Aoun Receives Assad Envoy who Emphasizes 'Deep' Ties

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Newly elected President Michel Aoun received at the Presidential Palace on Monday envoy of Syrian President and Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The envoy was accompanied by Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali, it added.

Azzam conveyed a congratulatory message from Syrian President Bashar Assad to Aoun on his election.

He also emphasized the “deep” ties between Syria and Lebanon.

Later during the day, Aoun received Head of the Lebanese-Syrian Higher Council Nasri Khoury.

Last week, Aoun was elected as Lebanon's 13th president, which ended around two and a half years of presidential and political vacuum.

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri's key support had contributed to the election of Aoun.

Hariri was designated on Thursday to form Lebanon's cabinet.

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Thumb ashtah 07 November 2016, 12:05

He receives the same regime that kicked him out of the presidential palace..... how times have changed.

Thumb .mowaten. 07 November 2016, 12:24

at some point lebanon needs to be at peace with syria, aoun recognized that years ago, when syrians got out of lebanon. it was harder to make peace with those who collaborated with syria and helped it invade and occupy lebanon (i.e. practically all those in m14) but that also was done. now maybe we can move on, finally.

Thumb EagleDawn 07 November 2016, 13:12

Even you mowaten of Iran are now at peace with Assad. remember when you broke through ISF lines and barriers in defiance and protest at Assad's occupation of Lebanon only to be met by brute force. If I recall you were also injured during that rough episode. But you forgot and forgave and on March 8 you went out and chanted " Choukran Souriya".

lol mowaten, go hang yourself from a crane in central tehran or better yet go sit on a mine you clown and spare us your sick jokes.

Thumb walid121 07 November 2016, 14:05

.mowaten. I'm not a big poster here but I have been using this site for over 45 years and recently I have been liking your posts, you're the only one informing these deluded ignorants. :)

Thumb pinocchio 07 November 2016, 14:10

Hey mowaten…you are one man this site so many personnels against you and you never backdown you tweet them back like a birdie on twitter...I salute your shia spirit..

Thumb Puppet 07 November 2016, 15:08

I respect Mr. Mowaten because he finally decided it is time to move on.

Thumb .mowaten. 07 November 2016, 17:41

keep clowning around with your fake accounts, i know you hate that lebanon and syria are close and have good ties now.
you israelis always prefer when are at war with each other.

Thumb barrymore 07 November 2016, 20:06

everybody who exposes you for the cheap sectarian paid troll that you are is a fake account huh?

Thumb .mowaten. 07 November 2016, 22:35

@barrymore: are you seriously telling me those one-liner accounts that follow me around and always post the same broken records after me arent fake accounts?
walid, shah, puppet, rita nahhas, CFTC and dozens of others, yet somehow terrorist the clown thinks it's me making fake accounts. lol

Thumb Mystic 07 November 2016, 13:00

Great news. Now we have better ties with over good neighbours.

President Aoun does not care about old grievances, he seeks stability in Lebanon.

Thumb barrymore 07 November 2016, 13:26

good neighbors? So why are you killing them;)?

Thumb Mystic 07 November 2016, 13:37

Yes according to you, isis and Al Qaeda are good neighbours.

Thumb .mowaten. 07 November 2016, 17:43

no anonyme, we "all know" bashar personally killed 200,000 babies and 100,000 women with his own hands. and so the US created nusra and ISIS and the FSA because they care so much about cute little babies and want to save them.

Thumb shab 07 November 2016, 18:01

hehehehe 7ilwe ya barrymore

Thumb .mowaten. 07 November 2016, 22:43

since you have the link anonyme, i suggest you watch it, and listen. really listen, and dont try to make up answers that dont exist or bend them to suit your twisted narrative.

Thumb .mowaten. 07 November 2016, 22:46

it's even more inconceivable that you dont get it, since you had that link and it is so clearly explained only 3 minutes into the interview

admit it, you never even watched it in the first place, did you?

Thumb .mowaten. 08 November 2016, 06:37

you have mental issues anonyme.

Thumb EagleDawn 08 November 2016, 10:51

you claim to be a jack of all trades ya irani, but a psychiatrist too????

Thumb barrymore 07 November 2016, 14:03


The principals of M14 go way beyond Hariri and Geagea and never die. They are what free and independent thinkers aspire for.

Thumb Southern...... 07 November 2016, 14:23

actually, the only one who remains active and represents M14 free thoughts is Rifi, an Al Nusra's follower....what a shitty aspiration!

btw, the ones who voted and still supporting him possess the same characteristics.

Thumb EagleDawn 07 November 2016, 14:27

mowaten of iran once said :

nobody who is anybody follows, respects or fears Rifi."

@Southern, you must be a nobody then.

Thumb Southern...... 07 November 2016, 14:39

@mowaten is right, because i disrespect Rifi and he doesn't worry me.

you see! what a mess you make whenever you try to state something by your own!!

Thumb marcus 07 November 2016, 14:54

if he does not worry you then stop mentioning him in every one of your posts ya troll.

Thumb Mystic 07 November 2016, 15:44

Did Rifis so called tough guy stance prevent Aoun from being elected?

He is a farce just like the rest of you.

Thumb Southern...... 07 November 2016, 15:46

it's to wake-up naive individuals like you!

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 07 November 2016, 16:06

Did Nassrallah's tough talk and bravado prevent those two dead shia terrorists in your avatar from being killed?

Thumb Southern...... 07 November 2016, 18:24


unlike you, the Lebanese Christians¹ are 80%natives the rest remained in the country during the crusade, Shia² are 90% natives the rest remained in the country during al-Ghifari mission from Yemen to Lebanon, Sunnis³ remained in the country durring the arab and ottoman domination, while the Druze⁴ they came from Palestine and Syria.

being a narrow-minded individual, i hope that this info will help your curiosity and don't twist it if someone asks you about the Lebanese different sects and their origin...ahh! you belong to group ³ .

Thumb justin 07 November 2016, 14:59

" مقتل عنصرين من مليشيا "حزب الله" خلال اشتباكات مع المعارضة السورية على جبهة 1070 شقة غرب مدينة حلب.

Thumb justice 07 November 2016, 18:20

I am sure our "strong" president demanded from this Syrian regime envoy that his government hand over Ali Mamlouk who is indicted by the Lebanese Judiciary for his involvement in the twin bombings in Tripoli.

Thumb ex-fpm 07 November 2016, 18:35

lol had to laugh at that one :))!

Thumb barrymore 07 November 2016, 20:08

If Aoun truly respects the Lebanese justice system he would have asked this lowlife syrian during the meeting. But he does not have the guts to do it. Then he talks about "nobody is above the law".