Bassil Says Aoun President Thanks to Hizbullah, FPM Won't Accept 'Syria in Lebanon'


Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil announced Tuesday that “had it not been for Hizbullah, General (Michel) Aoun would not have become president.”

“And Hizbullah must admit that had it not been for the FPM, it would not have managed to persevere in the face of Israel, terrorism or the isolation attempts,” Bassil added at a Mar Mikhail Church ceremony marking 13 years since the historic “memorandum of understanding” was signed between the two parties.

“This agreement was not aimed at isolating anyone. It rather paved the way for national agreements with everyone and there are articles related to sovereignty that have been fulfilled as others remain pending,” Bassil added.

“Partnership with Hizbullah protects national unity and the country and it is important. That's why we always return to it,” the FPM chief went on to say.

Turning to the thorny issue of Lebanon's relation with Damascus, Bassil said: “The FPM will never accept Syria's presence inside Lebanon but will stand by it, the same as it did over the past eight years, when it is behind the border.”

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Thumb warrior 06 February 2019, 00:49

Bassil: Aoun President Thanks to Hizbullah

Netanyahu: Hizbullah Controls Lebanon

Thumb natour 06 February 2019, 01:00

Syria is already sitting at your table

Thumb enterprise 06 February 2019, 01:15

Bassil Says Aoun President Thanks to Hizbullah

.... and every future Lebanese president will be saying that. As long as corrupt opportunists like the FPM/Bassil/Aoun exist who use hezbollah's illegal and sectarian weapons to achieve their personal objectives Lebanon will remain hostage to Iran and Syria.

Thumb liberty 06 February 2019, 02:59

"Bassil Says Aoun President Thanks to Hizbullah"

Was Aoun elected only by hezbollah for Bassil to thank or was it hezbollah's obstruction tactics and illegal terror weapons that Bassil is thanking?

Thumb Knight 06 February 2019, 05:30

Bassil Says Aoun President Thanks to Hizbullah

why? How many MPs does hezbollah have in Parliament? Last time I checked it was 11 MPs. So is Bassil saying the 11 hezbollah MPs made aoun president?

Thumb popeye 06 February 2019, 05:49

lol, aoun was elected with 83 votes but only 10-11 hezbollah votes that made him president according to bassil. What this corrupt lowlife is saying : "We thank the terrorist party for making aoun president by threatening, paralyzing, and obstructing the democratic practices involved in electing a president."

Thumb justin 06 February 2019, 10:13

صفا: باسيل يعتبر نصرالله من “القديسين”

أشار صفا إلى إن باسيل ينظر الى السيد نصرالله على أنه من “القديسين”، مشيراً إلى أنّ رئيس التيار “شقفة” من الرئيس ميشال عون لجهة المشاعر الجياشة التي يُكنّها للسيد نصرالله، وكما هو معروف أن الرئيس عون لا يستطيع إخفاء بريق عينيه في أي لقاء يجمعه بالسيد.

Thumb justin 06 February 2019, 10:20

أسرار الآلهة – النهار

تبيّن أن أحد الوزراء الجدد كان ترك عمله في وقت سابق بعدما اتهم بالفساد والاختلاس.

Thumb EagleDawn 06 February 2019, 10:53

Ladies and Gentlemen: Today you just listened to the future president of Lebanon. Learn people, learn."