Cabinet Avoids Tackling Electoral Law, Electricity, Gives Unlicensed Quarries 1 Month Grace Period

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The Cabinet held an ordinary session on Wednesday during which it avoided tackling the thorny issues of the electoral law and the electricity plan.

“The Prime Minister spoke about the importance of ministerial solidarity and the need to streamline the work in the Cabinet and follow up the file of the electoral law so it reaches its successful conclusion, with the insistence on reaching successful conclusions," Information Minister Melhem Riachi said in an official statement after the session.

He added: "The Cabinet approved an agenda of 114 items and two items from outside the agenda: a trip of the Prime Minister and the accompanying delegation to Qatar, and agreements between the Ministry of Culture and China."

"The issue of quarries was discussed and the Cabinet agreed that the owners of these quarries would use during one month their stocks and warehouses. During this month, all those who need to regularize their situation, if they meet the necessary conditions, should submit their request to the Ministry of Environment," Riachi said.

Asked whether the electricity file was tackled, Riachi said it "was not discussed."

As for the electoral law, the minister told reporters that “the ministerial committee tasked with studying the file discussed the issue (on Tuesday) and will continue discussing it with the main groups to reach a new electoral law as soon as possible."

Prior to the session, Hariri's adviser Nader Hariri had said that he was not aware of any new electoral law that might be proposed by Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil during the session.

And responding to President Michel Aoun's remarks on “the usurpation of Christian seats,” State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Qansou of the Syrian Social National Party urged “an end to sectarian rhetoric” and called for “a non-sectarian law, seeing us the usurpation of seats under the winner-takes-all system is not confined to the Christian seats.”

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Missing humble 11 May 2017, 10:52

All these people are working only for their own personal interest.