Cabinet ‘Identity’ to be Unveiled as Soon as March 14 Announces its Decision to Miqati

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Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati is expected to hold a “very important meeting” with a high-ranking March 14 official on Friday, An Nahar newspaper reported.

The cabinet’s structure and “identity” would be decided after Friday’s meeting in the aftermath of days of consultations with several March 14 members, the daily said.

Miqati’s circles told An Nahar that the premier-designate will continue his consultations with March 8 and March 14 officials to discuss all available options to form the government.

The circles also told As Safir daily that the premier-designate is seeking to form a “cabinet that satisfies all sides,” a stance similar to that of President Michel Suleiman who “does not favor the formation of a government” whose members are from a single camp.

An Nahar said the next two days would be decisive on the decision of the March 14 forces to participate in the cabinet and whether the government would involve only the March 8 coalition or independent politicians or technocrats.

Despite reports that the weekend is decisive, Miqati rejects to abide by dates. “When the line-up is ready we will announce it as soon as possible without delay,” his circles told As Safir.

March 8 sources also told An Nahar that he would announce the line-up “either on February 14 or 15 or 29,” a hint that Miqati is not abiding by any specific date.

The sources reiterated that the March 8 alliance rejects conditions set by March 14 prior to the formation of the government.

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