Aoun, Hariri to Start Trips Abroad

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri prepare to kick off separate trips abroad as the delay in forming a new government persists.

Aoun is expected to travel to New York to take part in the UN General Assembly next week, said al-Joumhouria daily on Tuesday.

Hariri’s trip to France comes one day after the French Ambassador to Lebanon Bruno Foucher held series of meeting with Lebanese officials.

He announced that French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to visit Lebanon in February.

Early in September, Hariri presented a government format to President Michel Aoun which "failed" to meet approval.

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Thumb galaxy 18 September 2018, 13:22

good riddance

Missing ysurais 18 September 2018, 14:01

z country is collapsing..
pls all politicians u owe it to the people, pack and leave us alone and dont come back anymore..go go go

Thumb fakenews 18 September 2018, 15:29

No government until after the US midterm elections. Iran and Syria will make sure of this. They are betting that a change in the majority in either the senate or the houses or both will be favorable to them.

Thumb janoubi 18 September 2018, 15:42

Wasting the people's money and putting the country in more financial trouble.

Thumb ___flamethrower___ 18 September 2018, 16:50

Best President-Prime Minister combo with large fries and diet soda, ever!