Employees of Rafik Hariri Hospital Declare Strike


The committee of the employees and contract workers of the state-run Rafik Hariri University Hospital on Wednesday declared an open-ended strike at a time the hospital is leading Lebanon’s medical response against the coronavirus epidemic.

The committee said it took its decision due to “all the threats, difficulties and hard circumstances that the hospital’s workers are going through and the blatant carelessness of the administration and the officials concerned.”

It added that a press conference will be held at 9:00 am Thursday to explain “the situation of employees and their daily suffering.”

The committee’s decision is likely related to wages and recompenses.

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Thumb Geralt 12 March 2020, 12:08

Go for it guys, hold these assholes of a government in the groin and crush their balls until they whistle, or more likely give up some of your demands.