stop whining about Hezbollah when it suits you. I pray these thugs come for you one day and so they should. When Bassil does the same, the fake Moustaqbal makes a national crisis out of it. Hypocrites

Thumb popeye 03 March 2016, 02:04

“حزب الله” وسلاح الكبتاغون – 2: استورد آلاته من إيران لتصنيع الكبتاغون

يعتبر هاشم الموسوي، شقيق النائب عن حزب الله في البقاع حسين الموسوي (ابو هشام) أحد أبرز وأخطر مصنعي حبوب الكبتاغون وأكبر المهربين. إذ عمد إلى إنشاء مصنعين لإنتاج هذه الحبوب واحد في منطقة بعلبك داخل مبنى أسسه ليكون حوزة علمية دينية وآخر في منطقة “التيرو” في الشويفات جنوب العاصمة بيروت تحت عنوان “مصنع نايلون” وكل مصنع وصلت قدرته الإنتاجية إلى 100 ألف حبة يوميا.

Thumb ex-fpm 03 March 2016, 09:35

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Thumb thepatriot 03 March 2016, 09:57

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Thumb liberty 02 March 2016, 18:36

Lebanon and specially this failed future movement deserve everything the terrorist hezbollah throws their way.

Thumb Elemental 02 March 2016, 19:11

Southern, as an Iranian you're under the same umbrella. By your own claim, you yourself are a foreigner, very hypocritical of you.

Thumb Elemental 02 March 2016, 20:53

Well flamethrower, for your petty information I wasn't talking about Machnouk, your friend Southern dismissed liberty's assessment, since in his brain defined liberty as foreign. As usual your Iranian tactics of manipulating are entertaining as always, cheers.

Thumb thepatriot 03 March 2016, 10:00

as an idiot, neither is yours.

Thumb Elemental 02 March 2016, 19:11

Pretty much.

Missing humble 02 March 2016, 19:23

According to the idiot, we all are zionists, let the idiot remain idiot....

Thumb Elemental 02 March 2016, 20:55

Go to bed flamethrower, you're embarrassing. Humble is absolutely correct, and that saddest part is you can't break passed your programming. It's all black and white for you, which is entertaining, yet sad at the same time.

Thumb Elemental 02 March 2016, 20:56

Humble it's sad how they think, but sometimes you just can't fix someone who refuses to think freely.

Thumb Elemental 02 March 2016, 22:22

One word: Sellouts.

Thumb Elemental 03 March 2016, 07:59

That includes you flamethrower :) and your 100 fake accounts.