Report: France Still Concerned about Govt Formation in Lebanon


France reportedly believes that Washington has to adopt a “more realistic” approach with Hizbullah in order to help Lebanon steer out of its economic and political crisis, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

A French Presidential official was quoted as saying that “there is an urgent situation in Lebanon, and we believe that there are priorities that (France and the United States) can pursue together.”

“According to the French President,” the official said, “the priority in Lebanon is to form a new government that can continue to function effectively.”

But the source added that it was unlikely for the American position towards Hizbullah to change, and that it would rather perceive the issue with “more American realism regarding what is possible or not possible given the existing conditions in Lebanon.”

He said there are “no urgent plans to reschedule Macron's visit to Lebanon, which was postponed last December when he contracted the Coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, the newspaper said that contacts on the formation process resumed overnight away from the media spotlight after the protests at the dire economic conditions that swarmed the streets of Tripoli, Sidon, Beirut and elsewhere.

“Indirect negotiations” reportedly mediated by General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim, took place between Baabda and the Center House, said the daily.

Ibrahim seeks to ease the obstacles hampering the formation, it added.

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