Report: Hariri Insists on Govt. within 48 Hours, Rejects Giving Up Sunni Seat


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri is insisting that the new government should be formed “within 48 hours,” sources close to him said on Sunday.

“Hariri is awaiting the Lebanese Forces' response to a proposal giving it the labor portfolio instead of the justice portfolio in addition to other ministerial portfolio,” the sources told MTV.

As for Hariri's stance on the appointment of a Sunni minister from outside his al-Mustaqbal Movement, the sources quoted Hariri as saying: “If you want to appoint him from my share, then start searching for another premier, but if President Aoun wants to give them a ministerial seat from his share, then this would be up to him.”

The sources also confirmed that the cabinet formation process has entered “the phase of distributing portfolios and picking specific candidates.”

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