Hizbullah Bloc Says Accusations over Slim's Murder Require Prosecution


Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc on Thursday renewed the party’s condemnation of the murder of prominent activist Lokman Slim while slamming the political accusations that have been addressed to Hizbullah in this regard.

The bloc “renews the call for the competent judicial and security agencies to quickly work on unveiling the perpetrators,” it said in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

“The targeted media campaigns, the political accusations and the deliberate condemnation -- that is based on slander, defamation and getting ahead of the investigations -- are deplorable acts that require prosecution and accountability because they are aimed at incitement, stirring chaos and offering free services to the Israeli enemy and its handler America,” the bloc added.

Slim's family has expressed skepticism that a government investigation would lead to those who killed him, citing a history of unresolved assassinations and political crimes in Lebanon. The family had hired a private forensic pathologist to carry out an independent examination of Slim's body. Many of his friends have suspected Hizbullah supporters had a role in his killing, citing previous threats to the vocal critic of the powerful group.

Slim, a secular Shiite who had good ties with Western nations, was a vocal critic of Hizbullah's hold on power in Lebanon and its regional policies. Still, he decided to continue to live in his home in Haret Hreik, a southern suburb of Beirut that became part of the militant group's stronghold decades after he was born.

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Missing samiam 11 February 2021, 20:47

I guess they feel they bought the judiciary...

Maybe someone should sue kizb and allies for screwing over the country---not many can deny that.

Thumb warrior 11 February 2021, 23:44

Hizbullah Bloc Says Accusations over Slim's Murder Require Prosecution

But when Hezbollah accuses others of being traitors and zionists that does NOT require prosecution?!

Thumb justice 11 February 2021, 23:56

وقف بث محطة الـ"ام تي في" في الضاحية

علم "لبنان ٢٤" من مصادر مطلعة ان اتحاد محطات الكابلات في بيروت والجنوب والبقاع اوقف بث قناة "ام تي في" الى المشتركين.
وعزت المصادر السبب الى اتهام المحطة بشن حملة مبرمجة على "حزب الله" في برامجها.


Thumb liberty 12 February 2021, 02:20

"Slim, a secular Shiite..."
I guess he was just like @mowaten, a secular Shia :)

Thumb thepatriot 12 February 2021, 10:52

Do they sometimes smell the fresh air?
Aren't they tired of getting out of their sewer only to assassinate and trafic captagon?
Where are the windows in their meeting room?

Thumb i.report 12 February 2021, 11:18

Beneath a turban, you get this shorturl.at/lLOS9

It’s a backup of a now deleted Twitter account. The guy who recited the Quran for Lokman Slim .

Default-user-icon Gabriel (Guest) 13 February 2021, 05:08

Yes, the hezb are saints and do not kill anyone on the order of their Iranian masters