Miqati Holds 'Negative' Meeting with Aoun


The meeting between President Michel Aoun and PM-designate Najib Miqati on Thursday in Baabda was “negative,” media reports said on Friday.

“The meeting was negative and involved going around in circles over a number of names and portfolios on which no consensus has been reached,” Annahar newspaper reported, quoting unnamed sources.

Informed sources meanwhile told the daily that “alternative candidates were presented by the President and the PM-designate for the disputed portfolios in a bid to reconcile viewpoints, while preserving the portfolios’ sectarian distribution.”

The sources added that Aoun and Miqati might hold another meeting today, Friday.

Confirming that two Maronite seats will be granted to the Marada Movement, the sources added that there are disagreements over the portfolios of justice, interior, social affairs and economy as well as over the deputy PM post.

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Missing fuzzyd72 27 August 2021, 11:42

I'm so surprised. Shock! Horror!

Please leave. Lebanon deserves better.

Thumb justice 27 August 2021, 12:54

The Lebanese people deserve this criminal mafia. The Sunnis deserve Hariri, the Shia deserve Berri and Nassrallah, the Christians deserve Bassil, Gaegae, Franjieh and Aoun., the Druze deserve Arslan and Junblatt.