Berri on Row with Aoun: Every Crisis Has a Solution


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri reassured Thursday that “every crisis has a solution,” in reference to his spat with President Michel Aoun over a controversial decree.

“There is a Constitution, so let it be implemented, and every crisis has a solution,” Berri's visitors quoted him as saying.

“The country should be the winner and what's important is to safeguard it and preserve its unity,” the Speaker added.

The Aoun-Berri spat broke out after the president and Premier Saad Hariri signed a decree granting one-year seniority to a number of officers. Berri and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil have insisted that the decree should have also carried the finance minister's signature.

Aoun and his aides have argued that the decree did not require Khalil's signature because it did not entail any “financial burden,” a point Berri and officials close to him have argued against.

Ain el-Tineh sources have meanwhile warned that the decree would tip sectarian balance in favor of Christians in the army's highest echelons.

The officers in question were undergoing their first year of officer training at the Military Academy when Syrian forces ousted Aoun’s military government from Baabda in 1990. They were suspended by the pro-Damascus authorities until 1993 before they resumed their officer training course as second-year cadets.

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Thumb lebnani4ever 28 December 2017, 17:30

A perfect solution here is to get off your high horse and stop fighting the tenure of army officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect your right to say whatever you want Mr. speaker no matter how ignorant it might be.