EU Urges Lebanon to Reach IMF Deal, Ensure Justice in Port Case


The EU Delegation and the EU Member States on Wednesday urged Lebanon to resume Cabinet sessions, prepare for elections, reach a deal with the International Monetary Fund and ensure justice in the port probe.

In a joint statement, they called on the Government and other decision-making bodies to “restore, without further delays, their decision-making capability, which would inter alia require the resumption of regular meetings of the Council of Ministers, in order to address the dramatic crises Lebanon is facing.”


“We call on the Government of Lebanon and other decision-making bodies to conclude, without further delays, in line with their repeated and consistent announcements and commitments, an agreement with the IMF which would support in finding a way out of the macro-economic and fiscal crises the country is facing, and to take all the decisions and measures which need to be taken prior to such an agreement immediately,” they added.


The EU Delegation and the EU Member States also called for taking “all the necessary decisions and steps to enable the Supervisory Commission for Elections to carry out its mandate, in line with their repeated and consistent announcements and commitments, and take all other decisions and steps in order to ensure an adequate process leading to fair and transparent elections to take place on time in 2022.”


Moreover, they repeated their call for “justice and accountability through a transparent and independent investigation into the causes of the Beirut Port blast and for the respect of the independence of the judiciary and the principle of division of powers by Lebanese decision makers.”


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Thumb 19 January 2022, 13:11

Basically the IMF proposal is a clone of the French one, the guilty ruling class must let go of power... it ain't going to happen.

Missing rabiosa 19 January 2022, 17:11

You got that right. they will laugh off the EU just like did Macron.

IMF, World Bank, Arab Fund or whatever funds are out there NO ONE should send a single dollar, Euro or Dinar or Riyal. It will be stolen. Full stop.