Jumblat Stresses Importance of 'Compromise', Wishes Better Days for Syrians


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat on Sunday stressed the importance of "compromises" in Lebanon as he wished better days for the Syrian people.

At a PSP ceremony in Baakline, Jumblat called on new PSP cadres to “achieve Kamal Jumblat's dreams and our dreams in equality, justice, Arabism, the liberation of the South from Israeli occupation and the establishment of a state-to-state relation with Syria when the circumstances there change.”

Jumblat also wished “freedom, stability, pluralism and dignity” for the Syrian people.

“As you remember, in the first days of the Cedar Revolution the martyr Samir Kassir said there can be no freedom and democracy in Lebanon as long as Syria is engulfed with destruction, oppression and chaos, but we must wait and be patient,” Jumblat said.

He added: “We must always accept the principle of compromises, even during the harshest circumstances.”

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Thumb galaxy 01 October 2017, 17:49

Keep compromising you sellout.