Hariri Says 'No One Can Sack' Salameh, Asks 'Where was Army' Tuesday


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday defended Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh following a meeting with him at the Center House.

“The central bank governor has immunity and no one can sack him,” Hariri told reporters after the talks.

“All people want to blame the central bank for what’s happening in the country, but there are $47 billion in debt in the electricity file and had we addressed the file, the issue would have been solved,” Hariri added.

“The funds went to private generator providers and everyone knows who they are,” the caretaker PM went on to say.

“They are saying that I’m the one obstructing the electricity file, but have I ever been in charge of the energy ministry?” Hariri said.

Blasting the Free Patriotic Movement, Hariri said: “Let us look into the responsibility of the political parties in the loss of funds and there is a party that has no job other than obstructing the government’s work and yes I mean the FPM.”

Commenting on Tuesday’s violence on Hamra Street, Hariri said: “Peaceful demonstrations are welcome but what happened yesterday is rejected.”

“Enough is enough. We as a (Mustaqbal) Movement have so far stayed in our homes but where is the army?” the caretaker PM added.

“You know how the caretaker government has dealt with protesters and their safety but what yesterday Beirut’s security was violated and it is prohibited to violate the security of Beirut and Beirut’s people and I’m one of them. We are fed up with this issue,” Hariri said.

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Thumb ansarullah 15 January 2020, 21:11

"Asks 'Where was Army' Tuesday'

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Thumb ashtah 15 January 2020, 21:15

Hariri Asks 'Where was Army' Tuesday

قائد الجيش: سيأتي يوم يقال فيه الجيش أنقذ لبنان

Missing peace007 15 January 2020, 23:52

27 yrs as CB Governor ? That’s a joke. No serious audits of the books. They’re all dishonest criminals.

Thumb doodle-dude 16 January 2020, 09:13

lol @ shia 'western' christian with triple nationality who says 'Tfhhh!' like a shia from dahieh.