Aoun Vows to 'Protect State's Interests, Citizens' Rights'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Aoun on Thursday pledged to “protect the interests of the State” and to “preserve the rights of the citizens.”

“Lebanon will rise again and there are signs of improvement. The State will be strong again and Lebanon will return to being the first economic, financial and ethical hub in the Levant,” Aoun told a delegation from the Higher Greek Orthodox Council.

He also promised to cater to “the needs of citizens in Beirut and the rest of the Lebanese cities and towns,” noting that he will meet the invitations that he received from several Arab countries “on the basis of mutual respect, not subordination.”

Aoun's election as Lebanon's 13th president after two and a half years of presidential void has raised hopes that Lebanon can begin tackling challenges including a stagnant economy, a moribund political class and the influx of more than a million Syrian refugees.

In addition to pledges of economic growth and security, Aoun said in his oath of office that Lebanon must work to ensure Syrian refugees "can return quickly" to their country.

Aoun also pledged to endorse an "independent foreign policy" and to protect Lebanon from "the fires burning across the region."

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Thumb Southern...... 24 November 2016, 18:38

unlike his predecessor, Aoun is straightforward! "on the basis of mutual respect, not subordination"

i hope that the wahabi state takes note!

Thumb EagleDawn 24 November 2016, 19:13

why such hate toward the wahabi state which finally will supply the LAF with usd 3 billion worth of weapons ( once general aoun goes on a visit ) without condition!!!!, the safety of the Lebanese people then would depend on a strong army and as always a strong resistance.....why!?

Thumb EagleDawn 24 November 2016, 19:14

Paroles, paroles

Thumb Elemental 24 November 2016, 21:54

Wishful thinking.

Thumb liberty 25 November 2016, 04:26

he is just a useless waffler only fooling himself.

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 25 November 2016, 07:02

General Aoun and Assem Qansou are the only two world leaders working for Lebanon's interests at the moment.... the rest pfffft.

Thumb habib 25 November 2016, 11:45

Alla ye7mik ya fakhamet ra2ies
Alla ye7mik ya Dr geagea
Alla ya7mik ya shakh sa3ed
Alla welhezeb 7amik ya dawlat ra2eis
Alla ye7mik men hezbo ya lebnen

Missing peace 25 November 2016, 16:09

"Activists say the Eden Rock Resort development, greenlighted by the city's governor in September, is the first step to transforming the city's last public beach into yet another exclusive resort."

“preserve the rights of the citizens.”
=> really? LOL