Aoun Casts Vote, Urges Lebanese to Practice 'National Right Out of Conviction'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Aoun cast his vote on Sunday in the country’s parliamentary elections and voiced calls on all Lebanese citizens to practice their “national, democratic right out of conviction.”

“Today the Lebanese are practicing one of the important national political operations where they get to choose MPs who will represent them for the next four years. They must not relinquish their duty to hold lawmakers accountable for their performance,” Aoun told reporters after casting his ballot at a polling station in Haret Hreik.

The President encouraged Lebanese to act out of conviction without “outside influences.”

“It is a sacred right of yours that you should not abandon,” he added.

Aoun later arrived at the Interior Ministry to oversee the electoral process nationwide.

He held a security meeting in the presence of Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq and General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim.

“I congratulate you on your efforts and organization of the electoral operation," he said, praising "the cooperation between the various state ministries, administrations and related authorities."

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Thumb ashtah 06 May 2018, 12:00

Isn't also a sacred right of MPs to choose who will be their president every 6 years; a right that you did not practice with conviction unless the future president was you.

Thumb justin 06 May 2018, 12:51

the man is consistent in his stances;)

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 06 May 2018, 14:59

All Lebanese citizens should practice their "national, democratic right out of conviction" unless they vote against his candidates. Then the Lebanese citizens magically become corrupt voters that are on the take, undemocratic and without convictions. This deserter would not even let the member of his party to vote their convictions in electing the president for the FPM's because Bassil, his preferred candidate, would have lost miserably. And when the FPM held an internal regional vote so the rank and file would elect their preferred local candidates to the parliamentary elections, Bassil, who insisted he runs unopposed in Batroun coincidentally also the home of Chamel Roukoz, threw away the results and hand picked Cesar Abi Khalil type sycophants. Yup, consistency is his strong point.

Thumb justin 06 May 2018, 14:40

بالفيديو: إبنة الرئيس وزوجة المرشح تخالف القانون

تتجول زوجة المرشح عن المقعد الماروني في دائرة كسروان – جبيل شامل روكز، السيدة كلودين عون روكز في بلدة كفر ياسين وإلى جانب أقلام الإقتراع بسيارة تحمل أرقام رئاسة الجمهورية.

ويبقى هذا الخبر بعهدة هيئة الإشراف ووزارة الداخلية ورئاسة الجمهورية.

Thumb janoubi 06 May 2018, 15:46

Using a car with the 'Presidency' number plates along with a convoy of escort cars is a blatant abuse of power by the Aoun family. It is nothing short of intimidation and corruption.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 May 2018, 16:15

Aoun Casts Vote, Urges Lebanese to Practice 'National Right Out of Conviction'

But you did not allow the Lebanese people to practice their 'National Right Out of Conviction' when it came to the election of a president because you did not accept having a competitor. Uo are the last person on this earth to talk about democracy.