List of 'Approved' Government Candidates Emerges


A new draft cabinet line-up has emerged according to media reports. Al-Akhbar newspaper said the names in the draft enjoy the approval of both President Michel Aoun and PM-designate Najib Miqati.

Below is the line-up published Tuesday in al-Akhbar:

- Henri Khoury for Justice

- Abdallah Bou Habib for Foreign Affairs

- Raffoul al-Bustani for Social Affairs

- Maurice Slim for Defense

- Walid Fayyad for Energy

- Resigned Beirut Municipality member Gaby Ferneini for Displaced

- Fadi Samaha for Environment

- Abbas al-Halabi for Education

- A Tashnag Party candidate for Industry

- A Miqati-named candidate for Economy

- A Lebanese Democratic Party candidate for Youth and Sport

- A Marada Movement candidate for Telecommunications

- A Marada Movement candidate for Information

- A Hizbullah candidate for Public Works and Transport

- A Hizbullah candidate for Labor

- An Amal Movement candidate for Finance

- An Amal Movement candidate for Culture

- An Amal Movement candidate for Agriculture or Tourism

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Default-user-icon CONCERNED (Guest) 07 September 2021, 13:24

the Ministry of Health disappear?

Thumb 07 September 2021, 16:34

The pathetic show must go on…

Missing phillipo 07 September 2021, 18:58

A million light years away from the technocrat government Mr. Hariri wanted for the sake of Lebanon.
With this type of government I do not see any way forward out of the economic crisis the country has landed itself in.

Thumb _citizen_ 07 September 2021, 23:44

Excellent comment as usual. Please, keep your contributions coming. You add a lot of value.

Default-user-icon The Long term cynic (Guest) 08 September 2021, 09:00

More of same.... yalla.... pack... leave by any means necessary...Turkey a good option....